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If I could design my life my own way...
I'd live out of a suitcase. Everything I need will be able to fit in a medium-sized backpack - the one that starts off as a carryon and ends the trip as a checkin because of all the gifts and memories and random additions. Or, better yet - starts off as a checkin and ends as a carryon because all the gifts and memories and random stuff would have been given away.
In it will be a few choice clothes, some reading material, snacks, a scrapbook journal, a Tablet PC, a camera, a music player, a small bag with glue and scissors and scraps of art material, a bag of lucky charms. One me; a phone, a pendrive, a wallet with ID and enough money to get by and donate, and a secret message from a secret friend. My passport follows me at all times; in an ideal life, I am never in need of a visa. Somewhere on me is a ticket to somewhere out there.
I do have property; an apartment with a kitchen, one bedroom, two bathrooms - one public one private - and a hall. I
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Brown Eyes
brown eyes
by tiara the divabat
You said I had dark brown eyes -
You're the only one that noticed.
Not that my eyes ever escape notice;
- indeed, I have lost count of all
the people who come up to me and
tell me
   - "Your eyes are sparkling!"
   - "So pretty!"
   - "Nice eyes!"
but no one ever notices that they're dark brown.
Officially they're black. "Officially".
A description of myself as determined by
hired admins and my parents;
   - people who claim control over me.
Officially, my eyes are black.
Officially, I am just a girl,
two weeks shy of 21,
relocated to another hemisphere for the purpose of education.
Nothing particularly unusual.
But my eyes are not black.
Sure, I am just a girl,
two weeks shy of 21,
relocated to another hemisphere for the purpose of education.
But I am also a woman, growing,
placed in a new world,
finding footing,
making sense of the choices and chances
that accompany me
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Faith - poetry by Tiara
It\'s a rainy night
The air is chill and Faith
is warmed only by candlelight
She\'s alone
Light does not shine on company
For there aren\'t any
Faith looks into the mirror
Her heart sinks
It\'s dark!
Clouds of black fill her reflection
Like hungry scavengers looking for souls
To serve as supper
She relents
Where has herself gone?
Stresses have stolen much of herself
But have they claimed her completely?
Where once was shining bright and free
Now lays nothing
Faith searches for strength
But there is nothing
Nor noone
To support her
She curses the lightning bolt
And thunder
It rattles her now-fragile self
What is of use about her
When she is brittle
Cold, distant
Souls torn apart till there is nothing
But visions of nightmares
Her hands caress the air
(or have they, in her anger
mauled it to shreds?)
Her finger touches the flame slightly
Her hand draws back
She\'s been burned
Faith exclaims in pain
She was about to utter dire words
When realization kicks in
She can st
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Tiara the BLURRRR
Current Residence: Brisbane, Australia
Favourite genre of music: Anything goes
Favourite photographer: Victor Gan
Favourite style of art: Anything goes
Operating System: Win XP
MP3 player of choice: Haven't got one
Wallpaper of choice: Anything with people I like
Skin of choice: Don't use em.
Favourite cartoon character: Untalkative Bunny
Personal Quote: Be good, and if you can't be good, don't get caught - Asha Gill
OK, so I was looking at their galleries at the same time. Then noticed both of them with the exact same art.

leodadominico mentioned a collab, but some of them were with a user name kamillk (or something along those lines). waver-h didn't quite mention it was a collab but linked the photo - i thought he meant that he took something from leodadominico's gallery and edited it. but no edits.

so here i am thinking someone's lifted something off one gallery and pasted it on another. not fair, right? so i report one to the other.

then i go to leodadominico's website and notice that some of them were "graphic by waver-h".


who is this kamillk bugger then o_O

ARGH. And here I am thinking by extreme coincidence (NOT) I found a plagiarizer. all this "you stole my art~~11!!1" reports.

argh, this is what I get for not coming back to DeviantArt in YEARS. maybe there's a good reason I didn't show up.

OK, I'm leaving now, for reals.

I'm soooooooooooo sorry. :( *ashamed*


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