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Ok so a few days ago my friend sent me this profile :iconvividevine: and i thought "oh it's a stereotypical cringemunk that uses bases and recolors Alvin and the chipmunks pic and doesn't draw there art greaaaaaaaaaaaat"

i decided to get in that because i'm a drama hungry bitch. so i left a comment on one of her pictures. 
Stuff by MyDoggyCatMadi

let's start with the character the design it's not terrible. i mean despite what people may think you can make good characters with doll maker games. I actually made my Soul Eater OC Shang with Rinmaru when me and my friend were high on Chick-Fil-A. so yes the design is appealing. but the bio is... vague very very vague. 

Vagueeeeeeeee by MyDoggyCatMadi

so the idea IS is a bit scary like yeah deep fears n shit. but there's no personality or backstory or anything. so i left this comment and everything went to shit from there. 

Fuckingrude by MyDoggyCatMadi

o rly? you drew the dress? then why is it an option in the freaking game?

Lillilies by MyDoggyCatMadi

took me 30 seconds to find this shit look for it yourselves its not that hard to find. Really Lilli? is it THAT hard to credit fucking Chibi Maker? is it THAT hard to copy and paste a fucking link? (i'm sorry i really hate it when people lie). you can go to jail for this you know and before you say you can read any laws on copyright and art theft. 
also your "drawing" aren't really that good. all you use is bases and for all the cringemunk shit you use the most blinding obseard colors possible
Jesustapdancingchrist by MyDoggyCatMadi

like i'll admit most of your characters have SOME thought put into them but all these. why? now they might not be hers but it's still recoloring over Alvin and the chipmunks and it's lazy as hell.

Final Thoughts: ViviDevine you need to learn to accept criticism don't through a temper tantrum when people don't praise you art. You threw a freakin fit when my friend called you out for being rude. and you say where rude? HA! Your not honey bunches of oats either sweetie:

LilliTemperTantrum2 by MyDoggyCatMadi

listen Vivi (real name) your on a public art site. people are gonna critique your art. and wen your acting like a five year old there sure as hell are gonna judge you a lot harder welcome to the real world. not everything is gonna spin the way you want it to and not everyone is gonna give you kind and comforting words

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im sorry if it's a bit rushed im on a tight schedule 
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