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Requested by Blu3milkmaidien 
MyLifeisaLie by MyDoggyCatMadi
you know part of me thinks i'm wasting my time with this one but it was requested and i'm bored so fuck it
this piece is ok at best (for a base piece). I wouldn't dislike so much if it was supposed to be a creepypasta oc. know the psychotic demon monsters that kill for fun and have no compassion. at all. and the sock and panty patterns are weird and inconsistent. here's what i said:
Whatisaid by MyDoggyCatMadi
i've said worse honestly 
Wellokthen by MyDoggyCatMadi
your right you can make your oc however the fuck you want. but when you don't make them interesting, visually appealing, or original, there gonna end up bad. your gonna continue to get criticized if you refuse to improve. and you need to. badly. here's what the conversation went to:
Watchoutwegotabadass by MyDoggyCatMadi
she tells this to everyone btw not just me when anyone critiques her BEAUTIFUL ANIMU CREEPYPASTA ART she just tells them "Fuck off." here's proof:
Thefuckoffsaga1 by MyDoggyCatMadi
Thefuckoffsaga3 by MyDoggyCatMadi
Thefuckoffsaga4 by MyDoggyCatMadi
Thefuckoffsaga5 by MyDoggyCatMadi
Thefuckoffsaga6 by MyDoggyCatMadi
Thefuckoffsaga7 by MyDoggyCatMadi
Thefuckoffsaga8 by MyDoggyCatMadi
Thefuckoffsaga9 by MyDoggyCatMadi
Thefuckoffsaga9 by MyDoggyCatMadi

Jesus Lilly your a broken record. can you please come up with a better insult? and yeah what some of the people said was crappy but it doesn't give you a reason to be crappy back. you NEED improvement if arts really your passion and you want to go to have at as a college major drawing stuff like this won't cut it. i can't emphasize this enough.

Datanimutho by MyDoggyCatMadi

literally only took you a few minutes. i will bet money. no shading on the hair, black discolored eyebrows, hair curls are
unnecessary, dem eyelashes are to big. lips look out of place. lets look at this characters bio... 

Nobad by MyDoggyCatMadi

NO FUCK GAAAAAAAAAAAH WHY WHY WHY?! this is why everyone thinks your a troll. GODDAMN A THOUSAND THINGS IN A ROW HERE. (i'm exaggerating) first of all you character DEFINES a mary sue because shes banging guys left and right. she's a slut. sorry for being blunt but she is. also what are interests? whats her personality? what does she dislike? no ones gonna steal a character you put no effort into. 

Goooooooooooodwhyyyyyyyyyyyyyy by MyDoggyCatMadi

I haven't watched Hetalia but i'm pretty sure it's not about demonic transforming demon girls. also the angry demon form is done to fucking death its ash at this point. sticking to the original material people do that your should too. (iv'e stole that joke before but it still works) 
lets check out her creepypasta OC...

Meh by MyDoggyCatMadi

again its ok at best. the big titties are unnecessary and there's nothing scary or original about it but iv'e seen worse. lets look at the bio.... 

Vagueandshitty by MyDoggyCatMadi
why do all of your characters sound so slutty? i'm sorry for being a blunt bitch but your describing her as "oh so sexy" when shes about a 5/10. idk if the height and weight are possible i'm to lazy to look into it. also "she doesn't take shit from anyone"? ooooooh i'm so spooked i'm so scared. (not really). the bio is just so vague.... i have a lot of questions again: what does she like, dislike, but at least you put a personality in this one. and i can't look at the bio because it's 18+ and personally i don't want to.
Final Thoughts:
Lilly you act like a troll and you need to calm your base titties. your not a good artist. you need a LOT of improvement. try drawing from scratch. acept criticism. and don't use bases you limit yourself using those. again i'm using my pizza comparison from my last journal: if you work at a pizza place and make a shitty pizza and your boss yells at you for it, you have two options remake that goddamn pizza or quit. you either acept what your boss tells you what you did wrong or you stop making dat mula. your choice. 
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Box-Of-Roses Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2016  Student General Artist
I've never seen someone use the phrase "fuck off" so many times.
MyDoggyCatMadi Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2016   Digital Artist
Box-Of-Roses Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2016  Student General Artist
Dorito-Queen-Celeste Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
OMG. The cringe is strong in this person.

Also I love what you titled these images
MyDoggyCatMadi Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2016   Digital Artist
My personal favorite "the fuck off saga" 
Dorito-Queen-Celeste Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
That sounds like a movie I would watch
MyDoggyCatMadi Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2016   Digital Artist
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November 26, 2016


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