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EBC - Moran the Dedicated

"As a child you would wait
And watch from far away
But you always knew that you'd be the one
That work while they all play

In youth you'd lay
Awake at night and scheme
Of all the things that you would change
But it was just a dream!

Here we are, don't turn away now,
We are the warriors that built this town!"

-Warriors, Imagine Dragons

:fire:  BASICS 

Full name — Moran

Nickname(s) — Moron, Mor

Gender — Male

Sexuality — Heretosexual

Species — Jaguar (Panthera Onca, 95%/ Mixed Breeds, 5%)

Rank — Apprentice

Birthday — 12th August 44 BC

Age — XI (11) months (as of 11/7/18)


Height — 75 cm (above average)

Weight — 94 kg (above average)

Length — 110 cm + 65 cm tail is 175 cm total (above average)

Figure/build — stocky, thick legs perfect for climbing, crawling and swimming, quite muscular and a little chubby

Fur colour/style — tawny fur, with darker rosettes on flanks, merging to solid dark brown spots over face, underbelly, legs and tail. Fur is thin and sleek, well cared for and shiny.

Eye colour — green-yellow

Genetics —

Dominant (AA)

Light underbelly, dark tail-tip, tawny coat, jaguar rosettes, dark nose, double-toned pelt

Recessive (aa)

Dorsal stripe, jaw marking/unusual spot-gathering, green eyes, short tail, toe spots

Carrier (Aa)

Melanism, heterochromia, large paws, long tail, light paws, red fur, marbled nose

Scars/marks — none yet, splotch on jaw and x marking on right side of face

Accessories — none, they would get in the way


Double, silver shoulder-guards (both sides), one arm guard (right front leg), leather band/sling holding three belly-plates in place, one chest guard connected to the belly-plates, two back-leg guards on each leg, at the first and second sections but not on the limb. Shoulder plates, arm-guard and leg-guards held in place by leather strap, bottom leg-guard has sheep wool on it to prevent chafing. 


The leather band has flames engraved near the bottom and the bounty hunter symbol on the right side.


Quiet & Blunt

“...That's not going to work.”

Moran's first instinct is to shut his mouth and follow orders. He only speaks when asked to, or when he feels it would be better if he did respond, such as when something would endanger the plan or a person, or when he's in a conversation. This trait has been taught to him, as he is quite happy to have conversations and actually quite enjoys meeting people, but as it is inefficient and unproductive to talk, he only does so now when necessary or when he feels he can. Extra words to butter up a sentiment are also useless in his opinion, and thus drops them when he talks, getting to the point as quickly as possible.

+ Isn't abrasive or loud, straight-forward

- Harsh, doesn't speak up, comes off as not wanting company


“If you moved a little further back, and put a cub there, with a rope going from here...”

This jaguar isn't a fool. He has a sharp, inquisitive mind, and often thinks through a situation before he realises he is doing so. He tries to find the best solution for each situation, the best move, the easiest route, the most effective trap. He also realises when it's best to give in, although he is reluctant to say so. He often tries to find time to figure out how things work, and how to reinvent them.

+ Quick thinker, good at finding pitfalls

- Overthinks, doesn't speak up about things not working, hard to understand due to quick thought process

Dedicated, Obeying & Loyal

"Yes, will do sir."

Moran follows orders, no matter how he thinks they will work out. He will doggedly carry out orders until he completes them, or can't think of a way to complete them. His dedication to his higher ups verges on too much, and will often take on more than he can reasonably handle at a cost to himself. He also stays true to the people and things he cares about, although they may fall to the wayside of orders. He also has a great sense of loyalty, and finds it difficult to detach his loyalty from an undeserving leader.

+ Follows orders as best he can, can be trusted, faithful

- Will follow ill-advised orders, doesn't put himself over orders, takes on more than he can handle, puts orders above most things

Lonely & Lost

"No, it's okay, you can go. I'll keep working."

Although he craves appraisal and company, his mannerisms and dedication get in the way of this, causing him to feel isolated and lonely. His mental attitude is better when he is in bigger groups or with trusted friends, and often talks a more and feels valued. Intelligent as he is, he still hasn't figured out that he is an extrovert, and not being around people makes him sad. Moran also doesn't have a good sense of self, and thinks he is just a tool to finish a job, a brain to solve a problem or one of many cogs in a machine. As such, he thinks of this as normal, and is confused by others who have a clear sense of self and who actually take care of themselves. Anyone who makes him realise his worth and to find himself, will ultimately have control over whether he rebels or works harder, and will be a valued friend for life.

+ More positive around people, works hard

- Feels isolated and sad sometimes, no self-identity, overworks because that's his only purpose, confused by people who have "hobbies"

Harsh & Realist

“Look, we can do this the easy way or the painful way. Your choice.”

Moran has a cruel streak, even though it is shoved down most of the time. Something about seeing someone under his control or in pain switches a part of him on that just wants to see suffering and taste power. He has the potential to become sadistic and corrupt if pushed far enough. He can also lash out and be unnecessarily mean if he's particularly tired or sad. Also, he sees things as they are, and isn't afraid to share the situation to those seeing it through more positive or negative lenses.

+ Sees things as they are, works others under his control hard

- Can become sadistic and corrupt, lashes out sometimes, can come off as overly negative or uncaring

Fears/phobias — N/A

Quirks — fiddles with anything he doesn't understand, likes jumping back and forth between things

Strengths — intelligence, stamina, jumping, strength, fighting

Weaknesses — agility, stealth, speed, balance


Bullet; White = Neutral

Bullet; Blue = Friend

Bullet; Green = Close Friend

Bullet; Yellow = Attraction

Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow = Crush

Bullet; Pink = Love

Bullet; Red = Hate

Bullet; Orange = Family

Bullet; Black = Jealous

Bullet; Purple = Respect

Family –

Bullet; OrangeBullet; Pink // Mother – Berengaria

"I hope you're doing alright, Mother. I do wish I could see you again, and you could see how well I'm going."
Bullet; OrangeBullet; PinkBullet; Purple // Father – Chrysaor (deceased)

"I miss you Papa. You're my inspiration, and I hope I can be at least half the cat you were."
Bullet; OrangeBullet; White // Brother – Aeron
"I think of you sometimes. I wish you would realise what was going on around you."
Bullet; OrangeBullet; White // Sister – Akeldama
"You were a good sister. Even though you were small. I wonder if you are less small now."

Friends –

None yet

Training –

Past Mentor(s): None

Mentor: None

Current Apprentice: None

Past Apprentice: None

Romantic –

Crush: None

Mate: None

Cub(s): None

:fire:  OTHER

Fighting Style — getting on top of opponents, overpowering, biting, cracking bones, knocking onto floor

Weaknesses in combat — claws and blow for blow, dodging, quick combat, changing directions frequently, multiple enemies

Strengths in combat — biting, brute strength, knocking opponents over or getting on top of them

History — All was quiet in the dark room. A few candles flickered in the corner, softly illuminating the room. A mother, lying on her side, curled over three squirming bundles of warmth, and a still one. A father, sitting beside her, posture perfect and watching for disturbances, although there were none.

Satisfied, the father leaned over, eyes squinting to make out the individual shapes. 

"They're certainly lively," he commented, nuzzling his mate.

"And hungry," she added, feeling them suckling against her.

"What are you naming them?"

"This one is Aeron. The little girl is Akeldama, and that one is Moran."

Moran's parents were bred together, although they did become good friends and closer because of it. His father belonged to Adolphus, a well-off merchant who took care of his guards. Adolphus had bought the use of Berengaria's womb for cubs, of which he would keep the best as a guard when Chrysaor passed, which wasn't too long after Moran's birth. Of the three cubs, Aeron had his head in the clouds and didn't respond well to training, Akeldama was quite weak and small, leaving Moran, the intelligent and easily-trained to be the guard of Adolphus' wares after Chrysaor's death. Moran missed his parents, his mother's kindness and his father's likeness to himself, but he put his entire being into his tasks, guarding Adolphus' wares when Adolphus wasn't watching them himself. He was happy with his lifestyle, although growing sadder with each lonely, passing month. 

Moran grew stronger, more intelligent and garnered the attention of the governor, who asked about the cat who sat patiently and alertly for hours on end outside a door. Moran was then selected for the hunters, where he was given the apprentice role. Now eager to please, he aims to capture the entirety of the empires and let no coliseum fighters escape again. However, Adolphus was not keen to let up his best guard, and so Moran works with the hunters when they require him, and guards Adolphus' wares when he isn't, leaving little time to sleep for the jaguar.

:fire:  RP RELATED

EP Balance: 0

Wanted Status: N/A

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