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Ground Trace 1997

It was a very wet June 1997: As actors, we were meeting on our usual Monday evenings at the Mytchett Centre; we were working on a play, but something kept taking my eye over in the sports field; so, at 10 pm when the evening rehearsals finished, I went straight over to see what was there; I was totally gobsmacked; it would appear that the triangle had made a landing on the field in the last few days, leaving a perfect, massive  imprint on the ground; I slept in fits-and -starts all night, and was up early; and while my husband was still at home, I ventured back to the Mytchett Centre playing field; most of the entrance gates were locked  at this early hour, but luckily, the side gate was left open for some reason, so I went across to the ground trace.

First thing I noticed upon close examination was that the soil was slightly lighter inside than the surrounding soil; also, some of the grass and weeds had grown at least twice as fast around the ground trace in just a few days; that was one of the unusual aspects that first attracted my attention while working in the hall and looking out across the grounds, having seen several examples of rapid plant growth of plant inside some crop circles; you can see the photographs showing the unusual growth over a period of about one month; and there it remained, until the mowers did their job.

Another thing that impressed me were its dimensions... it looked a perfect match! Camera... snaps... in the bag, then out of there... before the caretaker or someone spotted this well-intentioned trespasser.  

May 1st, 1997: 9.20 pm: Cloaked triangle over Farnborough: I heard the pulse sound of the cloaked triangle again, as clear as you like; so, I put my shoes on, grabbed my camera and went outside and determined that the craft had now moved further over towards Fernhill School; I ran down the road quickly and could just make out its lights in the distance through the trees of the school grounds; I squeezed through the fence of the grounds and furiously began snapping pictures with my camera; I tried to remain as calm as I could, and shot the faint outline of this craft, taking picture-after-picture, frantically winding-on after each exposure, as it began moving back and forth to Hawley Estate and then on a reverse journey to the school again - with it taking in the Manor house on the way as it turned.

I could not make out any fuselage at all on this object, yet I could see that it was triangular in shape and completely equilateral from its three lights, one of each, which were positioned at what I assume were its corners.

The craft then quickly flew off to the East and was lost from view.

2 of my photos came out well, but the rest were blurred and blank; I will now describe what these successful captures show...

They are pretty sharp and blur-free which is a miracle in itself, considering the only very basic, fixed-focus camera that I could afford back then; the best of the pair reveal 2 clear, bright orange lights at the corners of the craft and a third object making up the perfect triangle at its other corner, that I can only describe as looking like a ball of iron filings on a magnet with a tail - which was a pale orange color!

The other shot shows similar - but with one of its corner lights reduced to a pin-prick, and again the 'iron filings' ball, (inverted commas) exactly the same minus its 'tail', with the 3-cornered assemblage having turned several degrees while in flight.

Clearly, this craft was cloaked, save for the sound and its few corner trace giveaways.



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Hilary Porter
United Kingdom
If you wish to make contact regarding my art and/or my alien experiences please use this email address;


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