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The Princess Bridle Fingerpaint

My submission for the Newbie Artist Training Grounds III on Equestria Daily.

The prompt for day 22 was to draw a pony in a competition or a pony dueling. Here we have a ponified version of the "Battle of Wits" between Vizzini and Westley from The Princess Bride. It's a mental duel, so I suppose it fits the prompt. This fingerpainting is based on this scene from the film.…

Painted with my finger in the Picasso drawing application on an LG Lucid smartphone.

Comments are welcome and appreciated.
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Getting a little ambitious here, recreating the shot in all its fingerpainted glory.
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In short: That's how I roll.

In long: I don't see much point in doing things halfway. If I can recreate this scene by scribbling on the screen of a phone, I'm going to go whole hog and do the thing to the best of my ability. Also, the more detail I put into a piece, the more likely it is that it will be recognizable without the aid of a description, which is one of my goals.