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Super Mario Shrooms



You can find poster 2 here:… :dummy:
Poster nr 3 here:… :dummy:
And poster nr. 4 here:…
And poster nr. 5 here:…

The shrooms are for sale, for more info send me a note or mail with the subject 'Shrooms' or something like that too: :dummy:

I was looking in an old magazine when i saw the shroom from super mario. Thought it would be fun to make some new ones :) Don't know what the effect will be if you get one like darth vader (mario with a lightsaber and asthma?) Well, hope you like it :)
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I think this is pretty well drawn. Slight mistake on the Luigi mushroom; he has a straight haired mustache, as opposed to curly like Mario's. Really the only mistake I found; this is a amazing piece. Incredibly creative, and I love the entire thing.
Nice job. Perhaps I'll order myself a poster.
A nice touch to the artwork were the different fonts of writing to each mushroom, giving them their own style. I especially love the HOLY shroom. It's placement in the second row is perfect.
All and all, a wonderful piece of artwork anyone would love to say they created.