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omg I'm really happy how this turned out, I might update it when ever to make the grass better and all but still.... yaaaay! :DD It seems I haven't done a proper full drawing on my computer like in forever *sings for the first time in forever from Frozen lol*
I think I Ive improved quite a bit *my opinion, I'm usually wrong tho*
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Poster, I want Poster of this!

Aside from great quality, you sure presented a sense of wonder in her. She looks really curious of the world around her.
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Goddamn if that isn't bloody gorgeous.
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Great artwork! Love the scenery.
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Love"Twilight under the twilight" sounds like a 2nd name to me!La la la la
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I've loved this for as long as I can remember <3
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Omfg!!! ///// thank you so much for liking this for so long!!
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Epic... Clem Epic face Epic La <img src="about:blank"> :awesomerainbow: Kenny Epic Face Markiplier's Epic Dance! #2 50x50 Gif Nobu La :epic: First MCE Ew gross wtf MCE Im so pervy mah old ava.. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE 
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whAA!! omg thank you!
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Hello, beautiful huggly Twilie.
Hello, my new PC wallpaper.
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Such wonderful art! She's quite an adorable princess!
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What a beautiful scene! It reminds me of all the scenes I shared as a kid alone, but now, it is cool sharing it with other people too!
This here is very awesome. Twilight is my favorite and wow I can't get over the awe...

I have been looking for someone to ask, and after seeing this I want ask if you might make the cover art for a fan fiction I want to make here in the very near future. I'd draw it myself but being perfectly honest Im one of the worst at art. If it wasn't for getting the history parts right I would have totally failed 5th grade art class.  

But if you don't, its perfectly fine. 
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Holy crap, wallpaper of the year, I'm calling it, right now.
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Only judgemental assholes would find something to complain about in this 
Well you shouldn't complain if you can't do better so it's best to keep your mouth shut

well ill I think it's a mejestic :3 
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Drawings like this make me wanna move to Ponyville.

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The face is the best part. You nailed her expression.
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