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spaceman goldrush edition ;) just needed something more colourfull new and i kind of love this wallpaper :)
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My name is Nelson and I'm a openSUSE contributor. I found this wallpaper through Google cache while searching for wallpapers. I really love your wallpaper. I'm wondering if it would be possible to distribute it through my project repository for openSUSE 11.4? I've seen the licence (CC-BY-NC-SA), and as you probably are aware we distribute our distribution for free (though there's a boxed set which is also available for sale, and includes support), we usually work with more 'free' licenses. I was wondering if you could allow me to distribute a package with this wallpaper under CC-BY-SA (without the NC), which would more friendly to us and free. We aren't making any money out of this, it's just I really your wallpaper and would love to make it available for others who use openSUSE, and use it maybe as default for my project (GNOME:Ayatana).

If it's possible, the package should include, the wallpapers, a file containing the license and a Author file containing any information you want to provide as Author. I can also place any links you want on the package description.

Thanks for your time, I would love to ear from you.