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MLP: Karma (Cloak-Hood and Mask)



In the story Ive been working on, Karma wears this outfit from time to time. It consists of a cloak made out of patchwork cloth that has been sown together to actually make a full cloak, the mask itself is a Gas Mask that has had the bottom part ripped off, while leaving the "goggles" portion. (Leaving it worthless as far as actually protecting her from gases. She mainly uses it to keep dust out of her eyes.) I basically wanted a more close-up look of her "Wasteland" outfit. She doesn't wear it all the time in the story, but it is her preferred wear while traveling, specially when she is alone, or when she needs to hide her pipbuck from others.

The cloak itself consists of the half gas-mask shown above under the hooded portion of her cloak, which it is attached to along the inside of the hood. The cloak itself is that patch-work design in a camo-like effect (Colors in: Browns, Tans, Blacks). Tied below her neck, the rest of the cloak itself is pretty much free-flowing and a bit ragged looking. (Think normal wasteland like wear from Fallout)

Even though the cloak itself is free flowing, it is long enough for her to cover her pipbuck that is attached to her right hoof if need be. But she normally only does this if she actually -wants- to hide it.

Image Reference for how the cloak would look her wearing it:…
Though Karma's version has cut-out holes atop the hood for her ears!

I wanted a close-up look of her face while wearing it for detail purposes, eventually I want to commission someone of her in the full outfit, and figured I should have at least something to give a better idea of it. Took me forever to get the mask to look how I wanted...its far more difficult making a gas mask not only look like a gas mask specially with half of it missing, and then making it look like a mask that's actually supposed to fit a pony. Pony's have huge eyes. I think I pulled it off decently enough.

Fallout Equestria: To Question Fate:
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