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:COMMISSION: AynTheSmolBean by MizuuHime
:COMMISSION: Mewls 2 by MizuuHime
:COMMISSION: Mewls 1 by MizuuHime
:COMMISSION: Primarella by MizuuHime

Mature Content

Whimsy T.M. version by Throneofsouls
Sightseeing in the caverns by Throneofsouls
Rainbow Cornucopia by Throneofsouls

Mature Content

The spirit of water by Throneofsouls
tree by Tiroko
Seal by allison731
Lady of Horns by ExcaliburBlade
Fly away to your dreams by Zaiav
Photography 2
Io sono la ferita che diventa feritoia by baroquedoll
...cio' che non puo' essere dissolto by baroquedoll
I can win it all by baroquedoll
On wings of storm by baroquedoll
Fan Art 2
Supervillain by Emerald--Weapon
Lady Eboshi by mariaskoll
Ling Xiaoyu x Rikku by Emerald--Weapon
D`arve by Rina-Li
Fan Art
Yang (RWBY) by CherryInTheSun
Ruby, Weiss and Zwei (RWBY) by CherryInTheSun
Sonic Team - XMAS THEME!!!! by sarahlouiseghost
Demon Hunters Chapter 8 Page 9-10 by darthmanga
Demon Hunters Chapter 8 Page 7-8 by darthmanga
Demon Hunters Chapter 8 Page 5-6 by darthmanga
Demon Hunters Chapter 8 Page 3-4 by darthmanga
Vaclav Koller by AkubakaArts
Yae and momiji manju sketch (genshin impact) by VishKeks
Guard on Duty TG Animation by cchimeras
Jewelry Ishtar - FGO by NeileenRe
Digital Art
Star Fairy by MizuuHime
Kellog's Fairytale Crunches by GothicRaine1712
attractive shiny creations by Andrea1981G
Dexter #39 by TheSmilingPsycho
Traditional 2
Smooth operator by comteskyee
Emma Watson WIP by Juliette-Capulet
Digital 2
Protoby by Axel-Ray
Crafts and Jewelry
Resin charms of Yo-Yo balloons (water balloons) by NagiSpider
Traditional 3
Mecha-Daisy (Transformations) by JayZeeTee16
Digital 3
Pharao by Pa-Bu
Summer Sun Contest
BTS Jeon Jungkook by Yoshica
For budding artists
Ride On by Sturdyman
Digital 4
You Belong to Me by AkubakaArts

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:bulletgreen:We promote very unique kind of art. Everybody has different styles and talent. This is a group made specially for this. With your help we will make this group go from ordinary to extraordinary!
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Sep 28, 2010


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Art Collection

5,678 Members
3,991 Watchers
133,190 Pageviews

Our Rules

You can submit to featured, but submit your BEST because that's the only place we seem to have quality control~!

:censored: Nothing with the Mature Filter ON

:explosion: No Violent or Gore artwork

:police: No art theft, if you do then we will find you and destroy you~!(well report you)
:mib: Be Warned!

:nod: Be a good citizen, and submit to the right folder!

:( If you must remove your art from our gallery, please tell us before doing so.

:damphyr: So, very simple rules, follow'em and you'll be Super Cool members!
Hey guys, an inactive (at least on dA in general) cofounder here. Forgot I even had the position... I don't even remember why I got it to be honest.

Anyway, it's very likely that everyone else listed on the page has done so, too. Or they remade. Or left without a trace somewhere between 2013 and 2014, apparently.

Either way, nobody has looked at anything in this group for years, and the only reason I noticed was because I submitted something and thought, "hey, I don't remember anyone posting here lately." So, yeah.

Might as well ask whether any of you are interested in reviving this pile of rancid garbage; I should be able to appoint co-founders, after all. (I sure hope so...) Drop a quick message under this entry if you are feeling up to it. Only thing I ask is.... don't be an asocial dong like me so it stays that way, alright?

Will need at least... two people, but I'd rather have 5 or 6, just to make sure that submissions do get accepted or rejected in time (3 up/downvotes are needed on each deviaton). Godspeed, children.
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We are the people who love you, and support you. We're here for you and always will be...




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