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Pansexual Pride (F2U)

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how is pansexual different from bisexual ? O.o

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bi is 2+ genders where pan is regardless of gender

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Shut your yaps

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really? im trans and im pan, so how does that work?

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a yes, I, a panromantic asexual demi-girl and my best friend an ftm pansexual are definitely transphobes.

Also, bisexual/biromantic means to like all genders but have a preference, or to gravitate to one gender more than others, pansexual/panromantic means to like all genders with no preference, you like just because of someone's personality. When you're bi, you can love anyone, but it's possible to only love someone because of their appearance. I felt like clarifying that since you obviously don't know a fucking thing, homophobe.
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no were not, wtf

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Being pansexual is that you are attracted to people regardless of their gender, it is the same as being bisexual. In the Bisexual manifesto of 1990 (I think) it is clarified that the term refers to the attraction to your gender and the rest, not to men and women. That is why "pansexuality" makes no sense. Bisexuality stopped being binary for many years.

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broe just let people identify how they want
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Ok, but they are bisexual. [F2U] Biromantic/Bisexual Flag Emoticon [Animated]

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some people have preferences. stop being so panphobic and maybe i'll leave you alone
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The only preference there is is to be called "Pansexual" or "Bisexual", since both are equal, what I do not like is that they believe they ARE different.

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let people live their fucking life, you lady eating potatoes
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There is a polyamory pride you can do? uwu
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