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Asexual Pride (f2u)

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Asexual: Not experiencing sexual attraction
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What is the thumbcode?

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How do I use this? I don't believe there's thumb codes available anymore.

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using.probs even on multiple sites.

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sorry how can i use this icon?

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Can any one explain to me what asexual is ? It's where you're attracted to no right? 
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you aren't sexually attracted to people but you can still have romantic relationships, unless you're also aromantic
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Oh alright ! Thanks for the explanation !
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No problem, happy to help!
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How do you use this?
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just paste the thumb code uvu
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How can u use this
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what does it mean Asexual
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it means you don't like sex and/or don't feel sexually attracted towards anyone

although they could want to be in a romantic relationship (but not always)
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i feel stupid for asking i only know out 2-3 of what they mean
what does asexual mean?
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It means you have no interest in sexual activity or lack sexual feelings.
Also, for the other comment, I think that's aromantic and not asexual.
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