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...bigger version. I've made some nice renders of her. I think she likes posing... :-)
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Jan 16, 2015, 4:53:45 AM
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I particularly love this one from your delicious gallery.  The differentiator for me is the "acting", it portrays something is going on with the model, she doesn't look vacuous, her face is expressing something.  And that hood is sexy, too!  
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I generally don't like transparent latex on people, but the smoke/ tinted window color looks incredible! This render makes her mask look like a one- piece molded thick vinyl hood tailored to her face!;) (Wink) Horny! Flirtatious 
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Thank you. I've converted it for G3... There are some nice new pictures here on my harddisk and I'll post them next week.
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this is very great, looks so realistic!
simply amazing - also great mask design *.*
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A great picture.
I like that mask. ;)
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Awesome! Greeting from Hungary!
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...thank you! :-)
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Lovely work. The hood looks amazing and the depth of field is really effective.
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wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!
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I am curious how that affects eyesight.
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;-) ...I guess it's like wearing very bad sunglasses. Blurry...
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her costume makes my eyeballs svwelt.
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:-)   ...really?
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Yes.  Just looking at it make my eye water.
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I commented in general on the teaser picture.
But this larger one gives the possibility to go more into detail.
First of all you do really good models. This new (?) hood has good overall shape, but it is also full of little details like the crincles over her nose and forehead. It is also eminently practical. This hood could be manufactured IRL. That adds immensely to the picture's quality.
You also have a really nice set of shaders for the transparent latex, the leather etc. And you render beautifully. Great DOF, great posing.
What a joy to watch.
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Thank you! :-)   I'm happy that you like it!
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Love that hood. I think that you think just right =D
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Yes... ;-)   (She's a beauty)
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Impossible to disagree on that =P
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