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Sakura Pony - New Pony OC

So I randomly thought up of a new pony oc the other day in the middle of the night and had to draw it out I think I’m going to be pretty fond of, I just love cherry blossoms so much!! I did a quick sketch and colouring before the idea went away and I’m super happy how it turned out (◡‿◡✿) I'll have to scan it in when I get back to my mum's house cause ... over here there's no scanner (actually I don't own a scanner what so ever but I go to my local library and they have two scanners there so I'm free to scan all I want, but only Tuesday till Sunday... the librarians hate Mondays so it's a nu nu nu! day)

I think librarians go to mercury on mondays because it's mercury day monday and need to visit their book loving families ಥ⌣ಥ

Well you are free to this Sakura pony *draw 4 me my pony loving people! ña ña ña! ≖‿≖ wink wink* nah do what ever I'm not going to expect anything XDD
And what I was trying to say befor that Im going to scan it when I get back and make a more refined version of this! (•⊙ω⊙•) *finally said it!*
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The way her mane pours over her's so beautiful, amazing job with this , for sure <3
ChromaSlip's avatar
HibiscusJamaa's avatar
She's so beautiful! I love it!
KOLiddyfinnMomento's avatar
Love how the mane trails elegantly! OwO very nice!
SquidManiac101's avatar
This is so pretty and elegant! I love the shading on the pony <3
My-Magic-Dream's avatar
Thank you so much! I just wanted to draw an aesthetically pleasing pony
AshTastic73Chibi's avatar
what did you use to color it? so vibrant
My-Magic-Dream's avatar
I didn't hand paint it, Im sorry if it confussing but I painted it on Paint Tool SAI
AshTastic73Chibi's avatar
oh wow cool :) i do watercolor paitings and it reminded me of watercolor + copics
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tbh i hate mlp but this is really pretty omg
My-Magic-Dream's avatar
T T omg thank you!! at that point I wasn't really into mlp but I could draw ponies well so I did a aesthetically pleasing pony lmao
SaltyTangerine's avatar
so cute i love the shading!
pipthesquid's avatar
amazing... simply amazing!!!
skuIIie's avatar
Hey that's p good
Honeycot's avatar
This is lovely! Love 
stardusk4's avatar
dang, what kind of coloring pencils do u use?
Oceana's avatar
If you ever consider selling her, could you contact me?
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