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Brand New Abduction Jumper Prior to Destruction by MyAlienAbductionArt Brand New Abduction Jumper Prior to Destruction by MyAlienAbductionArt

So, I put another jumper on and made the journey to the church; as much as I loved our class full of children, I don't know how I got through the evening; well, in fact I do, as I was lifted in prayer, and it does work!

I got back home exhausted; Sally was already in bed and in a short time so was I, except I was too frightened to go to sleep, because I kept thinking about my injuries and the mystery jumper stains.

Just minutes into my trying to solve this riddle, I started to get mental flashbacks; one after another, going back through a timeline... right back to the bedroom visitors!

For anyone joining us for the first time on this part of the recording, mental flashbacks are where abductees have sudden, usually powerful, recall of a past experience or elements of a past experience.

The timeline I saw, was of me being taken in the field when I was 5, by a tortoise-faced being, (which I now assume was a reptilian) with me dressed up in a distinctive Tom Boy suit that I used to wear, which had been created by Mother from hand-me-down clothes... with patches on the elbows etc.; of course, that was an episode which I have already partly covered in a much earlier chapter of this book to maintain a fairly accurate chronology of events; but this replay wasn't just a vague recollection like before... it was so vivid; it was as if I was re-living it all yet again!

I watched these flashbacks of visitations and being taken onboard the alien craft, as if I was being shown a film; these visuals illustrated well, just how these clever Aliens had interacted with me throughout the whole of my life; they had replayed this to me for some unfathomable reason, but it affected me psychologically, to such an extent that I was in a near mental breakdown state.

The next feature was this latest abduction which is corroborated by the severe bruising on my arm; but just how that all fits in with the jumper left me confused; I now remember being on their ship, I recall them sticking things into my flesh... perhaps the stained jumper was the aliens twisted way of leaving me a ghastly souvenir of their exploits... I simply do not know.

Because I had Sally, wallowing in self-pity and despair wasn't an option; I had to get through this... somehow. 

2005: This Morning interview regards stained abduction jumper

In 2005 I appeared on the This Morning programme with Phillip Schofield and Fern Britton.

This was a special live from Olympia featuring the Ideal Home Show; in another segment, I was interviewed concerning my UFO sightings and alien reports, with UFO skeptic Bryan Appleyard sitting next to me.

To cut a long story short, the show was very cynical and one-sided, and I wasn't given much of a chance to air my story; but one important fact that I did manage to get across, was when Phillip asked me 'well, Hilary, have you got any had evidence to back up your claims?' at which point I explained about my jumper with the mysterious stains on it and its connection to an abduction scenario that I endured. Mr. Schofield replied something to the effect of... 'great Hilary, send it in to us, we would love get this analyzed for you'.

He walked right into that one!

So, I thanked Phillip for his offer, and did as he asked - submitted the jumper to This Morning for their attention - and when it was received I was told that the item would be forwarded to a physicist for some experiments to be performed on it - for which I had to sign a disclaimer allowing them to remove samples in order for them to be forensically tested for sign of radiation etc. etc... which I did.

I waited 7 weeks for its return only to be shocked at how someone, (presumably, someone in a white coat), had cut away the most important area - the large, fused stain which had perfectly corresponded to the bruise and distended veins on my arm following the possible alien intervention that I mentioned in my 10th October 1994 diary entry.

The evidence had now been mostly destroyed, only for them to inform me that they couldn't find anything unusual on there at all; naturally I was left fuming at such incompetence... or even deceit.

But here's the twist; from what little staining that still remained - I used my initiative and commissioned an independent analysis to be conducted on the garment by a Professional Forensic Science Company using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy... and guess what? surprise, surprise... this time, I was informed that the sample they had tested revealed slightly higher than normal background radiation within its weave! I even have a printout of the report that they sent me somewhere.

Not bad after more than a decade!

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