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Hello everyone one and all. 

Some of you may not like what I’m about to propose, so I will say now if you don’t want to hear about XxDarkMusical2000xX then just click out of your notifs now. 

However if your still interested in what I have to say. I want to ask a favor.

i want to do a challenge. A dark redesign challenge. 

You see dark has increasingly gotten worse with her behavior I feel.

-art theft
-being immature
-not taking resonsablity or apologizing for anything she does
-copying other redesigns 
-and now potentially homophobia. 


so I want to redesign 

ALL of her oc’s

this will be a very minor project I will only do when I’m bored. This is not my priority. I want to finish Zanebie and start uploading episodes soon. And I don’t want a lot of people getting involved. I don’t want it to look like once mega obessesed wit dark. This is only to help with my writing and design skills. I do not wish harm to fall on her or for her to be harassed. But understand Dark isn’t the greatest of people. 

So send me all the ocs. 

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1. i don't mind drawing lewd or slight pornagraphy. I’m not ok with drawing full on vanginias, penis’s, or sex scenes. Though I will draw ass and panty shots etc.
2. No lewds of underaged characters not even if you ask me to age them up. It makes me uncomfortable.
3. No political shit this includes:
sexism on either end
veiws on abortion 
veiws on any religious group 
etc etc
4. No sexual animal shit and I’m not talking about furries beaslity.
5. Please give me context if you want me to draw a darker more taboo scene. Even if you don’t always think it’s needed it’s better to check.
6. If you want a commission that’s done in a specific one of MY styles you have to tell me remember I have more then one.
7. I am willing to negotiate prices if you are in a tight spot :) but keep in mind this may change in a year or so because I may head off to colledge. But even then I still may be willing to negotiate. But nothing crazy like if you want a 1 dollar (100 points) piece to be 5 cents (5 points)
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Madi went to Kanto after beating the Pokémon League in Kalos and stepping down as Champion right after. She went to help with the Team Rocket problem and was also challenged by the league once they knew she was coming. This is where she met her forever partner Mochi the Eevee. 

Mochi is a determined little Eevee that’s loves to explore. But there’s a dark secret Madi and her both share. Mochi was stolen from a high ranking women of class from Kalos that flew in with Madi. Mochi scurried over to Madi on Day very stressed and in tears while her trainer was screaming her name. Using Blaze a Charizard that was to attached to Madi to part with she made her let out a mighty roar that made the women drop the pokeball that housed Mochi. Where it was then Madi’s to take. 

Blaze is a tough love motherly figure for the rest of Madi’s pokemon. She is by far the wisest in battle but slightly hot headed. She’s the one that snaps everyone into shape and is always there for Madi when she needs it most. Even with her temper she can be very comforting if someone needs it. She can be gentle or she can roar at you with a blaze of deadly flames. It depends if she likes you or not. Also she is able to revolve into Mega Charizard X. 

Queenie was the first to be added to the squadron. Very eager and willing to fight. Caught as a Nindoran(Female) and eventually evolved into a Nidoqueen this queen never stops moving. Always ready for a fight and there to help Madi in battle whenever. She is very chirper and not well rounded but has the heart of a warrior. Always determined to win any battle she fights.

Nagi the Raichu is a brave soul because he’s so brave he’s capable of taking hits. Getting stronger everyday for his long time girlfriend Yuni the Pikachu. While Yuni is careful Nagi is more reckless and is more willing to through himself into dangerous situations because of a fight. Nagi isn’t the roudy type however he’s more soft spoken and hero esc if anything. While Yuni is a stubborn ball of eletrcity that hates seeing her boyfriend hurt all the time because of how much trouble he gets in. Yuni also demmanded she be caught with Nagi almost crying afraid she was never gonna see him again. 

Xyen the Venasuar is probably the most stand-out-ish of the group. He wasn’t caught in Viridian Forest along with Yuni and Nagi. His tendency to say what’s on his mind, weird and or brutally honest, isn’t always asked for but it’s also what makes him likable. He takes a lot of naps always giving the excuse of “it’s tiring hoping around all day,”. He isn’t lazy however he’s actually very useful in battle almost overleveling at one point. He just likes naps. 

Felicity the Persian is a very bad cat, most Persians are, not always paying attention even sense she was caught as a Meowth. She has always said and done meanspirited things. However, deep down she has a good heart and as she spends more time with Madi she grows more and more into a better Pokemon. She sometimes gets jealous of Mochi and Madi’s bond whenever she is taken out to be road by Madi. 

Spirya the Ninetales is an oddball of what personality is traditional of her species. She’s hardworking and doesn’t mind getting her paws dirty. This also makes her great in battle. What’s even more strange is she doesn’t mind you touching her tails. In fact she enjoys them being admired. She’s an honest hard-working big sister character once the weakest of group now one of the strongest.

Torrin the Blastiouse is a former Pokémon outlaw turned badass. Unfortunately he hasn’t been able to shake is mischief related flaw. If Nagi is the image of a reckless but well meanest hero: Torrin is the image of pure recklessness. He does a lot of pranking and boy does he love it. Still even he learns to show off the softer more kind side under that shell of powerful water canons. He’s actually a very good caretaker and was one of Spirya’s main help in the time she was under leveled. 

Porter the Seadra is an odd case of his kind as well. He’s a gentle creature of the sea that loves to eat. He’s still very strong and incredibly like more Seadras, but not all that intimidating if you get to no him. That is if you steal you don’t steal his food. He is also another well spoken Pokémon and probably the one you want to go to for advice next to Blaze. 

Cassander the Pigeot more of a comic relief: if Nagi is the image of a hero while Torrin is the misunderstood underdog, Cassander is the big oaf that wants to be a hero. He’s not a bad guy but he always talks and acts in what traditionally is considered “heroic,” and always acts as if he’s the main character of this story. Always admiring Nagi for his way of just being able to seem heroic without trying. 
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It's that time of year again kids

Week 1: Snow

week 2: Family

Week 3: Gifts

Week 4: New beginnings

And if you want to make artwork for it it'll be featured in this journal.

Also thank you DuckAnimation 
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Aye Deviantart wanna fucking explain why you banned more then 10 innocent people? Go on I’ll fucking wait id love to here your reasoning why you kicked 10 people who for the most part did nothing wrong on your website. I’ll fucking wait for you shitty answer.


Someone tell this dumbass right here Sakura-Araragi that Spar wasn’t my fucking senpai and to stop using insults from 2015. Bitch I never watched spar. She watched me. I’m just defending her from your shitty actions. Shut the fuck up your still a suspect in all this saying “I didn’t do it uwu,” doesn’t disprove anything. And you still manipulated Toxic and made that troll account. No ones saying it was a hundred Percent you it could’ve been a variety of people. But quit using “BWAAAAH YALL ARE JUST A BUNCHA WHITE KNIGHT MEANIES,” bullshit. You did a shitty fucking thing. That’s why we think it’s you. Your not a fucking Saint in all this.

anyway I’m done where dropping this now.
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Help me come up with themes for each week plz

i need help 
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Hello one and all. It’s me yeah boi hillary- no but serious I wanted to talk about this guy names ArtyQatarty

So this man is essientially every other wannabe “mean,” deviantart critique that lets his fetish get in the way of his critique. Don’t get me wrong technically it’s still critique. Doesn’t mean it’s good critique lol.

this man basically only complains about very very trivial things. From breast size, to boots on characters, to how feet are drawn, and smaller details that are more of style preference then errors.

My favorite comment of his has to be the one where he complains about breast not being on what essentially are children:…

Calling the artist a breast hater. 

This man can not some to grasp the idea of humanity and that where all different and have different prefrences. But in all honesty it makes reading his replies that much more fun.……

Oh yeah this man gets really mad if you draw boots for whatever reason it’s amazingly stupid. And just intensifies how thristy he is. Again letting his cock judge the artwork and not his brain. 

But i I do have good news my children. If this guy comments on your work I know how to get him banned ;) the admins said they are willing but the victims of the crime have to speak up. So please note me if he does! :) 
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Stupid titles are stupid

so originally I was gonna make this journal a year ago but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it at the time. Not because it was a necessarily still painful a experience still but just because I didn’t want to for other personal reasons I’m not gonna get into. 

But yes heres my brief summary on why I hate summer and Dragon Ball Z

if you’ve been with me for awhile you’ll know that I had some drama with @/Viscerotonic a few years ago. One of our google plus exchanges was even shown on @/Loubelle’s rant on her. And I had made a rant on her a year after with my friend. And it was.... really fucking bad I’ll admit. 

Thas where the story ends but remember the rant it’ll be important later. 

How it started? Well.... I used to work for a Sonic x MLP series writer as an artist. She was fucking terrible as a director. She never spoke to us on the Google + chat where basically all the artist where. And from what I heard she treated all the voice actors like shit on Skype. Telling them not to roleplay when that’s what her closer friends would ever do. Calling the VA’s horrible names and crap. And treating one of my best friends like utter shit basically forcing her or of her friends circle. 

Yeah I’m not gonna say names but if she finds this then I guess she knows why I left without speaking to her if she was ever curious.

But Vis said she was gonna commit suicide blah blah blah me and my friend become besties and we talk for a year but she had to stay offline over the summer blah blah blah. Now comes the juicy part.

i was very lonely seeing as I never interacted with my IRL friends and I am extremely anti-social. And all I had was my friend at the time who I couldn’t talk to. So what is a girl to do? Try and get in contact with her old sonic x mlp friends! 

And one spoke to me actively. Soku. Yes his oc was a fusion of fucking Goku and Sonic. I am not joking. At first it was nice talking to soku he was funny and pretty chill. But over time it started to escalate asking to see my face when I was uncomfortable with it and talking shit about his ex and her new bf saying she was a backstabber (which is untrue she’s actually really nice). Within a month he accidentally confessed to me in call. That was when it all fucking went down hill. I remember us both crying I was so confused and unsure what to do. I was 14 at the time. And he said he was 15-16 (though I’m pretty sure he was lying) and he lived up north (not gonna specify for his safety I’m not a monster.) he also tried to sleep with me (not sexual but still) in rp. Trying to cuddle with me.

but yes eventually I made that rant on Vis and she came up to him. He turned on me rather quickly. (Probably because I started talking to his ex gf and her bf and we became friends.) until he finally told me to quote “shut the fuck up,” that’s when I snapped and i told him off. Blocking him on all accounts. 

There you go that’s my story.

harass anyone and I’ll break your kneecaps
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Henlo all yes is me:

and today ill be talking to you about: rainbow washing. 

What the fuck is rainbow washing? 

Its basically a play off the term “white-washing,” or “Black-washing,” which in the art community means basically just taking a character skin-tone and putting it on the opposite spectrum of there natural skin-tone.

(This is just the tumblr definition. There’s a much deeper political meaning. Although this meme was spawned from the people that use the term to harass and lesser people they don’t like. I thank a nice commenter for bringing this to my attention :)

tho rainbow-washing itself is more of a practice or a test of tor character design skills. Take a character, and fucking plaster them with rainbows. 

Here are two of my most recent examples:

Tastetherainbow by MyDoggyCatMadi

Sipthatskysoda by MyDoggyCatMadi

The point of the challenge is by using a lot of bright colors and still making it look nice. 

Some questions you may have:

1. Is this to support and or make fun of the LGTBQ community?

Absolutely not. I’d like to keep this meme politics free even though it was basically made to make fun of these accusations that’s been floating around about splatoon characters being white washed because of color theory. But other than that know politics have nothing to do with it this challenge is supposed to be for everyone no mater there beliefs. HOWEVER: if you want to do this kinda thing for pride month or for yourself I won’t stop you :) just please don’t make this a political debate.

2. Does it matter how I rainbow wash? Does it just have to be clothes, hair, etc?

no as long as your piece is rainbow themed or have some type of big rainbow Incorperated in it it doesn’t matter to me :) just do your best. 

3. Your a big cissy poopo head and you should die because your cis. 

i already want to die fam :.) 

4. I’m gonna make a paragraph long thing explaining how your a big SJW and how everyone else that supports this is an idiot

ok fam ill just hide ignore your comment then

(see why I don’t want to make this about politics it’s so fucking dumb-) 

5. Can we use any character we want?

you can use yours, cannon characters, or even someone else’s (as long as there ok with it or the character isn’t offensive.) 

6. What in it for me? 

Well not only will you get great character and color designs skills and practice. You’ll be featured in this very journal! Anyone who tags me in there rainbow-wash piece will be featured! But there will only be thirty slots! So time is limited! (But not that limited.) also you can only upload one rainbow-washing piece. (This rule may change in the future however)

are you guys ready?




Domino -- Rainbow-Washed Challenge by KipKittyDetective

By KipKittyDetective 


Doodle - Rainbow Squid Cookie by AuroraArtz



Wow Rainbow Horse by RexelDexel

By RexelDexel


MotherComics - fursona by Ranting-Rhino



Rainbow-Wash challenge by MsCreepyPlagueDoctor



Rainbow ladybug by baconbirdie



Juni Rainbow-washed by MaccaGemDiamond



Uravity (rainbow-washed) by Cuteanimallover



Rainbow by CottonCandiHeart



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Caught red-handed thot

<da:thumb id="762259277"/>

Ok so 

this entire journal is mostly a lie…

Pechii never begged for the points back……

Also Mika never called you a whore

and I doubt anything else is true because you provide absolutely no edvidence 

id suggest you all just block and report Kyrrah for ban evading

this is actually fucking stupid 

also unrelated little side note

But why did you bring up the fact Mika draw porn? 

Bitch you call Satan daddy and draw your self insert sonic oc getting butt fucked

what are you even talking about? 

Kyrrah how does it feel a girl the same age as you knows more about interesting character design than you do? 

Random Redesign by MyDoggyCatMadi

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10 Reasons Why I Hate Japanese Anime Shows01. They are very annoying
02. They are not at all cartoons
03. They are not at all the best
04. They have violence and jokes too far
05. I do not support saddest things
06. I'm very bored
07. They have a worst sense of humor
08. They are badly overrated
09. Sometimes not everyone likes anime
10. I do not support worst and angry moments

Alright I'm a little salty so I'm gonna have some fun. :) 

Let’s talk about these points and see how they can apply to the Loud House. Bart-Toons favorite show along with a few others. 

1. They are very annoying 

O RLLY???? Soul Eater - Free Icon 1 

Oh honey you make this to easy~ 

Lets break down why almost every single character in the loud house is annoying as FUCK.

my main issue with these characters is that there cliche. In the very wrong way. Not like I described in my journal discussing cliches:

Cliches in writingI don’t understand why CinemaSins feels the need to say whatever is “Cliche” is a movie sin even if it’s done with something new or written in the “right” way. 
Cliche has been used as more of a word of insult or to say something is bad. to say someone or some thing isn’t original. 
When you hear “You’re so cliche” it makes you feel un-original right? I breifly mentioned this in my Journal called “Ash x Ashley and why it’s bad writing” on @/TheRealAshleyKetchum, But let me make something clear: Cliches. Aren’t. Bad. 
It’s how you handle them. There a lot like characters in a sense that you need to put some thought and effort into them for them to be likable and interesting. But most importantly: EXPLORE POSIBILITIES. 
I feel like making characters has become such a copy paste thing. Something I never see people do is explore things in actual stories and the worlds the character

Remember how i said in this journal that cliches need to be expanded upon? Or need to be minor to not really be a main factor. Yeah the girls and Lincoln are the main characters so um.... HMMMMMMM Soul Eater - Asura Evil Smile 

now the cliche thing doesnt doesn’t really apply to Lincoln. Because he doesn’t have a personality in the first place. He likes comics and boy things. Yeah that’s it. Wow much interest such good character writing yes. 

Let’s continue dissecting characters 

Lori: likes testing on her phone and has a farting problem oh but she’s super bossy and stern despite being the oldest she has the maturity is a 13 year old. 

leni: idiot but also has a taste for fashion but is good at organizing and thoughtful her idiocy is annoying not funny she constantly ruins plans made by the gang and it’s just thrown in as a gag

Luan: fooni puns lol but is also a complete fucking sadist. Hey remember when she LOCKED HER FAMILY IN A GARAGE AND GOT STUNT DEVILS TO HUMILATE THEM.

Luna: rock on and smoke weed everyday broooooooo. Also British accent is horrible stop. Is probably one of the only tollerable ones when she’s not strawmanning and hanging up on Lincoln 


Lucy: she a gothic poet haaaaaaaaaaaah 

Lincoln: he a boy. He’s just a boy with salesmen skills I guess 

Fuckin the smart one I don’t remember her fucking name that’s somehow shitter at socializing then I am and does scat studies because that’s funny I guess

lily is a baby. Yeah I can’t really criticize this one she’s just a fucking baby.

they are all extremely one dimensional and bland and have no personality besides the copy paste ones the writers give them. I would debate the only interesting people or at least the ones that have SOME creativity put into them are the parents Lynn and Rita. That’s it. And even them I feel like there terrible fucking parents that don’t know how to discipline there kids properly. Soul Eater - Black Blood Demon Icon 1 

I feel like all of there children are very hostile at each other speaking of which. especially towards Lincoln. Every episode there annoying Lincoln, threatening to harm him, forcing him to do shit he’s uncomfortable with. 

ALMOST ALL THE PROBLEMS IN EACH EPISODE COULD BE SOLVED IF THESE KIDS WHERE JUST HONEST WITH EACHOTHER. Either that or it’s one of the siblings being selfish etc etc. This wouldn’t be a problem if at least some of them where honest and it felt like they all had different levels of maturity. But it all feels that they have the maturity level of a fucking 10 year old. I can understand some of the kids being immature but not the teens about to move out to colledge in a few years. You’d think there’d be levels of knowledge but nope Lincoln has alllll the ideas.

I’m trying not to sound like “Bwaaaaaah no mean humor!!!! Is mean and bad for the kiddies!” But I just don’t like how all the kids are hostile towards Lincoln let’s see let me go over the morals that The Loud House has taught me....

take responsbility for your siblings actions when they fuck up and cause damage that can cost big money to your house that’s falling apart because they don’t want to be made fun of by your shitty siblings. Instead of you know disscusing with your parents about the teasing and trying to stop it know just be the rod that absorbs the lightning no big deal.

don’t lie or you’ll get kicked out of your house by your own family even your parents won’t want you and then continue to lie throughout the series.

your siblings are shit heads no matter what so don’t even try to control them in a public setting and get in trouble for even trying to be an adult. 

If a person is bullying you and you make them cry and you’re shitty excuse for a big sister comes over and says her dumbass boyfriend broke up with her becuase you said something that to be honest kinda true you have to confess your feelings for them in a public area but it’s ok they’ll have your back and smack you for your efforts 

See what I’m getting at? 

2. they are not all cartoons.

You realize anime is just a Japanese cartoon right? It’s animation mostly that can be aimed at any age group. Cartoons aren’t just for kids. Anime follows the  same logic 

3. They are not all the best 

you clearly have never seen a studio ghibli film before there style and animation quality greatly surpasses the Loud House. I know some people are gonna bitch and say Ghibli has more time and money but honestly I could care less this dude wants to discuss how western animation is “better,” so I’m gonna conpare it to japense animation. at least most anime doesn’t look like the humans have tumors on the legs and head. seriously what the fuck are loud house legs Jesus Christ on a bike.

4. They have violence and jokes to far 

same can be applied to the loud house there are actual videos discussing it.  And again anime is not just for children it depends on what you choose watch. Same with western animation. if you watch a horror film your gonna get horror if you watch horror anime you gonnaget horror 

also if you wanna discuss sexual content is because the age of consent in Japan is 13 so that why they get away with so much more with there underaged characters. What’s the Loud houses excuse exactly? 

5. I do not support saddest things

oh because god forbid things be SAD in a story to give motivation, interesting scenes, character development, and genuine emotion. Something the loud house has very little of. And if it is it’s for side characters. SIDE CHARACTERS. 

6. I’m very bored

this is subjective and not an actual reason anime is bad next

7. It has the worst humor

The loud house has fart humor and most of the other humor is insults towards Lincoln. At least anime humor has context and a reason. 

8. They are very overrated 

Subjective again moving on.

9. Sometimes not everyone likes anime

this point has no reason to be here its just a fat not everyone likes anime which is fine but if you don’t like a hole culture and be racist because of it I’m gonna point it out. Especially if your trying to compare it to the loud house say that’s shits better. 

10. I don’t support worst and angry moments

its basically the same point as number 5 

Don’t be racist kids.
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The lore of Misery’s world is deep and I may not ever go into full detail about it. But here’s something that a lot of people will notice off the bat with the series: there are a lot of fusions of monsters and mythogical beings. I wanted to explain the does and don’ts of hybrids and explain how they work. And go into the classification of monsters. 

Monsters of pure breed are put into categories such as: seducers, hunters, undead, etc. 

if two monsters of the same category produce offspring these children will not be considered as what would be called a traditional hybrid. For instance: a if a werewolf (a hunter) and a werecat (also a hunter) have an offspring. The child will still be considered a Hunter. Even though by definition it is a hybrid. 

One of ot main characters Jackie is a prime example of a traditional hybrid. She’s ghost and a witches offspring (undead and magic user). 

A huge thing to note when an offspring is a hybrid is: you can never fuse all the traits of the two parents. Some genes WILL be left behind. Doctors call a baby that inherits all genes a “nuke baby,” which is an extremely rare occurrence. The baby can not handle all the traits it is given so odds are when the baby is born it’ll only survive for a few hours. And in most cases the mother dies giving birth to the child as well. So when taking this into consideration let’s go back to Jackie.

Jackie can float like most ghost but she cannot phase through solid objects or posses people. She can however use very strong magic and can learn most spells and potions rather quickly. Which is why she is a child prodigy. 

But what happens if a hybrid and another hybrid have an offspring? 

Same rules apply really: some genes will be stronger than others and cancel out the weakest genes. and they never have all of the genes in the offspring at once.

and that’s how hybrids in misery work 
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A man shrouded in black smoking a cigarette with a small angel child sit on a wall looking at the people around them. “G?” The angel tilts his head “I’m wondering.... aren’t we monsters too?” G blows his cigarette smoke “why would you say that?” “Because we look different....,” the angel said looking at G “Ari look.... you see that man grinning on his phone?,” G says pointing at a man looking through the window “yeah?” Ari nodded “he no longer cares for human life.... one day he started harassing a girl.... that’s what they do they treat humans like food.... they pick them out of the field and start chewing on them because they think it’s funny.... they’ll use a bunch of weak excuses “I’m just mean,” has to be the dumbest.... trying to justify it saying it’s just the way you are when life is about being the best person you can. Life isn’t about taking others lives away.... which is what he’s just done....,” G looks up at a window with pink and red splattered curtains. “Then there are the selfish people that stalk people, you see that girl? She’s been stalking and copying an artist for quite sometime.... because she’s petty.... she won’t do any hard work she’ll just use others hard work to do t for her, no matter how much it hurts the original artist.... no matter how unsafe it makes her feel,” G replied snapping his fingers showing the twos monsterous forms. “This is what draws the line between human and monster human is someone who still values human life in some non-selfish form, not treating them any lesser than you are... we all live on the same earth.... no one person is better than the other.... a monster is someone whose put themselves over that line of equality by only thinking of themselves and by doing so has hurt others.... these are monsters,” 
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Soul: Madi says some pretty weird shit sometimes but I’ve learned to live with it-


soul: *COughes-*

me: why can’t you just make up your own character? Your the one that told us we should play DND as a joke

soul: come on you know I’m no good at this crap....

me: this crap is the stuff I do for a hobby and why do you care if it’s for a joke? 

soul: it’s crap when I do it then

me: Jesus Christ fine fine.... 


me: mmmmmm soul I can’t think when your looking over my shoulder like a cute lost puppy! 

Soul: uh-

me: ooouuut *pushes him out of her room*.... what the actual fuck did I just say-

soul: so wait why do I like Madi again-

me: *walks in the room with cookies and wearing souls hoodie* I brought food that’s good for the soul

soul: oh yeah that’s why 

bully: *puts kick me note on Madi’s back*

soul: oh gee how original 

me: huh?

soul: *puts a a note thats says “touch my girlfriend again and I’ll break your ankles signed soul,” on my back* there better

soul: Madi quotes dead vines a lot 


me: I question why you love me

soul: I question why you question it everyday 

Me: because you don’t question it

soul: I question it because you don’t question it that I- wait fuck I’m confused 
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I didn’t get a lot of questions oof

DontAsk-LordMeric asks:

do you have a friend? 

Yeh I have a few

XxcreepyhoodxX asks:

what do you think of awful creations like My Immortal, Sonichu, and Blood Raining Night?

appriecate them forthe memes they can bring

Octo-Sock asks: 

who or what got you into using da? 

Drama I’ll be honest

BubbleTe-a asks:

Have you ever watched Buzzfeed Unsolved?


MaccaGemDiamond asks: 

what are program do you use? 


@RedLilyBlossoms asks:

have you ever eaten Dorito with strawberry cake?

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  • Listening to: Rap music
  • Reading: Soul Eater
  • Watching: Speedpaints
  • Eating: doritos and chocolate
  • Drinking: coke
Hello friends today I’d like to advertise the Wall-Of-Shame discord server 

some of you may know the wall of shame was a deviantart group basically dedicated to terrible users 

it was basically a wall like journal that gave the names and journals about specific users that created drama on the site to warn users to be weary of them.

however the wall of shame was unfortunately taken down by DA staff for violation of terms of service. But the discord server still remains. 

My fellow people in the chat have said that the server is dying and I can’t help but agree. People have either left because of drama within the chat or just wanting to move on etc etc. 

so this sever is basically deticated to shitty users or people that like to cause drama on this website or anywhere in general. so if you have someone you like to complain about this is what the chats for.

however I’m not a mod of this chat but I wanted to make this journal to see how many people would be interested in joining I may be asked to deleted the journal later but for now I want to see whose interested.
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so these are basically a bunch of questions for my watchers this is an optional thing but i'd really like to know the answers to these questions

and you don't have to answer them all and you can answer even if your not a watcher.

1. what made you watch me?

2. which one of my characters is the hottest/most attractive?

3. which character of mine seems the most interesting? 

4. are my reviews enjoyable and would you guys like to see more of them? 

5. Do you like my stories?

6. what anime series do you recommend? nothing 18+ or NSFW 

7. I'm not cute you dummies. 
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My redesigns oc's are Heathens
"All my friends are heathens, take it slow
Wait for them to ask you who you know
Please don't make any sudden moves
You don't know the half of the abuse"

- Twenty One Pilots

Dude. When you mention me, redesigns may describe the song called Heathens by Twenty One Pilots because how their feelings went horrible when they refuse to wear a new outfit and hair styles.
I'm better keep my ocs is Mallory, Magnolia, Esmeralda, Lotus, Harmony, Peppermint and Storm forever.

XxDarkMusical2000xX if you have a problem with me I’ll gladly talk it out with you in notes. Until then I will keep redesigning your OCs because I enjoy it. And because you still have yet to apologize to the artist that you didn’t get permission to use there art from nor have you credited them. And you have yet to aplogize to Bana for all the trouble you caused her and for using her OCs without consent and without respect.

listen I don’t give a shit about the criticism thing anymore. It’s your art. If you don’t want it fine. But you need to handle it with grace and respect. Just know it’s gonna be extremely hard for you to get popular like you want to. And it’ll be even more difficult to improve your art skill.

Redesigns are not a mandatory thing for you to take. Stop acting like we’re ruining your OCs because we put our own spin on there design and story TO HELP YOU OUT. We never where forcing you take take them and still aren’t. I was planning on using most of the redesigns and claim them as my own anyway. You obviously don’t know what copywright and all those other laws work. Nor do you get how critism and harassment laws work. Also if you don’t draw some of these OCs anymore why the fuck do you care? 

Hell I want Messy Eater to be in a video game I’m creating. I even stated this in the freaking description which you probably didn’t even bother to read.

But I will gladly take Mint, Rose, Messy Eater, Moonlight Queen, The Unknown Witch, and my Storm redesign off your hands (if they where even there to begin with) because I worked really fucking hard on those. I was even told while at the beach that I could get job offers with CNN and shit. (Not trying to brag but I’m a little proud of myself for once in my life so let me savour it please.) Not only that but there just really fun to draw. 

And I have fun giving them new backstories it’s the only time I feel super motivated to do anything anymore. If you have a problem with that then you can talk about it with me. Don’t do this shit where you just post random journals expecting me to read it. If you talk to me like a mature adult maybe we could work something out. And then what makes it worse when I call you out on that shit you not only can’t taks the heat you set the kitchen on fire by hiding my comments. Don’t make this harder on yourself. TALK TO PEOPLE. You may learned something. Being closed minded can be really fucking dangerous. 

So dark if you have a problem with me just fucking tell me. This immature game of cat and mouse it’s got to stop. 

EDIT: 7/8/18 

So Dark ripped off me and Tsuuuuuun’s redesigns…

After this was pointed out to me I made some joke art:

DarkStoleMyHentaiAgain by MyDoggyCatMadi

Mans then she blocked me even though I wasn’t even being all that mean to her.

oh well I guess? 

Like i said Darrk if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen.

i just find it funny how you said you didn’t want redesigns and then started to rip them off. 
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I can’t stop being stuck of this rut of just medicore content. I want to get out. I want to start making animatics and animation memes. Good ones. I want to do commentary’s and reviews. But still have that cool joky meme content where I just joke around with friends. 

Im so tired of having motivation to do videos but having no idea how to make them. And then having something else go wrong.

i want to share my views with the world.

i want to show my ideas 

but I can’t its always something

the software won’t download, this has a virus, this stopped working. 

Im so tired of it. I want to show everyone my potential and what I have to say.

i need help.
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  • Reading: Soul Eater
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