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Pokemon fusion - Magnechu



The second Pokémon fusion i've made! :dummy:

It's a Magnechu, a mix between Magnemite and Pikachu :giggle:

Hope you like it!

If you have suggestions for the next one just leave me a comment! :)

There is a CreepyPasta with this, which you can find here --->…

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I must admit that the art style of this piece is quite astounding! It looks so lifelike, as if staring directly at you!
Speaking of staring, that is pretty much one of the only things wrong with it. While the eye is a nice touch, I can't help but think there was a bit too much in the "bloodshot" department...
The other problem with this piece is the fur. It is nice to give it the "realistic" feel, but there IS such a thing as "too realistic"!
In general, I found this work to be rather intriguing! For anyone a fan of such art like this: You will NOT be disappointed!