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You are a jerk but I like you

Comments please ^^

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More Lovarion and Jaegor! :la:
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Kermitjames16's avatar
Nice pict I can relate to this cuse im the same way you can be an absolute Jack @$$ to me but I'll still be your friends it's amazing how many enemies I've made into friends. Hey sword message me some time im always lookin for someone to chat with.
My-Sword-is-Bigger's avatar
Thank you! Personally I don't bother with jackasses, though, even if my characters do.
I like chatting too :D But generally not on Notes, it just feels too private.:shrug:
Kermitjames16's avatar
Ok so how can we communicate then if not on notes?
My-Sword-is-Bigger's avatar
Well just like, on comments like now … we're talking right? Or even on profile comments or whatever. :shrug: I dunno.
akitku's avatar
This is great! Wow, you are amazing! How did you do this?
I love how natural their movement and body language seems and their expressions. This is perfect! Also the relaxed wings are so well done! Really, this is an awesome piece of work! I love it!
My-Sword-is-Bigger's avatar
Thank you! :D I drew every frame from scratch, in GIMP. It was not fun :stare:
And thanks for noticing all the details! :icongwompplz:
blekimaru's avatar
ok, ill comment haha ^^
its always hilarious for me to see men hugging each other Giggle 
My-Sword-is-Bigger's avatar
Yay, thanks for the comment! :XD: lol I'm not sure Lovarion qualifies as a man, but close enough!
RetSamys's avatar
Curses. This is too good. And super adorable.
The wing muscles might be a bit too big in some frames compared to the rest of the frames, but otherwise, holy crap, you have a solid understanding of how hair, clothing and other material works as well as how people move. This looks incredibly complex to me. I would fail at drawing a single frame of this, yet alone a full animation.
My-Sword-is-Bigger's avatar
:iconrlyplz: Thank you so much!! Ahh good point about the wings though. I've already coloured it so I can't change it :hmm:
The frames were not fun to draw, trust me. :faint:
Jcat225's avatar
I love the expressions! :meow:
Jcat225's avatar
You're welcome! :meow:
Grumpy-Old-Snake's avatar
Ahgosh. Seeing those wings in motion and relaxed=the best thing. :squee:

...On a more considered note, this is adorable. :D And what I said about the wings applies overall! I honestly love informal interaction, I like the small details of how characters fit together (or don't!), so this is awesome. :la:

Art wise, I can't get over each individual change in their expressions as they move. I love Jaegor's openmouthed reaction in particular, and that one very brief glimpse where you can see his expression soften before he's back to stoic. I also like how Lov's head moves as he does, the different angles and such, especially the one frame where he's just barely peekig out from behind his arm.

And the hair movement and flow. That is impressive to watch, to say the least! O_o The movement overall is quite good, actually, the way their bodies shift as they adjust position and react to the impact and such.
My-Sword-is-Bigger's avatar
:squee: Ehe!

Thanks :icontardglompplz: What counts as formal and informal interaction, though?
PS. the coloured version is a lot more revealing. C:

Yay you noticed that! I was hoping someone would notice the details of their expressions - it's sort of the point of this animation. :dummy: [And yeah I think Lov's little head toss is just the cutest thing. XD]

:iconexplodelaplz: Thank you!!I had to draw each frame from scratch!
Grumpy-Old-Snake's avatar
Ah, I guess that wasn't quite the right phrasing for it. I just mean, like, day to day interaction... Sort of? Stuff that isn't necessarily during plot events I guess. Except with a character driven story that's a lot harder to define. xD

Is it? How? My first guess is blushing or something

And aah yes it is. :D

....jeeze. That must have taken forever. D: Then again, that's how animation worked for the longest time I guess! It must take dedication, to say the least. <_< Did you at least have a way to see the previous frame so you could compare positioning and stuff?
My-Sword-is-Bigger's avatar
Ah, I see. Yeah same for me, then! It's always the little moments and things that make a character. (And that's what makes a death sad, too.)

It's impossible to guess, I think. XD It's quite significant, though.

Yep, it did .-. But it actually takes around the same time as one of my still (uncoloured) pictures would. That is to say, around 1.5 days solid work. Animations don't need as much detail, you see. XD And the anatomy doesn't have to be perfect.
Each frame is just a layer on GIMP, so you can make the layer semi transparent to see the previous frame.
Grumpy-Old-Snake's avatar
It is indeed...

Haha, okay. I shall have to wait and see I guess!

Huh. I guess that makes sense. And the transparency thing is too to hear!
My-Sword-is-Bigger's avatar

Hey, so will you be trying out animations? I've already said it like, three times already, but it'd be awesome. C:
AuntKitty225's avatar
This is really cool! :D I love the expressions! Great job!!! :D

And :santa: :santa: :santa: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :santa: :santa: :santa:  :hug:
My-Sword-is-Bigger's avatar
Thank you! Merry Christmas to you too :icontardglompplz: :icongwompplz:
Moonchosen's avatar
Owwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!Chinatsu Yoshikawa (Sparkle Eyes) [V1]  Like a child hug! Lovarion is so cute!Hihi Wait for me I want to hug too!Run 
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