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First one please :D

This is for display in my featured folder. XD

In case it doesn't make sense why people do this, I think I should explain. :)

Basically, when you have a premium you have access to subfolders and buttons etc. in the folder descriptions.
I spent two days (non-stop because I have no life) arranging everything so it's easy to navigate and has snippets of info everywhere, which I've tried to keep short.

The featured folder compromises all this. When people scroll through the featured folder, they don't see any of these links or descriptions, because you can't put a description on the featured folder. Godammit. Why, deviantart, why?! D:

PS. As an extra announcement, all links in my gallery and profile page now have hover-over functions. In other words, when you hover over them a little box will appear with a snippet of related info. Sometimes a quote from the character.
That's the same case with links I make in artist description boxes. Hover over this to test it. Try me try me! :dummy:
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