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I grew up in a world
They taught me was ending.
In primary school we had two hundred years;
Bananas go extinct in fifty.
"Global warming", "sea level rise"...
I guess I won't buy a beach house.
I never planned to reach fifty

But the grass doesn't crunch on winter mornings, now.
And the news articles are full of warnings, now.
And the children after me, they're mourning, now.
And realisation's dawning
Generations too late.
Procrastination sealed our fate.
And I'm writing this from a world away,
But back home the air's thin
And the sun's red,
And my neighbours in Aussie
Are breathing cigarettes.
Depression's a trend
We've been buying for a while,
Because those with voices
Are denying it loud
That we're dying,
So we laugh about it,
It's better than crying.

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In Sydney, the air pollution is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. There are areas where it's too late to evacuate and residents are gathered on the beach, being handed life jackets. The bushfires are so huge they're creating their own weather system, causing lightning, which in turn starts more fires.

Firemen are all volunteers and receive no pay whilst they're taking time off work, and those who are unemployed have their unemployment benefits suspended because while they're busy trying to save their country, they're not applying for the required number of jobs per week.

It's pretty fucked down there.

My friends back in New Zealand have been posting updates, first of the sun turning red, and recently the entire sky turning yellow. They can smell the smoke. The shortest flight from New Zealand to Australia is 2.5 hours. It isn't close.

Consider donating. Fire services are severely underfunded.
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Scr1b3's avatar

wow this is really deep.

I miss being chill with you, and how we've grown apart.

I'm not on here anymore, but if you're ever on instagram hit me up?

My-Sword-is-Bigger's avatar

Thank you! I'm on fb and still on skype. I don't have instagram. That's too new for an old fart like me lollll

There's no winter in the european part of Russia this year. No winter in Moscow. Napoleon and Hitler are spinning in their graves.
My-Sword-is-Bigger's avatar

Too bad they didn't think to heavily pollute the atmosphere first. On a serious note though, damn, that sucks :( It was pretty warm in Lapland in Norway too (I was there when I wrote this poem and when you commented. I was there till July lol)