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Hey everybody!

To keep making grand features i'm collecting some points.
I feature one piece of art who donates 1 or more points. :)

Since i allready had some donations i'll feature them here.
I'll be updating this journal if i get some new donations.
If you want to give a donation without recognition but
still want to be featured let me know please.

If you want to be featured too, let me know! :)

Stuff by deamera Quinn by rachelkpoulain
Made by deamera ---- Made by rachelkpoulain

Obsession by Vampy-note :thumb157514603:
Made by Vampy-note ---- Made by Ghotilumpkins

storm dragon by HiddenTreasury The Orb by KlayerD
Made by HiddenTreasury ---- Made by KlayerD

Bad Breath...... by Rscarsrule scheme by GeckoLink
Made by Rscarsrule ---- Made by GeckoLink

Forgotten Child Of The Dark
The Earth is spinning at its constant rhythm
But I stand frozen, unable to move
I am alone
Confide to a world of anger and hatred
Population: One, Just me and me alone.
Why am I here if I'm not noticed?
I look for hope in this life
And as I sit and wonder when will my saviour come
I am falling deeper and deeper into this world
Loneliness is considered to be the worst form of poverty
I lurk in the shadows waiting
I am nothing but an empty shell
A trapped soul trying to break through the cage of isolation
I am the ghost of the earth
Visible but never seen
I speak but never am heard
Is this the fate of my existence?
I was born but never known
A forgotten child of the dark
Do you know true loneliness? Are you really alone?
Yours is an understatement
I envy it
You tell me you feel the same way
A lonely soldier in a battle with realism and sanity
A thousand lies flow from the waterfall of which you speak
You're surrounded by family and friends who love you
But emotionless tears roll down you
Thunder and Fire by Awko-Talko
Made by lilnutta10 ---- Made by Awko-Talko

:thumb129157236: :thumb161898696:
Made by SgtTech-ComDN38416 ---- Made by jimjreilly

Princess of Spring by MLArtistry Bio-hazard-pentacle by Nyxx666
Made by MLArtistry ---- Made by Nyxx666

Bleach Ichigo by IggyTek :: Cosmic Thirst :: by ScarletWarmth
Made by IggyTek ---- Made by ScarletWarmth

:thumb160923381: Zen Globe by bumbleben
Made by Lou-in-Canada ---- Made by bumbleben

:thumb163224688: :thumb163525319:
Made by Dragon-1996 ---- Made by Haruhi-can

:thumb161320226: Darkness Within.. by Bloody-Violet
Made by purplestains ---- Made by Bloody-Violet

flower by Ample-Mouse Jack skellington sketch by oozsinfered
Made by Ample-Mouse ---- Made by oozsinfered

My Second Tattoo by IxIAcidBurnIxI beach by xChristinex89x
Made by IxIAcidBurnIxI ---- Made by xChristinex89x

Kiss me...Love me by ItsObvious92 I Had Promised - Cloud by Ascleme
Made by ItsObvious92 ---- Made by Ascleme

Atashi no Sekai by Eeriah Yum yum by DarknessHope
Made by Eeriah ---- Made by DarknessHope

Door... by Berti18 Billiebe xiii by JustHereToView
Made by Berti18 ---- Made by JustHereToView

Made by StarsOfCASSiOPEiA ---- Made by Miisu

:thumb164789939: :thumb165236189:
Made by mauricenuiten ---- Made by ChelseaSnow

Ladybug IV by Bozack R4PT00R 5689RPT7 by cimmx
Made by Bozack ---- Made by cimmx

Theron Vitae by Xinorbis :thumb164713356:
Made by Xinorbis ---- Made by Acsoj

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ScarletWarmth's avatar
Lovely recollection of reunion of masterpieces. Deep selections. Thanks for sharing. :D Lovely features!
N-o-X-i-S18's avatar
What's all that points about?:D
Where can I find them?
MyBurningEyes's avatar
Just click on ur llama badge, then on the right side you see offers of people who give points for a llama :D Click give llama and voila, points :D
N-o-X-i-S18's avatar
Oh!!! That points? I gave you some time ago!!!!:D:D:D
MyBurningEyes's avatar
Huh really?! :omg: I cant find you in the list :?
N-o-X-i-S18's avatar
But I did gave you! I'm sure!:confused:
MyBurningEyes's avatar
How bizr :omg: Well have some :D
N-o-X-i-S18's avatar
MyBurningEyes's avatar
Chack ya messages :nod:
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ScarletWarmth's avatar
Thats very sweet of you.:) Ypu have been delighted to work with. I never forget with your generosity.:) Great idea.
MyBurningEyes's avatar
Bit commercial for my being but i just need some points, but it's going pretty well, i almost have enough points :) Can i make some new features again, i like to give some recognition to other artists there are a lot of unsees but talanted artists around! :)
Lou-in-Canada's avatar
nice idea, I'm in :w00t:
MyBurningEyes's avatar
Cool thanks a lot! :D
MyBurningEyes's avatar
Vampy-note's avatar
Oh wow! Thank you :la:
RaBBiTKa's avatar
Good luck on your mission! :excited:
MyBurningEyes's avatar
Thank you, it's going pretty well! :D
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