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Ain't Got No

I really, really love this shot. :I

It's Fuji FP-100C shot through a Polaroid 220 Land Camera (manufacture date of 1967), in ambient light. The contrast came out stunning, as it tends to on wide apertures with the FP film, and the colour range is delicious and really captures the essence of the piano.

I developed it cold, then threw it under a heater for a couple minutes to finish the process when I got impatient.

Edited, a few years later, to add that Moonbeam13 inherited the original of this photo a while back. It is one of the few frames I've given to a friend. I don't even like to sell to friends, much less give to friends, but she is among the most badass of the badass motherfuckers and as such she earned it.
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I can imagine dear Nina here :heart:
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I absolutely LOVE this :worship: The tones came out delicious :drool:
I swear doing the cold to hot developing with the FP films brings out the contrast way better than normal development at ambient temps :heart:
so going on my wishlist!
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often, and well.
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<_< i'll record it and post it somewhere and link you.
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My mom used to have one of these pianos.
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Me too, but we had to sell it when we moved. :(
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And I really, really love this shot too:D polaroid and piano in one shot, couldn't be any better!
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