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Illseeyouinhell by MyDoggyCatMadi
Mature content
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Warning Journal: Block this Dickhole
I normally don't like to do these but seeing as this guy goes around attacking artists who do half-bodies or busts, I feel like I should warn folks about him.

Just don't attack or witchunt him. Not cool. :no: Just block, ignore, and report.
ArtyQatarty is his name.
For some reason he seems to hate on anyone drawing half-bodies or bust shots or whatever is triggering him. Don't ask me why. :shrug: But seeing his comments is just beyond disgusting and no right to be hostile. Even telling artists to "kill" themselves over a piece of art.
He has no art in his gallery so he's clearly a tro
:iconnickyvendetta:NickyVendetta 20 131
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aarondoan is the biggest baby I've ever seen!
UPDATE #2: Two more notes and a "vent art"! I feel special!

UPDATE: Oh wow! He really got pissed off at me! Hahahahahaha!! 3 fucking notes and 5 journals?!
He's also been saying "I'M DESTROYING DEVIANTART" because of his "RAEG".
Yeah, good luck with that, fag. :roll:

aarondoan needs to get off dA. Why, you ask?
He attacks anyone who "ruins his childhood". Posts childish wikia pages and even uses an alt account (hoppityhooper) to continue harassing these victims.
Proof? Why, of course!

Oh yeah, he's also an art thief. So, there's that too. (Images were d
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by AnIXeTy

God is that you Have you come back to us god Please dad it hurts Dad come back don’t leave me again Why is life pain Why is life suffer...


Boobs, booty, and furry everything you could ever want. Booty booty booty booty booth booty booty booty booty booty booty booty booty b...


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United States
I am the ultimate meme
There are none really just don't be a dick
Cinnamon Roll:
Some Pretty Cool Peeps:



yeah i'll write bios in journals cause i gots a lot of characters yo enjoy stamps of my husbando and his friends and motivational stuff about me:
I support Soul Eater Evans by 0Dreamlight0 Soul Eater stamp by ingart15 Soul Eater Stamps - 02 - Soul by animelover4evaa Soul Eater Stamp 1 by LunaticTrix Soul Eater Stamp 2 by LunaticTrix Soul Eater Stamp 3 by LunaticTrix Liz and Patti Stamp by Viryalex13 Liz and Patti stamp by LuvzKittenz Maka-chan stamp by Kizu-FreaK I Want a Critique, But.. by gracie-is-a-pie Soul Eater Stamp by GNGTNT105 :thumb698946481:
SE: Annoying +Excalibur+ Stamp by MammaCarnage Shnitzel Stamp by MammaCarnage Serious Soul Stamp by MammaCarnage SE: Shinigami Chop Stamp by MammaCarnage Maka Stamp by animelover4evaa DB3 - Please Write Critique by SparkLum Critique Stamp by LhuneArt Stamped. by Aariiadne Critique Me Stamp by curious-nox Soul eater stamp 9 by Neji-x-Hyuuga Soul Stamp by Boredom-xD Soul Eater Stamp by AdryJustend Soul Eater Stamp by WK580i Soul Eater stamp 3 by Neji-x-Hyuuga
Soul Eater Stamp xD by bLuPpErYpUp Soul Eater Stamp xD by bLuPpErYpUp Soul Eater Stamp xD by bLuPpErYpUp Soul Eater Stamp xD by bLuPpErYpUp Soul Eater Stamp xD by bLuPpErYpUp Soul Eater Stamp xD by bLuPpErYpUp Soul Eater Stamp xD by bLuPpErYpUp Soul Eater Stamp xD by bLuPpErYpUp Soul Eater Stamp xD by bLuPpErYpUp Soul Eater Stamp xD by bLuPpErYpUp Soul Eater Stamp xD by bLuPpErYpUp Soul Eater Stamp xD by bLuPpErYpUp

Soul Evans [Page Doll] by MyDoggyCatMadi

Nicky the Cat Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
YeaDatChantilly Fan Button [Commission] by KittyBelli24

Request/Art trade/Commission stuff:
Requests close Icon by hase-illustration
'Commissions open' icon by hase-illustration
Art trades open icon by hase-illustration
Collaberations open icon by hase-illustration

Other Shit:
YT: Madi P
Skype: MalibuEvee



guess im gonna go cry some more 

aight see you guys later 
Why are they pushing the charmed reboot like it’s an original series? 
 Guys plz vote I don’t want another banana organge as our president 
Stupid titles are stupid

so originally I was gonna make this journal a year ago but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it at the time. Not because it was a necessarily still painful a experience still but just because I didn’t want to for other personal reasons I’m not gonna get into. 

But yes heres my brief summary on why I hate summer and Dragon Ball Z

if you’ve been with me for awhile you’ll know that I had some drama with @/Viscerotonic a few years ago. One of our google plus exchanges was even shown on @/Loubelle’s rant on her. And I had made a rant on her a year after with my friend. And it was.... really fucking bad I’ll admit. 

Thas where the story ends but remember the rant it’ll be important later. 

How it started? Well.... I used to work for a Sonic x MLP series writer as an artist. She was fucking terrible as a director. She never spoke to us on the Google + chat where basically all the artist where. And from what I heard she treated all the voice actors like shit on Skype. Telling them not to roleplay when that’s what her closer friends would ever do. Calling the VA’s horrible names and crap. And treating one of my best friends like utter shit basically forcing her or of her friends circle. 

Yeah I’m not gonna say names but if she finds this then I guess she knows why I left without speaking to her if she was ever curious.

But Vis said she was gonna commit suicide blah blah blah me and my friend become besties and we talk for a year but she had to stay offline over the summer blah blah blah. Now comes the juicy part.

i was very lonely seeing as I never interacted with my IRL friends and I am extremely anti-social. And all I had was my friend at the time who I couldn’t talk to. So what is a girl to do? Try and get in contact with her old sonic x mlp friends! 

And one spoke to me actively. Soku. Yes his oc was a fusion of fucking Goku and Sonic. I am not joking. At first it was nice talking to soku he was funny and pretty chill. But over time it started to escalate asking to see my face when I was uncomfortable with it and talking shit about his ex and her new bf saying she was a backstabber (which is untrue she’s actually really nice). Within a month he accidentally confessed to me in call. That was when it all fucking went down hill. I remember us both crying I was so confused and unsure what to do. I was 14 at the time. And he said he was 15-16 (though I’m pretty sure he was lying) and he lived up north (not gonna specify for his safety I’m not a monster.) he also tried to sleep with me (not sexual but still) in rp. Trying to cuddle with me.

but yes eventually I made that rant on Vis and she came up to him. He turned on me rather quickly. (Probably because I started talking to his ex gf and her bf and we became friends.) until he finally told me to quote “shut the fuck up,” that’s when I snapped and i told him off. Blocking him on all accounts. 

There you go that’s my story.

harass anyone and I’ll break your kneecaps
  • Listening to: Rap music
  • Reading: Soul Eater
  • Watching: Speedpaints
  • Eating: doritos and chocolate
  • Drinking: coke


Pixel Icon Commission
A small icon to use as a profile pic
Pixel Art
Pixely Pixel. make me do pixel art 
Complete piece with shading
Full freakin package muh dude

90 if your want a head shot

100 if you want an upper body
and 110 if you want a full body

the price doubles if you want two characters
Line art and Color
Get a full color and line art 

headhot is 65

upper half is 70 

A full body is 80 

the price doubles is you want to characters 
Head shot is 45 Points

Upper half is 50 points

full body sketch is 65

the price doubles if you want two characters


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I need more shippings of my oc

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