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Stormy clouds at Neuschwanstein Castle

Schloss Neuschwanstein, Deutschland
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This is one of your best shot, the dramatic light raise it to the top! (You was a bit luckely...)
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Really nice shot.
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you wellcome
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Part of the August critique 4 critique in the Young-photo-club

Really cool castle :) I like the detail you were able to capture and bring out in the clouds.  In post processing, I personally would have cropped out a bit of the left side, to get rid of the tree branches entering the frame because they are a bit distracting, and it would center the castle a bit more.  In taking the photo, I would have tried to get a bit more of the ground included so you can see the base of the castle.  Lastly, in post-processing, I would have added clarity and contrast to the castle to make it pop out a bit more.  It's a bit monochromatic in comparison to the great contrast in the rest of the photo. 

Very interesting subject though, my favorite things are old and/or abandoned buildings :) 
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Thank you for your remarks. Unfortunately I don't show more of the ground as there was a disturbing fence that would ruin the entire shot.
Decided to keep the branches just to show also the surrounding but for sure your are right with the castle. I just tried not to process it that much and to show the photo as it was taken.
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Looks threatening!
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Just stormy, but the sun on the castle gives a bit of a bright mood
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Nice, most pictures of that castle are taken from the other side, I think, so this was a nice new view.
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Yes, I also have one from the other side but this was another angle and think was quite good
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At least much more original and still great!
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Diese Stimmung hat sich der Erbauer seines Schlosses wohl nicht träumen lassen.
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The first thing I've said when I seen this photo was: "vara che luce!"
Good, really good.
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Thank you. I think the stormy clouds were contributing to the final effect of the photo
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Indeed...was quite a storm
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