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a couple kissing framed by snow. sad scene
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you are so good going in my favourits
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There adorable!<3

- Sorry my English suck, im danish! ^^
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aw this is so cute yet slightly depressing lol
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Fantastic ^^ It is so romantic ^^
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OAO so pretty....
*sigh* and romantic :3
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awesome pic looks kind of like me and my gf. :)
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I love this. I think homosexual kissing/relationships bring bad juujuu. So. Nya.
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mmmm ^_^ makes me feel all warm n fuzzy inside!!
This is so good!
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Hey, I saw this on photobucket!
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DON'T POST OTHER PEOPLE'S ART! and it doesnt help that you are ignoring all of these nice people's comments. Obviously im not gonna even try to be nice abt this. Most people would recognize their mistake and take down art that isnt theirs after so many people have warned you. TAKE IT DOWN!
tamakari-chan's avatar
you really shouldnt post other peoples work without proper credit, technically its stealing.
i dont mean to be the fuzz on this, i just like to warn ppl because they dont always know the rules.
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who did the original? owo
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That isn't his artwork. It's stolen.
DiskoApocolypse's avatar
I realized that when I sited his page. :disbelief:
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