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Wut up my wonderful members! Since we have so many members now I thought I'd write this up so everyone has a better understanding of what goes where.

Here I will talk about what can go into each folder and give examples. This journal will be updated every time a new folder is added and will be referred to every new member.

I want this group to be diverse so I am always willing to add new folders, if you have an idea for a new folder be sure to comment below ^^

Now, let's take a look at those folders!




To save time I'll talk about all the gen folders here. If a Pokemon is from Kanto submit it to the "Gen 1 - Kanto" folder. If it's from Alola or is an Alolian variant submit it to the "Gen 7 - Alola" folder. If a Pokemon is from Kalos or is a mega it goes into the "Gen 6 - Kalos" folder. Only Pokemon will go into these folders.

Sleepy Whimsicott by PretenderEnder Alolan Vulpix by KiKiD484




Any sort of base may be submitted to this. A base is art that is already drawn that you can add stuff to, like a body base that you add clothes and hair to.

Gastly, Haunter, Gengar and Mega Gengar Base by SelenaEde Pichu, Pikachu and Raichu Base by SelenaEde




This folder is for all animations, stamps, icons, or even dividers depicting Pokemon or characters from Pokemon.




Any and all characters from the games, anime, or manga may be submitted here.

Lillie resonates by MyHeartGold rocket gang!! by starspite




Any deviations (both pictures and literature) that contains overly violent or sexual themes or has the mature filter on will be submitted to this folder.

:thumb627189738: 740 Crabominable (Human) by SpokenMind93




All human Oc's go here, no Pokemon or Gijinkas. Oc = a character you have created.

Iseult Trevelyan by Alice-Writer :thumb665598817:




fc x fc, fc x canon, or canon x canon goes into this folder.

Comashipping practice by PretenderEnder It's your boy! by MyHeartGold




Original Pokemon you have created go here.

:thumb660483926: Squirtle Family by ajkent14z




All original stories and fanfics go here.

Pokemon Revival Chapter 23 Ashes of The Past(Cole POV, Five months ago)
We had just entered the house where my mate had brought our son to his playroom. He had a whole bunch of toys and when she set him down he ran over to one of them.
-Dad! Come play with me!- He was holding a stuffed animal in his beak that was in the shape of a Tediursa. Which is pretty much a little brown bear with round ears. I gave him a warm smile.
-Sure son, which one do you want me to be?- I asked him.
He looked around the room before deciding. -You be the Groudon!- He screamed. So I picked up his little stuffed toy and we began the scene.
-Mr. Groudon sir, how are you able to make mountains move?- He said moving the puppet with his little wings.
I held my stuffed animal in my hands and began, -Well little Tediursa I am able to use shock waves I make with my strong big feet and I am able to make the mountains move with them.- I said while moving my puppet.
-But what did the mountains do to you? Why move them- He asked with the puppet.
-The mountain
Pokemon Caseather Version Chapter Six
Here we are at last, at this particular point in the story.
Our three young Pokemon Trainers have finally reached Lumiose City, in order to meet up with Professor Sycamore.
Heather: Finally here, so this is Lumiose City.
Rachel: We just got here, but it looks so huge.
Heather: I did say it was Kalos's largest City. More importantly....
Casey: Let's find the Professor.
Rachel: Thanks for reminding me. But....
Heather: Finding one man in a place this vast....
Casey: Damn it.
(Casey's Holo Caster activates)
Casey: Huh?
Dexio's Voice: Glad to see you three got here safely. The Professor's waiting.
Casey: Where are you?
Dexio's Voice: Look to you're left, Sina and I can see you.
(Casey glances to the left, seeing Sina and Dexio waving)
Rachel: That was extremely easy.
Casey: Only because they were here.
(Casey deactivates his Holo Caster and the three of them join Sina and Dexio)
Sina: Professor Sycamore's Lab is straight ahead, follow us.




All pictures of two different Pokemon that have been fused into one go here.

Livestream Pokemon Fusions (Video in the Desc.) by Smudgeandfrank mimikyu / mismagius by eeluminighty




All pictures of Pokemon drawn as humans go here.

591 Amoonguss (Human) by SpokenMind93 [Y] Fiche personnage Oliver le winner by StyriaNoSaint



All Gijinka Oc's go here. No Pokemon or humans.




All Pokemon crafts go here. A craft is something you have created, like a plushie.

Mimikyu at Mcdonalds by NovaKaru Lapras Fleece Plush by GemlettuceCreations




Any and all cosply of Pokemon or characters from Pokemon goes here. Cosplay is when you dress up as a character from a movie, game, or anime.

Blissey and Eevee by Lumis-Mirage Sexy Misty - Cosplay by allenchaicosplay



Any and all comics depicting Pokemon or characters from Pokemon go here.

Summer Night - Ch. 2 - P. 05 by MoonRayCZ Lillie's Adventures Ch1 Pg1 by ElsaRivrwood



Any maps, buildings, or regions you have created go here.

Kalos Desktop by NovaKaru



All pictures showing Pokemon from different generations go here. (Like a gen 2 Pokemon with a gen 5 Pokemon)

SN: Twitter collection 1 by MoonRayCZ The Eeveelution family by pokesonic100



All Pokemon Oc's go here. No humans or Gijinkas.

SN Bio: Deon by MoonRayCZ



Any and all pixel art of Fc's and trainers go here.

Togedemaru in ushanka-hat by Natalya-Chan Trainer Pech by emimonserrate



All sprites of Pokemon or characters from Pokemon go here.

PsnMegaRayquaza by xKashu PsnGenesisHaunter by xKashu



All trainer cards of FC's go here. Trainer cards show a trainer and their team.

Pokemon Y Version Trainer card by Lazlow87 :thumb663058529:


Hopefully this gives you a better understanding of what should go into the folders. If you have any further questions or concerns please comment below :) Thank you again for becoming a part of My-Pokemon-Adventure :hug:
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