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Mind Scan Man by MyAlienAbductionArt Mind Scan Man by MyAlienAbductionArt

As an artist, I have painted the abductions taking place; the aliens always used the same procedure; firstly, a large part of the wall would light up; this was a portal; then a black, cowled figure, around 5ft tall, would stand to the left of the portal; this ushered-in the little Grey aliens.

There were about 7 greys in all, and each measured I would say, approximately 3ft 6ins tall.

Initially, they were quite absurd to watch, hoping and skipping, like little children around the bedroom and the bed where my daughter and I slept; but things soon became more serious when the 'mind scan man' grey (as I call him), who was about 4ft tall, would enter from the portal.

He would come up to me and start poking my legs then further up the body, before bringing his face right up to mine, staring deep into my eyes and seemingly scanning my mind with his huge black, almond-shaped eyes. (hence my title for him of 'mind-scan man').

Words can't adequately describe the horror and helplessness that I felt during those episodes: I couldn’t move my limbs, only my eyes, meaning I could see my little daughter often being lifted out of the bed by one of them while she was fast-asleep... and yet I could do nothing to protect her from what those entities intended to do.

This was drawn and painted from memory, depicting the early stages of a typical bedroom abduction episode; this shows a cowled figure ushering in the greys, through what I assume, is a dimensional portal.

Note the reflection in the mirror of my little daughter being carried off.

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