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Done as sub for slashTHREE’s 30th century pack.
Check the whole pack here:
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Shared on my Facebook :thumbsup: 
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Wooooooot :)Nice Nice Nice O_O
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Hello there! I featured your amazing photomanipulation work here with full credits and descriptions.

Please let me know if you don't like to be listed in that article, I'll remove your work immediately! Thanks and one more time - amazing work! :) :+fav:
Are you kidding me! How someone can be not pleased if his work got featured?
Great selection of works btw!
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There are different people and actually I just wrote so you would be aware of that showcase and spotlight :) Thank you for you feedback! :) Again great work! :)
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cool man.. are you do that only with Ps? hehe nice!
of course! if interested in more detailed explanation just ask, I'll try to answer
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waa thanks man!
thanks for helping me understand how your arts made hehehe :D
have you been to my blog [link]

On first page there are series of photoshop breakdowns. Check them out.
I'm putting 1 new breakdown per week, and I have in plans to post Cartoonoportation breakdown as well.

Really, check it out, it IS interesting!
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im cheking it out man :)
i visited yesterday.. and now i now that is your blog hehe :D
nice man!
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I love the whimsical flow of this. It's a nice touch starting with the watercolor look before she teleports ;) I'd like to see the more expensive modes of teleportation now :p

Beautiful work!
aha it is so cool idea! maybe in near future I will continue teleportation pics. funny, why this simple idea not came to me along with idea for this pic...
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If you do more tele-pics, what other modes of transportation would you do? Maybe other media like oil paint, vector art or airbrushing?
Furthering the series would also lend insight into your idea behind this one ;)
I love mixed media, so I will use pencil drawing with photo footages. As for teleportation types, well, I have to think about. First one will be teleportation:failed, with face stuck inside wall.
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здорово :)
мне очень нравится!)
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just wondering where you got the stock image from?

great work
hard question, have a lot of those in our studio, from different collections. And because all ditectories are putted in one place its kinda hard to tell now. I'll try to find it out thou
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very very nice work dude!!!!
Thank you! A little bit trendy to be honest, BUT! Concept is there!

Here is story of this one:
Cartoonoportation was accidentally discovered by Disney Science Research Group in 2567 as cheapest way of teleportation, based on transforming objects into cartoons.

How do you think should I add this nonsense to pic description?
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another lovely one
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I love the conceptualism in this picture, you worked it out so well :clap:
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