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DnD Group Portrait Commission

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I was recently commissioned to illustrate a D&D group as a gift for their DM. They are playing in a Japanese and Chinese inspired fantasy setting which made designing their costumes and armour so much fun. I loved capturing the details and personalities of each of the players’ characters.

From left to right: Shaylynn Galascient a Sunrise High Elf Eldritch Knight armed with her magical flaming long sword, Sora Loarn a human monk martial artist and archer, General Vandrar Bloodtørst a Hill Dwarf Paladin heavily armed with ranseur, warhammer and short javelins and holding his sacred Forever Stone, Maki is a perky human Warlock equipped with her Robe of Useful Things and her treasured Book of Shadows, Thrym is a Therian Rogue a charming thief with trusty Rope of Climbing, daggers, goblin bow and cleaver.

Copic Mulitiliner pens (.003 -3.0) on A3 Bristol board.


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This is amazing, how much would something like this cost?
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Fantastic details and line art
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Que hace ahí un zora?