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Writing Commissions Open!
Hello!  Thank you for taking interest and supporting my writing. I have decided to open my page for some commissions in order for me to able to practice my writing more.
Some samples of my writings are:
Oikawa x Reader - The Great King and His Destiny (series)Kuroo x Reader - Crossroads (series)GACKT x Reader - The Day I Finally Meet Magnum (oneshot)Perfection (original)
Fandoms that I am most familiar with:
Touken RanbuShingeki no KyojinHaikyuuKuroko no BasketNarutoKuroshitsujiJoJo's Bizarre AdventuresUta no Prince-SamaFree!Death NoteKami-sama HajimemashitaMagixxxHolicYuri!!! On Ice
:iconmydeadlylover:mydeadlylover 3 1
Kuroo x Reader | Crossroads (10)
27 years old (part 3)
“Hinata you Baka!” was what echoed through the room following (Y/N) walking out of the door.   A loud smack was heard right after accompanied by the energetic middle blocker’s whine.
“I-I think we should wrap this whole thing up now.  Good night, everyone!  Thank you so much for coming!” Oikawa quickly dispersed the awkward situation by closing up the party and seeing everyone through the door, leaving only him and their close friends inside.  As the setter saw the last of Daichi’s visitors out, Hinata’s argument with his former teammate continued.
“You didn’t have to hit me so hard, Kageyama!” The former Karasuno middle blocker whined, rubbing at the spot where Kageyama had hit him.
"It's because you're embarrassing all of us by being an idiot!  Can't you read the situation?" The raven-haired man replied, his volume growing increasingly higher as he berated the orange
:iconmydeadlylover:mydeadlylover 25 7
Kuroo x Reader | Crossroads (9)
27 years old (Part 2)
"Hey, it's been a while.  How have you been?"  The woman smiled at Kuroo who sat across her in the coffee table.
"Well, you know.  Volleyball is still my life and all that.  And you?" The raven-haired male smiled at the woman he used to call his girlfriend.
"Pretty good.  Actually, I called you here because I've got something I would like to talk to you about." Yumi smiled as she took a sip of her iced coffee.
It has been years since Kuroo last saw Yumi so the day when he received a phone call from her asking if he would be available to talk about something over coffee was a surprise to him.  Like his friends, he initially thought that Yumi was trying to get in contact with him because she wanted to get together again which was why he was apprehensive in meeting the woman after all these years that they have spent apart.  Besides, it was clear to Kuroo now who his heart really belonged to and having his ex-girlfriend come
:iconmydeadlylover:mydeadlylover 26 24
Kuroo x Reader | Crossroads (8)
27 years old (Part 1)
“Now this is unexpected.” (Y/N) giggled as her date for her marriage interview walked up to her in the park where she was told to go to meet up the guy.
“No kidding.  I was surprised to find out that the (Y/N) my mother was talking about was actually you.” Sawamura grinned as he offered a hand to (Y/N) which the woman gladly took.
"Who knew your mom was just as old-fashioned as mine?  Now, what do you have planned to impress you possible future wife today, mister Sawamura?" The (H/C) female said playfully as she walked side by side with Sawamura to somewhere only the man knew about.
"I'm planning to feed you and see how the thing goes and then we'll take things from there." The man answered, holding (Y/N) by her hand to help her cross the street.
"I like where you're going with this.  Let's eat, I'm hungry!" The (H/C) said excitedly as she was led by her date to her favorite restaurant.
“So…how long have yo
:iconmydeadlylover:mydeadlylover 27 15
Kuroo x Reader | Crossroads (7)
24 years old
“Kenma, lunch!” The blonde spun in his office chair to see his (H/C) friend standing behind him clutching her wallet and wearing a smile.
“You go ahead.  I’m not that hungry yet.” The man replied as he turned his attention back to his workstation.  This earned a click of a tongue from his female friend as she reached over him and locked his desktop.
“No way.  You’re always skipping lunch and pulling overtimes.  Today, you’re going to have lunch with me.  Don’t make me push you down the stairs in your office chair, mister.” (Y/N) said, tapping her foot impatiently.
“Alright, alright.  I’m coming with you.  No need to be so violent about a few missed meals.” Kenma pouted as he got up from his cubicle.  (Y/N) wasted no time in latching their arms together as they made their way to the cafeteria downstairs.
“So how’s it going with your
:iconmydeadlylover:mydeadlylover 25 15
Kuroo x Reader | Crossroads (6)
21 years old
“Is it over yet?” The two-tone haired man asked his companion as he craned his neck to see inside the city hall.
“No, Kou.  The mayor has just started his speech.  They still have performances after this so just sit still and wait.” Kuroo answered his friend as he sighed exasperatedly while he continued playing his mobile game.
“But I want to see them already! I bet (Y/N)-chan would be really pretty in her furisode.  I heard her mom booked her an appointment with a professional stylist for today.” Bokuto mused as he continued to spy on the ongoing ceremonies inside the city hall through its gates.
“Where did you hear all this?  I didn’t even know she was getting a stylist?” Kuroo raised an eyebrow at Bokuto who gave him a knowing smirk.
“Bro.  Unlike you who is constantly busy with your girlfriend, I actually talk to our (Y/N)-chan.  She just told me over
:iconmydeadlylover:mydeadlylover 26 7
Kuroo x Reader | Crossroads (5)
19 years old
“(Y/N)-chan!” (Y/N) flinched as she heard the voice of one of the people she was hiding from so that she can finally get some work done.  She has stationed herself in a secluded corner of the library to work on her project without getting found by her friends who are way too eager to start the Christmas break.  The (H/C) was able to get most of the work done until a certain annoying brunette finally found her in her hiding place.  The volleyball player slid into the seat next to her followed by his shorter friend who looked equally as annoyed with the setter as (Y/N) was.
“No, Oikawa-san.” The female answer the unvoiced question as she continued coding away on her laptop.  The handsome guy sitting beside her grimaced at this and leaned closer to her and wrapping an arm around her shoulder as he did so.  If she did not know how clingy Oikawa could be, she would have already kicked him in the balls for bei
:iconmydeadlylover:mydeadlylover 29 9
Kuroo x Reader | Crossroads (4)
17 years old
"Good morning, (Y/N)-chan!" Kuroo greeted the (H/C) enthusiastically as soon as he spotted her figure approaching close to where he sat at the bench of the corner store where the three friends have waited for each other since primary school.  Said friend eyed the scheming volleyball player weirdly.
"You seem too happy to see me today.  And since when did I become ‘(Y/N)-chan' to you?" The female asked as she waited for her friends to stand up so they can walk to school together.  Kenma stood up wordlessly, eyes never leaving his handheld console as he started walking on (Y/N)'s right side while Kuroo took the female's other side, still flashing (Y/N) his signature Cheshire grin.  It was starting to creep the girl out.
"Stop grinning!  You're starting to creep me out!" The girl finally blurted out after a few moments of shifting uncomfortably under the gaze of the raven-haired teen.  "What do you want?" (Y/N)'s eyes narrowed as sh
:iconmydeadlylover:mydeadlylover 26 13
Kuroo x Reader | Crossroads (3)
16 years old
“Let’s stop by the corner store for some buns.  I’m so hungry, I can eat a dog!”  Kuroo said as the three of them walked home.
“Yeah, let’s do that.  I’m hungry as well.” Kenma agreed, his eyes not leaving his game console.  (Y/N) had to hold on to her friend’s arm to keep him from straying too far from the sidewalk and getting hit by a car.
“I’m in.  It’s almost time for dinner, though so I’ll just get a juice or something.” The (H/C) said, tugging at Kenma’s arm again as she sees an approaching motorcycle.
“Boo.  You’re no fun at all! You’re not trying to be stick thin like those girls from your year, are you?” The oldest of the three asked, giving (Y/N) a sideways glance.
“What’s wrong with being a little healthy?  Besides, boys like them because they are thin, while I’m stuck here with you two.
:iconmydeadlylover:mydeadlylover 25 13
Kuroo x Reader | Crossroads (2)
10 years old
“That looks painful.” (Y/N) as she walked beside Kuroo who was currently trying to run a comb through his messy hair.  As their usual routine, the three kids waited for each other at a corner store in their neighbourhood so they can all walk to school.  This morning, Kuroo was the last one to show up and when he did, he was carrying a comb and trying to run it through his messy bed hair.
“My mom told me to do something about it because my homeroom said in my report card that I was a good student but my hair always looks like a mess.  She gave me this comb to try and fix it.” The raven haired boy replied as he unsuccessfully tried to untangle another knot of hair.  Sighing, Kuroo gave up trying to tame his hair and stuffed the comb into his jeans.
“Maybe you should try a normal sleeping position?” the ever so reserved Kenma suggested shaking his head at the sight of his friend’s bed head.
“I can
:iconmydeadlylover:mydeadlylover 28 3
Kuroo x Reader | Crossroads (1)
5 years old
The first time Kuroo met (Y/N) was in preschool.  He was a year ahead of her.  He saw her crying as an elderly woman who he assumed to be her grandmother tries to explain to her that they will be coming back for her at the end of the day.  It was typical for most children who will be attending school for the first time to have separation anxiety on the first day, so it was not a new sight around here.  He had walked past her, noting how tall the younger student was, which made Kuroo feel a bit insecure.  He was the boy, why was he not the taller one?
As days passed by, he noticed how this new girl would try to fit in with the smaller kids from her class, but in the end everyone would walk away from her because she was too good in skipping rope or that monkey bars were easier for her because she could reach higher.  Eventually, her classmates refused to play with her because they were afraid that she would step on them and crush them with
:iconmydeadlylover:mydeadlylover 47 4
OikawaxReader | The Great King and His Destiny(13)
Chapter 13: The Great King and His Queen
Oikawa fidgeted with his fingers as he gazed upon the intimidating amount of expensive jewellery displayed in the glass case at the store front.  He paced up and down the curb, trying to calm himself down as Iwaizumi stood there watching him.  The former Aoba Johsai ace was contemplating if he would play the role of a supportive best friend and actually walk the hopeless brunette through this whole process or just walk out right then and there and leave Oikawa to fend for himself. 
“Oi, are you just going to dance there or are you actually going to open the door?  Don’t waste my time, Trashykawa.  You asked me to come with you and help.  Not to come and watch you do the one-two step in Ginza.” Iwaizumi finally said after the setter hesitated in opening the doors of the jewellery shop for the fifth time since they came there.
Oikawa has been planning for a proposal for so long now that it was
:iconmydeadlylover:mydeadlylover 15 6
Mature content
OikawaxReader | The Great King and His Destiny(12) :iconmydeadlylover:mydeadlylover 9 6
Mature content
OikawaxReader | The Great King and His Destiny(11) :iconmydeadlylover:mydeadlylover 8 10
OikawaxReader | The Great King and His Destiny(10)
Chapter 10: The Princess From the Ashes
Ami sat in the plush couch of the café where she patiently waits for her interviewee – or at the very least, somebody who she hoped to be her interviewee – to arrive.  She has been good friends with this certain person and she hopes that they would give her the chance to bring light to her story and hopefully help her on the path to gaining justice.  Sitting beside her was Fukuyama, another renowned news anchor who specializes in covering crimes and helping out the victims of said crimes on their way to recovery.  Ami was fortunate enough to have gained the help of the news anchor after she had given the story pitch at the last production meeting and he has come along with her today to try and convince her friend to let them help her.
The door of the café opened, and Ami saw (Y/N) enter through the door.  The doctor was wearing a simple floral dress that she accented with a thin belt and a necklace
:iconmydeadlylover:mydeadlylover 6 2
OikawaxReader | The Great King and His Destiny (9)
Chapter 9: The Great King and The Princess’ Memories
“You went to Shiratorizawa, right?”
The ace spouted the question in a typical Ushijima Wakatoshi way: blunt and straight to the point.  (Y/N) glanced at the man sitting beside her bed and saw that there was not even a notable change in his expression as he patiently waited for the (Y/N) to give her answer.  Closing her eyes and audibly sighing to steel her nerves, she turned to the ace with a resigned expression.
“Yes, I did.  You of all people should know.  Why didn’t you say anything when we first met?  We’re in the same year after all, Ushijima-san.” The manager offered the ace a smile that did not quite reach her eyes.
“No need to smile, (Y/N)-san.  I know the bad memories about our school overshadows the happy years you spent in it.  That is also why I did not say anything when I first saw you.” Ushijima raised a hand as
:iconmydeadlylover:mydeadlylover 9 2

Random Favourites

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Divided We Fall :iconavrildc:AvrilDC 477 149
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Quick update: I just met Oikawa's stage actor yesterday (yas, the very man who inspired The Great King series). He's freaking tall! And here I thought I was already tall, but he towered over me even when I was wearing heels! Here's our pic that I tweeted him ♡ Check out @twinklejourney’s Tweet:…
life update: things are still ok at my new workplace.  Still busy with school and starting up a new business which is a project that I have been wanting to delve into for so long.  that being said, I haven't started writing again except for this baby here that I made for my friend:…
i also feel bad for all my new followers on social media who follow me for my cosplay because I haven't made anything new in a year. i miss cosplay, but financially, I can't handle making something new right now 😭
I passed my certification! God freaking dammit! Now on to my graduate school exams and i'm almost ready to start writing again! 頑張って、私!
Hello!  Thank you for taking interest and supporting my writing. I have decided to open my page for some commissions in order for me to able to practice my writing more.

Some samples of my writings are:

Fandoms that I am most familiar with:
  • Touken Ranbu
  • Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Haikyuu
  • Kuroko no Basket
  • Naruto
  • Kuroshitsuji
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventures
  • Uta no Prince-Sama
  • Free!
  • Death Note
  • Kami-sama Hajimemashita
  • Magi
  • xxxHolic
  • Yuri!!! On Ice

*If you do not see your fandom here, do not worry!  You can message me and maybe we can work something out.

What I write:
  • Any genre (my strength is romance, drama, slice of life)
  • Chapters
  • Shorts
  • Originals
  • Fanfiction
  • Scenarios
  • Headcanons
  • Crackfic

What I don't write:
  • Pedophilia/Underage
  • Explicit Sexual Content
  • Gore

  • I have the right to decline requests.
  • Please make sure to credit me
  • Long texts will be sent via a Google Drive link
  • Request forms must be accomplished before a commission can be accepted
  • Commissions are accepted when I have approved the request
  • Payments are made via the following channels:
    • DeviantArt Points
    • PayPal   
  • In order to avoid any cancellations, I would ask for you to pay the minimum amount for your indicated word count bracket before the commission could be started.  The rest will be charged upon completion of the commission.
  • The completion of commissions largely depends on my personal time.  The time frame is usually 1 week for a 4000+ word story.
  • Though I would keep close correspondence on the progress of the commissions, frequent messaging or bumping up your messages if discouraged as it would only flood my inbox, and may cause your message to be pushed further down the queue
  • Breaking any of the rules means that the commission is voided and no refunds would be made.
  • 500-800 words = $2.00 (200 points)
  • 1000-4000 words = $5.00 (500 points) / 1000 words
  • 5000-10000 words  (also applies to multichapter) = $8.00 (800 points) / 1000 words
  • 10000 words and more (also applies to multichapter = $10.00 (1000 points)/ 1000 words
Please drop me a note here or thru e-mail at with the subject Writing Commission if you wish to make a request and I'll send you the form
Writing Commissions Open!
Hola!  As pomised, I'm opening writing commissions so please do take time in reading these rules if you are interested.
You can still support me by sharing this link to your friends who might be interested or  buying me a coffee if requesting a commission is not your thing --->


mydeadlylover's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
A pessimist and a perfectionist. Unpredictable and sensitive. I love visual kei but I dress simple. I'm a masochist and a damn hypocrite. Yeah, that's Aya and that's who I am.

Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr: twinklejourney

Current Residence: Philippines
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Songs from Musicals, J-Rock, J-Pop and a little bit of K-Pop
Favourite style of art: photography
Operating System: Windows 7
Favourite cartoon character: there are too many to mention. Seriously, all I ever spend my time on is work and Touken Ranbu.
Personal Quote: the best way not to get hurt is to pretend like you just don't care
Since this weekend has been very busy and I don't think I can get the latest chapter of The Great King and His Destiny on time, I felt the need to update my journal.  The last time I updated it was 2012, anyways, so I think its about time to let my watchers know what I've been keeping myself busy during those 6 years that I haven't updated.

First of all, I got a job which I thought was the best option at the time as the naive fresh graduate that I was.  Two years down the line and I'll be regretting that same choice and making a desperate bid for freedom by searching for something more suitable to my talents in my industry in  another organization.  Negotiations for that new job is already in the works and hopefully, I'll be able to move companies within the year.

I'm still cosplaying, though not as often as before.  I went on a semi-hiatus last 2013 and came back 2014 with crossplays.  I learned to make all my costumes and props myself and won a couple of contests.  I went to some photo shoots, and made more friends who are also into this hobby.  Some of them still can't believe that I'm already this old.

I've been really really really obsessed with Touken Ranbu for 3 years now, and I have played the game every day since the mobile version has been launched.  The obsession became too much that I had finally given in and started collecting anything that has the name of the game in it.  Last year marked my final step in falling into the deep deep hole of this fandom hell when I finally cosplayed my first sword to reach level 99, Jiroutachi (I still haven't posted that one here or on my WorldCosplay.  I really need to get on with it one day).

Touken Ranbu has got me into collecting Nendoroids as well.  Most of my collection are the characters from the game, though so I don't think it can be labeled as a proper Nendoroid collection.  That being said, I finally revived my YouTube channel as well, with unboxing videos of my new toys every time they come into my doorstep.  I have also gotten into a bit of Toy Photography, bringing my toys with me in all my travels.

As for fanfiction writing, I always had ideas in my head but being busy as I was, I never got down to write them until the idea for The Grand King and His Destiny came into my mind about 2 years ago.  I became so obsessed with this story that I wrote down outlines and character profiles on notebooks whenever it hit me.  I wanted it to be an original story, but I felt like my absence from writing has rendered me unable to create my own characters, so when I searched for a character who would fit the male lead as I had pictured it in my mind, Oikawa was the one that I chose over Kuroo, my second choice.  I made it a xReader story because honestly, I was modeling my original character for the story around myself. 

That being said, I've been watching a lot of Ryujin Nippon matches and reading up a lot about them so that I can write as accurately as possible.  I've also been putting some Japanese terms here and there in the chapters so I can practice my kanji even when I'm away from my study materials in Japanese.  I'm hoping to take the exams again this year so I can prove to myself that my skills are levelling up.
  • Listening to: Deliver US - The Prince of Egypt Soundtrack


- himitsu - by Fizzingwhizbee5 - himitsu - :iconfizzingwhizbee5:Fizzingwhizbee5 189 53 - miren - by Fizzingwhizbee5 - miren - :iconfizzingwhizbee5:Fizzingwhizbee5 110 33 Midnight Guardian by keelerleah Midnight Guardian :iconkeelerleah:keelerleah 1,390 127 Golden Tempest by keelerleah Golden Tempest :iconkeelerleah:keelerleah 3,098 180 Fantasy Art Calendar II by keelerleah Fantasy Art Calendar II :iconkeelerleah:keelerleah 396 72 Wind and Cherry Blossoms by Yue-Iceseal Wind and Cherry Blossoms :iconyue-iceseal:Yue-Iceseal 3,632 108 Moonlit Nocturne by Yue-Iceseal Moonlit Nocturne :iconyue-iceseal:Yue-Iceseal 10,170 472 Fiendish person by feimo Fiendish person :iconfeimo:feimo 11,733 796


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