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Tristitched by MyAlienAbductionArt Tristitched by MyAlienAbductionArt

May 1st, 1997: 9.20 pm: Cloaked triangle over Farnborough: I heard the pulse sound of the cloaked triangle again, as clear as you like; so, I put my shoes on, grabbed my camera and went outside and determined that the craft had now moved further over towards Fernhill School; I ran down the road quickly and could just make out its lights in the distance through the trees of the school grounds; I squeezed through the fence of the grounds and furiously began snapping pictures with my camera; I tried to remain as calm as I could, and shot the faint outline of this craft, taking picture-after-picture, frantically winding-on after each exposure, as it began moving back and forth to Hawley Estate and then on a reverse journey to the school again - with it taking in the Manor house on the way as it turned.

I could not make out any fuselage at all on this object, yet I could see that it was triangular in shape and completely equilateral from its three lights, one of each, which were positioned at what I assume were its corners.

The craft then quickly flew off to the East and was lost from view.

2 of my photos came out well, but the rest were blurred and blank; I will now describe what these successful captures show...

They are pretty sharp and blur-free which is a miracle in itself, considering the only very basic, fixed-focus camera that I could afford back then; the best of the pair reveal 2 clear, bright orange lights at the corners of the craft and a third object making up the perfect triangle at its other corner, that I can only describe as looking like a ball of iron filings on a magnet with a tail - which was a pale orange color!

The other shot shows similar - but with one of its corner lights reduced to a pin-prick, and again the 'iron filings' ball, (inverted commas) exactly the same minus its 'tail', with the 3-cornered assemblage having turned several degrees while in flight.

Clearly, this craft was cloaked, save for the sound and its few corner trace giveaways.

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