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The blueprint of... is an article serie where we’re taking a closer look on an Artisan Crafts deviation and how it's made.

Today we are dissecting Duct Tape Queen Of Hearts by DuckTapeBandit

Duct Tape Queen Of Hearts by DuckTapeBandit Ductapian Ruff by DuckTapeBandit QoH Sneak Preview by DuckTapeBandit

First off, please introduce yourself?

My name is Amanda Richardson but here I am called Duckie or the DuckTapeBandit. I am a duct tape artist, never heard of it? I'm not surprised.
I do more than make wallets and purses from the sticky silver stuff, I make art. I do it all, from recreating famous paintings to clothing to crafting life like flowers from the many colours that duct tape is now offered in.

I am 22 years old and have been making duct tape creations for the past two years. I live in the United States in the state of Ohio. I actually grew up in Avon Lake, Ohio which is about a 10 minute drive from Duck Brand Duct Tape headquarters in Avon, Ohio. It must be fate.

Please explain what we are viewing.

What you are looking at in this deviation is a dress entirely crafted from duct tape. The corset, the skirt, the crown, the scepter, and the ruff are all made from duct tape. I made this dress to be entered into the Duck Brand Stick or Treat Contest in October 2008, I took second in that contest.

Can you describe for a layman how it’s made?

For every duct tape dress I make I start off with a sketch of how I want the finished product to look. With the queen of hearts dress I went through a good section of my sketch book trying to figure out the design of the skirt. From the beginning I had a pretty solid idea of how I wanted the corset to come out but I kept trying to add too much to the skirt. I eventually came up with a sketch close to what you see as my finished product.

The crown is made of two different gauges of wire which were wrapped in chrome or red duct tape and then bent into shape and duct taped together. I did basically the same process with the scepter.

The "ducttapian ruff" did not turn out how I originally planned. I had planned on the ruff being worn all the way around the neck and laying flat not standing up on the back of the neck. With the ruff I stuck the tape together so that it would fold like an accordion. After I got the length I wanted of accordion folded tape I took a sewing needle and thread and strung it through the bottom of the ruff so that the bottom (part worn closest around neck) was tighter than the top. The ruff is not attached to the dress in anyway its meant just to sit on your neck and shoulders.

The corset is actually made from a pattern. I cut the pattern out of lightweight fabric, sometimes I even use old bedsheets. I then cover the fabric in industrial strength duct tape then coloured duct tape. For the queen of hearts corset I wove black and red duct tape together to make a checkerboard pattern, I then used a stencil to cut out the duct tape hearts that fit into each square of the checkerboard pattern. Finally I used a hole punch to make holes for the laces.

The skirt was not made from a pattern, I had a hoop skirt I planned to wear under the dress so I took measurements from that. First I cut the skirt out of fabric, I then covered it in white duct tape. After the skirt was covered in white tape I cut out all my different sized black and red duct tape hearts and placed them on the skirt one section at a time. Next I took 5 rectangular pieces of fabric and covered them in red duct tape and bunched up either end to create
a draping effect. After the draped pieces were attached to the skirt it stilled looked a little plain to me so I cut out the scrolling vine detail in black duct tape and placed in in between each section of the skirt.

Duct Tape Queen Of Hearts by DuckTapeBandit Ductapian Ruff by DuckTapeBandit QoH Sneak Preview by DuckTapeBandit

What tools did you use?

When working on this dress I used an exacto knife, needle nose pliers, 2 different sized wire cutters, a cutting board, scissors, stencils, a sewing needle and thread. I have a small work shop that I usually make all my duct tape flowers and purses in but this dress was way too big to spread out and work on in there so I ended up using my living room to work on it.

What was your inspiration in creating this?

I suppose there wasn't an real inspiration for making this dress. I had just finished moving into my new house and had found out about Duck Duct Tape's annual Halloween Stick or Treat costume contest and I only had 2 weeks left to get my entry in. So the first two days was pure brainstorming for a costume that I could put my own spin on and I came up with the queen of hearts. I love Alice in Wonderland but I'm not really a fan of the queen of hearts but I knew that I could change up her costume to my liking and people would still be able to recognize her as the queen of hearts.

How long time did it take you to make this?

I regret that I didn't log the hours it took me to make this dress but I had to make it in under two weeks. My guess would be probably close to 80 hours.

Duct Tape Queen Of Hearts by DuckTapeBandit Ductapian Ruff by DuckTapeBandit QoH Sneak Preview by DuckTapeBandit

Did you run into anything unexpected while creating?

I did run into a few small problems when making the dress. My biggest mistake was when I was doing my measurements for the skirt, somehow one of my numbers got doubled. Lucky for me it was all when I was cutting out the fabric so I didn't waste a ton of duct tape and time on this mistake I just had to go back and cut down each of my pattern pieces. One of my other mistakes was when I was cutting out the fabric for the corset I accidentally made 2 of the same piece and I didn't notice until I thought I had the corset done and went to put it together and realized I was missing a piece and had too many of another piece. Oops.

Are you happy with the result?

I'm thrilled with the result. At first I had my doubts but after taking second place in the costume contest and winning a DD here on DA I would have to say any doubt I had in the dress has been washed away.

Sorry to interrupt the interview, just felt I needed to address that you don't win a DD, it's not a prize - it's a feature by the Gallery Moderators, please read FAQ #61: What is a Daily Deviation? & FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?

Where have you learnt your skills in this area?

Everything with this craft is self taught, I don't think there are many other ways to learn how to make duct tape art and duct tape dresses yet. Although it helps that I've been involved in art programs most of my life and I have been sewing since I was 8 years old.

Duct Tape Queen Of Hearts by DuckTapeBandit Ductapian Ruff by DuckTapeBandit QoH Sneak Preview by DuckTapeBandit

Do you take your own photos? Any tips you want to share for presenting your work?

Yes, I take most of my own photos, the exception being when I am modeling a dress then I have to butter up my boyfriend to take the photos for me. Photography isn't one of my strong points but when I take my photos I try to make sure there is either something appealing in the background that compliments the subject of the photograph or I just take the photo against a white backdrop. Lighting is always a biggie especially when photographing duct tape because it is so shiny
its really hard to get a decent picture that doesn't have glare everywhere. I usually take multiple photos with different types of lighting to see what works best for the shot I'm trying to get.

What is the best tip you can give to others wanting to test this craft/material/technique?

Don't get frustrated when the tape isn't doing what you want. Also You'll most likely have to learn everything by trial and error because there aren't many tutorials or books on this craft. There are a few tutorials that can get you started on the duck tape club website

Are you selling your work?

Yes, I have an etsy account where I sell my duct tape flowers and purses
you can also find information on purchasing my products on my website`

:thumb99929823: QoH Corset II by DuckTapeBandit QoH Corset by DuckTapeBandit

Pink Owl Purse by DuckTapeBandit Rainbow Sunflower by DuckTapeBandit Duct Tape Bat by DuckTapeBandit Duct Tape Pumpkin by DuckTapeBandit
New Purses by DuckTapeBandit Duct Tape Sunflower by DuckTapeBandit Duct Tape Butterfly Hair Clip by DuckTapeBandit Calla lily bouquet II by DuckTapeBandit

Thank you DuckTapeBandit for participating and taking the time to answer my question!


I'd love to recive suggestions for next "victim" to interview! Note me with a link to the deviation you'd like to know more about and I'll contact the deviant.

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I loved this piece when I first saw it. It's interesting to hear how it was done. :D
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Brilliant find! Just amazing! :love:
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Great interview, I love Amanda's duck tape work, it's so unique.
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:clap: great one to interview!! Amanda is definitely a talented one! Can't believe she made all those out of duct-tape... :giggle:

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How very unique! Actually I've never heard of this being an artform :)