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bow tie kittie by SsCrescentpawsS bow tie kittie :iconsscrescentpawss:SsCrescentpawsS 10 2 OTA [3/4 open] by SsCrescentpawsS OTA [3/4 open] :iconsscrescentpawss:SsCrescentpawsS 6 11 Untitled by SsCrescentpawsS Untitled :iconsscrescentpawss:SsCrescentpawsS 6 0 ... by SsCrescentpawsS ... :iconsscrescentpawss:SsCrescentpawsS 14 2 31 by SsCrescentpawsS 31 :iconsscrescentpawss:SsCrescentpawsS 10 0 30 by SsCrescentpawsS 30 :iconsscrescentpawss:SsCrescentpawsS 8 0 29 by SsCrescentpawsS 29 :iconsscrescentpawss:SsCrescentpawsS 6 0 Untitled by SsCrescentpawsS Untitled :iconsscrescentpawss:SsCrescentpawsS 5 1 Untitled by SsCrescentpawsS Untitled :iconsscrescentpawss:SsCrescentpawsS 8 3 28 by SsCrescentpawsS 28 :iconsscrescentpawss:SsCrescentpawsS 8 0 More adopts! [2/4 open] by SsCrescentpawsS More adopts! [2/4 open] :iconsscrescentpawss:SsCrescentpawsS 9 6 27 by SsCrescentpawsS 27 :iconsscrescentpawss:SsCrescentpawsS 9 0 ? by SsCrescentpawsS ? :iconsscrescentpawss:SsCrescentpawsS 10 3 marker doodles by SsCrescentpawsS marker doodles :iconsscrescentpawss:SsCrescentpawsS 8 3 wot wot tea by SsCrescentpawsS wot wot tea :iconsscrescentpawss:SsCrescentpawsS 17 7 26 by SsCrescentpawsS 26 :iconsscrescentpawss:SsCrescentpawsS 11 0



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Professional Procrastinator
United States

My newfound religion.

Welcome! Usually to the left you'll see a code I'm working on. Feel free to suggest a code theme! If you have any questions or problems, feel free to note me. My codes require no credit and all of the deviations link back.You can change anything in my codes, use them as bases for your codes, etc.

Other account:


Awesome people:


Code commissions:

Code commissions [OPEN]Hey guys! I'm back. I'll be very gradually returning to a normal amount of activity, so please be patient while I start working on commissions. Thank you!
I can make a non core code for you for no more than 20 :points:! Just note me or comment here! Just give me a general theme and what elements you'd like in it, including a friends and art status list, links, youtube videos, to-do lists, progress lists, waiting-on lists, stamps, and more! It'll be in my style of coding. When I'm done, I'll have the code on my profile and you can tell me any changes you'd like :D Then I'll note you it. We can base it on anything, including one of your ocs. It'll never exceed 20 points, but could range from 10-20 depending on complexity. If the price I give is too expensive, we can work something out :) If you read this far include the word apple in your comment. I'll still accept commissions that don't have this word but I know most people n

To-do: (not in order)

I'll do pointbox codes randomly and possibly turn those themes into them. There is no guarantee I'll do them, but if you like a code and want to raise it's priority, I'll definitely do it ^^ I'm also like super inconsistent so I might do a bunch not on there because I randomly come up with ideas.

Solar Sands stamp by TeleviCat Solar Sands stamp by TeleviCat Solar Sands stamp by TeleviCat

Vocaloid code
Crystal code
Butterfly code
Winter/snow code
Snail code
Cat b/w code


Should any of my codes break, please tell me, and I'll fix it as soon as I can :) If you're using a code, I'd love a comment to check out your page! I like when people change my codes, and it's fun to see what you come up with, so go nuts!

Starred codes are my top priority in the to-do list, but I put commissions first. Requests may also take a while, and there is no gaurentee I will do your request. If I do it, it'll be f2u.

Art Status:

Requests: Open
Commissions: Open

I Wish I Could Stop... by SBT-stock Atheist........ Stamp? by SARDONlCUS [Stamp] Hitler x Minion by RasAkiStamps [Stamp] Carl Wheezer x Kim Jong Un by RasAkiStamps
I Heart Music Stamp by Billy-Belynda :D by Mellow-Stamps

Side note #1: This code might look insanely messy if you're on a large screen ;-; I coded it for mobile

Side note #2: It's fine if you don't comment or if you comment on only one code but used 2 or something, I'm not gonna hunt you down, ask where it was used, etc. I try to be pretty chill. The main reasons I ask for comments is to see how popular a theme is. Peace <3


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