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This is my re-imagining of the character clockwork, who is now a girl who has auditory schizophrenia and psychopathy. She firmly believes that before you die, you can gain more time to live by killing people for the great ones and carving the number 7 onto their corpse.
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This is actually incredibly insensitive.
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Hey, I had a look at your page and understand why you may be mad. Sometimes schizophrenia does make people insane and that was the basis for the re-imagining. If you're mad of just the idea of a mental illness being featured, then I implore you to come up with a good reason for a murderer. If their backstory is tragic, then they might have PTSD. It's difficult. If you have a specific problem with how I portray schizophrenia, please tell me what. If it is just because it's featured in a bad light, then please focus on the story as a whole. SJWs are everywhere these days and I'd appreciate if there was an actual flaw explained instead of someone getting triggered. Looking forward to your feedback. I've been waiting for a while.
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It's the fact that most of the time, people with schizophrenia aren't violent. Psychopaths on the other hand make up a lot of violent crimes. She could schizophrenia mixed with something else, but most schizophrenics are not violent, and if they are, it's normally not directly related to schizophrenia.
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Ah, okay. I appreciate the feedback and I will edit the story/description accordingly.
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Why? I'm guessing you mean the portrayal of the mental disorder. I'm not really sure what to say about that because I tried my best to portray auditory schizophrenia - in a way that also suits the story. If it's insensitive because it "mocks" the original artwork or something, I'm sorry but the original one didn't really display the full effects of the terrible things that happened to Natalie. It was essentially a card to say be sorry for this character. Anyway, please explain what you mean so I can improve for the future and edit the story.