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Six Aquatic Tales: Kimi's Story Part 1It was an early afternoon. Seagulls were cawing as they flew across the cloudless sky, and the sparkling blue ocean looked lovely as ever. Many beach goers were enjoying themselves in numerous activities such as sun bating, building sand castles, eating ice-cream, or playing in the ocean.But not everyone was at the beach just for their enjoyment, however, as the two individuals were at the pier. A young woman with a flowing jet black hair, named Kimi Shizuko, donned in a turquoise two piece, long sleeve dive suit with black stripes, sitting by the edge of the pier enjoying the view. Standing next to her was a neko, named Nikku, who had the same long, jet black hair as Kimi but different hair style, wearing a green tank shirt with a logo that reads 'I ♡ Fishing Nya' on it, jean shorts and sandals.“So you're not joining me today, Nikku?” Kimi asked, turning her attention toward her cat friend. The mentioned neko smiled as she opened up her tackle box, picking the bait for her fishing. “Nope, I'm gonna enjoy my day of fishing.”Kimi shrugged. “Okay, suit yourself. I'll be free diving by myself.”She put on her dive mask that was hanging loosely around her neck, then reached for her diving flippers and slipped them on her feet. As she puts on her weight belt that holds her small rebreather, Kimi bagan to imagine what she'll find beneath the waves. Usually on her free diving adventure, she finds sunken ships or old ruin structures deep underwater, which she'll come back to those spots with proper diving equipment to find treasure, or with her friends to help her. But aside of finding good diving spots, Kimi do indeed find a few trinkets in the sea bed sometimes.“Shall I bring you a souvenir or two?” Kimi asked, while she's fastening her diving knife holster that was strapped around her left thigh. “Sure.” Nikku replied, picking up her fishing rod. “Be sure to not to frighten any of the fish when you get back.” “Oh, don't worry. I wouldn't do anything that'll disturb you and your fishing.” she said in a sly remark. Nikku playfully stuck out her tongue, blowing raspberries which Kimi just laughed in response. “Just be careful out there okay?” Nikku said before pointing at her watch. “If anything happens to you, I'll come and get you.” Kimi nodded, holding up her wrist tablet. She knew that her tablet had a tracking device, so Nikku would be able to track her down with her watch. She swipe the touch screen with her finger, switching the tablet to its sensor mode. Satisfied that her tablet didn't detect any marine life that were bigger than fishes, Kimi dived off of the pier and into the sparking ocean three feet beneath her. After making a splash, Kimi swam a few feet forward before re-surfacing with a soft gasp. She turned to look up at the pier above seeing her friend, Nikku waving. Kimi waved back before she started swimming through the ocean. 'Let's see what awaits me beneath the sea!' she thought with excitement. Kimi swam as far from the shore as possible, far enough for her to dive deep underwater. She stopped to have a good look around her surroundings before dunking underwater to look how the deep the ocean was around her. 'Perfect.' She thought before lifting her head above water. She started to breathe in deeply, then she breathed out. She repeated inhaling and exhaling a number of times to increase her lung capacity, and thanks to her years of training in Qigong, Kimi slowed down her heart rate. After a few rounds of slow breathing, Kimi took a long deep breath and dived into the bright blue ocean.Her legs propel herself down into the depths, swimming like a graceful dolphin. She swam at the slow pace so that her heart rate won't increase. A school of tropical fish swam past the young woman like a flock of birds soaring through the sky. What had caught Kimi's attention was a blue fish with a strange luminous glow, swimming among the fishes.'Wow. What a pretty little fish.' Kimi thought. 'I never seen one glow before.' Kimi swam to follow the glowing fish, until she saw a beautiful sight. A colorful coral reef, with many different fish in shapes and color. It was a breath taken sight. Kimi smiled at the reef before realising that the glowing fish was gone. The free diver looked around for the strange marine life before shrugging it off and continued swimming through the reef.The fishes around the reef swam away from Kimi, while some swam a little closer to the young woman out of curiosity. Upon seeing one of the fish moving closer to her, Kimi smiled as she slowly reach to touch it, only for the beautiful fish to swim away. 'So cute.' Kimi thought, resisting the urge to giggle so that she won't let out any bubbles. After exploring the colorful reef, Kimi swam deeper into the depths. She could feel her lungs beginning to strain, signalling that she need to re-surface soon. She continued swimming deeper, closer to the seabed before turning her back toward the sand to look at the sparkling surface above her. She knew she was twenty meters deep.A small beep sound caught the free diver's attention. She looked at her wrist tablet and noticed a marine life was within range of her motion sensor. She looked to her right and saw one of the most beautiful creature in the sea, a dolphin.The dolphin was in a playful mood, swimming closer to Kimi to let her pet it's snout. Despite feeling the burn in her lungs, Kimi smiled as she gently pets the dolphin in which the mammal squeaks happily. The dolphin then turn to swim forward before looking back at Kimi, whistling as if it wants her to follow. Kimi understood what it wants and began following the dolphin, leaving a small trails of bubbles to ease the growing strain in her lungs. Kimi and the dolphin swam through the ocean with elegance, creating furrows in the sand as her flippers and the dolphin's tail barely touched the carpet of sand. Kimi swam a bit faster to keep up with the dolphin with a series of dolphin kicks. Sure it will cause her heart rate to go up, but that didn't bother her one bit.After swimming a few meters with the dolphin, Kimi's chest started to heave as the burning pain in her lungs became more intense. She had been underwater for over five minutes. Now was the time for the free diver to re-surface. She started swimming up toward the surface with the dolphin following her. “Mmmmph...! Hmmph...!”Kimi let out a small burst of bubbles to ease the pain in her lungs as she swim upward. Luckily the surface wasn't far. She finally emerged, gasping, as the dolphin jumped out of the water and then dive back down.“Phew.... That... was... intense...” Kimi said in each breath she took. She laid back, taking a breather as the dolphin swam around her. She smiled as the mammal nuzzled her head with its snout. “Hehe, okay, okay. Just... give me a minute to breathe, buddy.” she said as she pets the dolphin. The dolphin responded emitting a series of whistles and squeaks, before diving back underwater. Kimi looked back at her screen on her tablet, seeing a white dot, which was a dolphin, moving away from her. But the motion sensor had detect something else that had caught Kimi's attention, a few white dots at the top corner of the screen. “More white dots?”After a full minute of recovering, Kimi decided to investigate. She did the routine of inhaling and exhaling to increase her lung capacity, then took a long deep breath and dived underwater once more. It wasn't long til the dolphin was in her sight, also heading to where the free diver was going. She looked at her wrist tablet as she swam toward the white dots, noticing that the closer she was to those white dots, more of'em appeared within range of her motion sensor.'Strange... Could be some activity up ahead. Group of divers maybe...?' Kimi thought. Kimi noticed the dolphin had stopped swimming, making a click noise. She swam closer to the mammal, when she saw what's ahead of her. Clusters of bubbles, lots of'em, confirming Kimi's suspicious. 'Yep... A group of divers.'Filled with suspicion and curiosity, Kimi swam toward the bubbles, only to stop when she noticed the dolphin wasn't following her. It squeaks, as if it's warning Kimi of danger. She smiled as she swam toward the dolphin to comfort the mammal. She gently pets its snout.'Don't worry, buddy. I'll be fine on my own. You don't have to follow me if you don't want to.'After giving it pats of comfort and reassuring, the dolphin whistles happily before swimming away. Kimi waved the mammal, bid it farewell. She turned to the clusters of bubbles and began swimming toward it. She kept a mental note of being on her guard and remain hidden. She didn't know if the group of divers were friendly or not. She swam at a slow pace as she was getting closer to the bubbles.Kimi stopped near by the rocks to look at her wrist tablet. There were several white dots on the screen, about five meters away from her position. She carefully swam up to the top of the rocks, peeking over and saw the group of divers all around the crashed plane, or what's left of it as its wings must've been torn when it crashed into the ocean. Turbines were gone with only one was a feet away from crash site, and the plane's tail was torn from the body. The crash must've been horrific.However, Kimi noticed something about the divers. Most of'em were wearing sky blue full body wetsuits, while only two of'em wore bluish green wetsuits. All of them were armed with a harpoon, P11 sidearm, and a diving knife. And unlike Kimi, they're all equipped with scuba tanks. But what caught Kimi's eyes were the logo on the diver's arm; a orange shark with black stripes. Kimi had realised that those divers were a terrorists group. 'Its the Tiger Sharks!' Kimi thought in shock, causing her heart rate to rise. She immediately calm herself to prevent her heart rate from rising any further and continued watching the divers. She then saw one member of the Tiger Sharks that stood out from the rest of the divers, observing them. A woman with long fiery orange hair swayed around in the water, wearing a black legless wetsuit with orange stripes, which showed off her long, smooth creamy legs. Her scuba tank was a different color and design from the others, and she was armed with SPP-1 pistol and a diving knife. Judging by the woman's appearance, Kimi assumed she was leading the group. 'What are they doing around the plane?' Kimi thought as she watched the diving terrorists. She saw one of the divers emerging from the wrecked plane, swimming over to the orange haired woman. The freediver watched as the diver handed something to the woman. Something that was sparkling green light. 'Hm? What's that?' The group's leader examined what seemed to be a oval shaped gold with a green gem in the centre before nodding to her comrade. She signalled everyone to leave as she started swimming from the wreckage. The rest of the Tiger Sharks followed the woman, while Kimi remained hidden so they won't spot her spying on them. 'They just took the gold and leave the wrecked plane?' Kimi thought in confusion, watching the divers swimming away. She could check the wreckage herself, but the strange gold she saw in that fiery haired woman's hands interests her more. She decided to follow the Tiger Shark group discreetly, just far enough so that the terrorists won't see her. And even if Kimi had lost sight of them, she can use her motion sensor to track them. “Mmmph... hlgb... mmbl...”Kimi had been following the group of Tiger Sharks for over a minute. She can feel her lungs starting to burn again. She didn't need to re-surface right now, but she hoped those divers would arrive at their destination before she had to come up for air or use her rebreather. To her relief, the group of divers were swimming up to the surface, heading to what seemed to be a yacht. She wait around in the ocean, watching the divers climbing on board the yacht one by one. Once they were out of sight, Kimi looked at her wrist tablet, watching the white dots moving further away from her position with each motion sweep. 'Seems like they're away from the edge of the yacht.' Kimi thought. 'This is my chance to get on board and find out what they're up to.'But before she goes and sneaks on board, Kimi removed her diving flippers, unclipped her weight belt and set them on a neatly pile. She then grabbed a nearby smooth stone and place it on top of the belt and flipper so they won't float away. Her lungs reminding her of their lack of air with a round of bubbles escaping her nose. She looked at her breather, making sure it stayed attached to her weight belt. Satisfied with her handy work, Kimi looked up and beginning ascending to the surface.'Alright, time to infiltrate the Tiger Shark's yacht.'Kimi slowly swam up toward the yacht, trying to not release anymore air than she need to. After all, she's in Tiger Sharks' territory, and the last thing she need was to alert the terrorists of her presents. She carefully broke the surface of the water, gasping quietly. She looked at the screen, seeing nothing within range of her motion sensor. She swam, quietly, to the edge of the yacht and climbed aboard. To her surprise the yacht was much bigger than she had expected, even bigger than her own yacht her friends brought for her. Which would explain there were several group of divers. Kimi let out a silent sigh to steel her nerves and began snooping around, keeping an eye and ear out for anything or anyone. Her long jet black hair was sticking onto her back, and water droplets swimming down her glistening body, but being dripping wet was the least of Kimi's concerns.There were several pairs of flippers, dive masks and scuba tanks by the lockers, including the undersea weapons safely locked away in the cabinets. Kimi saw wet footprints, lots of them by the lockers all leading inside the yacht. Upon following the footprints inside, Kimi started to hear running water, and conversations below to her left. She peeked into the room that lead to the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs lead to a room, which Kimi assumed was a shower room. 'I bet those divers I saw earlier are in there.' Kimi thought as she made her way downstairs, just close enough to the double doors to listen in the conversation.“So what was that odd shaped gold you found earlier?” “It's some relic Katsumi was looking for. She mentioned there are seven of them, each one has different shapes and gems.” Kimi furrowed her eyebrows. 'So there are seven of those relics. What could they be planning with those?' “And get this. When I picked up that relic inside the plane, I felt something strange.” One of the terrorists continued. “As if the relic was radiating some sort of power... Like magic...” “Really? Wow. No wonder she wanted those relics.” The other one replied. “Once we have all of those relics, our cause will run a lot more smoothly, and changing the world for the better will be much easier.”Kimi gasped silently. 'Holy hell! If those relics do contain power, then who knows what kind of damage those terrorists will do.'Kimi continued to listen as the other one of the terrorists spoke. “So where's that gold relic now?”“Oh Bridget has it. She's at her living quarters near the front of the yacht. She's gonna deliver it to Katsumi once she gets here by helicopter. I've heard she's bringing a new friend here. We'll be on stand by for further orders though.” “Sweet. I could use some R&R.”“Just don't let Bridget catch you sleeping like last time...” Kimi decided she heard all she needed to hear. She turned and walked back up stairs. She now knows about the seven relics and what power it could possess. 'I have to find that relic and get out of here as soon as possible!' She walked out to the open area of the luxurious yacht, and head up the walkway. If those terrorists said about the relic being at the living quarters is true, then that's where Kimi had to go. She hugged the wall as she got closer to the centre of the yacht, and looked at her motion sensor. There were a few white dots within range. Most of them are far, but one one was closer to Kimi's location. She peeked over the wall, seeing a few guards patrolling the centre. Luckily one guard that was close had his back facing her. She saw the living quarters up ahead, and next to the guard was a small room which can provide cover for Kimi to get through.'Too open to just walk over to the living quarters. I have to go through that room.' Kimi thought. 'If I can just get past the guard in front of me, I can sneak inside without them knowing.' The guard in front of her let out a sigh, bored out of his mind. If he won't move from his spot, then Kimi just had to give him a reason to move. She looked around for an object and found a shiny silver coin on the floor. She picked it up and tossed it over to the guard's line of sight. It bounced and rolled across the floor, catching the man's attention. “Hm?” The guard walk over, kneel down and picked up the coin, just as Kimi quickly and quietly sneaked past into the room. “Hey, did any of you guys drop this?” The guard asked. The others turned to face him, some just shook their heads.“No. Never seen that coin before.” One of them replied. “Eh, just keep it. Finders keepers that's I always say.”The guard looked at the silver coin and shrugged, putting it in his pocket. 'Works every time.' Kimi thought. She made her way through the small room which happened to be a supply room.Seeing the door on the other side of the supply room, Kimi slightly opened it to take a peek, seeing one of guards just walked past her, heading to the walkway leading to the bow of the yacht. She waited for the right moment to make her was inside the living quarters discreetly. She slowly pushed the door wide open, looking at the few of guards resuming task of patrolling the yacht after one of them picked up a coin she threw. With them having theirs back facing the door to the living quarters, Kimi made her move, sneaking her way inside and closed the door. 'Okay. Now to find that relic.' Kimi thought, observing the living quarters. The living room was luxurious that had the most expensive flat screen TV, a large zebra couch, a oak wood cupboard containing books, a table made of glass with a remote, magazines and cups laying on top of it. There was also a doorway leading to a dining room, but what caught Kimi's attention was a few portraits, but one of the painting she noticed was a woman she dread to see. It was a portrait of Katsumi. 'Gees, I really don't like the look of that portrait.' Kimi thought with disgust. With no relic to be found in the living room, Kimi head upstairs to the next floor, leading to what it looked like a security room judging by the several tv screens. Luckily there was no guard around. There are other electronics devices like laptops and tablets. Kimi walked inside the security room and spotted something shiny on the table. It was a gold relic. 'There it is!'Kimi grabbed the relic when she suddenly felt incredible power washing through her. 'W-what the?!' Her gold eyes changed to emerald color for a brief moment before returning to her natural eye color. She examined the relic, noticing its shape was similar of a turtle, and in the centre of the relic was a oval shaped green gem, slightly glowing. A mix excitement, fear and amazement ran wild in Kimi's mind as she had never felt such power before. 'That diver was right. This relic does contain power...' Kimi thought, feeling her heart pounding in her chest. 'I can't let the Tiger Sharks wield such power.' Kimi head back downstairs to the living room, but at the corner of her eye, someone was walking out of the dining room. 'Oh crap...' “Be sure to have the food prepared for Katsumi when she gets here-”The person who walked into the living room was Bridget, the orange haired woman from earlier. When her red eyes turned toward Kimi holding the relic, she immediately drew her handgun. “Hey! Drop that relic, and put your hands behind your head!”As Kimi raised her hands, her eyes darted around for something she could use to escape when she noticed a glass table right in front of her. She smiled sheepishly as she slowly move her leg forward to get her foot underneath the table. “O-Oh. This thing? Well, I'm kinda growing attached to this lovely treasure, hehe.” she said. “Cut the crap.” Bridget retorted. “Do as I say or I will shoot.” Bridget then noticed the young woman's features, hair and eye color. “Wait... Aren't you-” Before she could recognised the young woman, Kimi lifted and pushed the glass table hard enough to flip it over to Bridget. She turned and ran out of the living room, just as Bridget pulled the trigger, but thankfully the table was bullet proof. A commotion in the living room had caught the guards attention, which cause Kimi to turn and ran to the port side of the yacht, intending to jump off the yacht. She saw a guard coming to her right and she shoved him out of the way before he could react. “Coming through!”“Stop her! She's got the relic!” Bridget shouted, running out of the living room in pursuit.But before any of the terrorists could do anything, Kimi leapt in the air and curved down into the ocean like a graceful dolphin. Her momentum of her dive propel herself down into the depths, but moments after she dived into the ocean, Kimi heard gunfire from above. Bullets sailed past her. 'Crap! I gotta get out of here!' Kimi thought, swimming as fast as she can while narrowly avoiding the bullets from the Tiger Shark's firearms.Finally out of the bullet range, due to the dense of the water, Kimi swam for her diving equipment she left on the sea bed. Unfortunately for the free diver, she didn't had time to take a deep breath before jumping off the yacht, nor she could steady her heart rate. The rebreather she had was her only chance if she want to escape from the Tiger Sharks.Kimi saw her equipment, right where she left it. She first grabbed the rebreather, putting its regulator in her mouth. O2 from the rebreather rushed into Kimi's lungs, causing her to let out a bubbly sigh of relief. She knew she didn't have time to put on her flippers and weight belt, because the Tiger Sharks would likely send their divers after her, so she carried her flippers underneath her arm pit while holding the weight belts with her free hand. As the young woman swam away Tiger Sharks' yacht, she saw a cave a few feet below her. She swam down to it, noticed there was light on the otherside, which gave her an idea.'I can lose those Tiger Sharks through this cave.' Kimi thought. Her motion sensor didn't detect any marine life inside the cave, so it was safe for her to swim through. She swam inside the cave, bubbles trailing behind her.Swimming halfway through the tunnel, Kimi stopped for a moment to put on her diving flippers and weight belt. Then she put the turtle relic she took from the Tiger Sharks in her net bag that was attached to her weight belt. After that she resume her swim through the cave tunnel. A flurry of bubbles was blown out of Kimi's rebreather as she swam out of the cave. She looked behind her, making sure she wasn't followed, but when she was looking for her pursuers, she wasn't paying attention to her wrist tablet's beeps, warning her of movement approaching her from behind. She felt a sudden yank of her hair, hauling her away from the cave as she let out a bubbly scream. The violent heave ended with her in the arms of another diver with her left arm caught in a one-handed arm bar. Kimi managed to get a good look of the diver, who was a member of the Tiger Sharks, wearing a darker blue full body wetsuit. She saw his right hand reaching out for her rebreather.'NO!' Kimi thought in horror, trying to moved her head away from the man's reach. However her efforts were in vain as the diver seized her rebreather and ripped it out of her mouth. Cluster of bubbles spilt out of the regluator as the man dropped it far out of Kimi's reach.The Tiger Shark diver had his right arm around Kimi's neck as she trashed around to escape his grip, however his was way stronger than her. Even though he could've just snatch the turtle relic in the net bag, he'd rather have some fun drowning the young woman before he could take the relic.“Mmbl... hlgb!” Kimi gurgled. The pressure in her chest was becoming intense and panic began to set in which caused her to let out a cloud of bubbles. If the man hadn't had her left arm locked in his grip, she could've activated her wrist tablet's tracking device to alart Nikku or her friends. 'Wait a minute...' Kimi thought. During her struggle, she forgot her right arm was free. So In a last desprate attempt, Kimi lifted her left leg so she could reached and whipped out her diving knife from its holster and slammed the blade into the diver's leg.The terrorist loudly groaned in agony as fury of bubbles erupted from his regluator and blood seeped out of his leg, though his grip around Kimi remained strong, so the free diver pulled her knife out and slammed it into the his side. This time he released the young woman and clenched his wound in pain.Kimi spotted something in the distence behind the diver. A shark was swimming by, but it won't be long til it catched a scent of blood. Kimi planted her foot against the diver's midsection, pushing herself downward to retrive her lost rebreather. The diver was too wounded to pursue her, but as he was going to swim up to the surface, it was too late. The shark swam over and slammed its jaw onto his leg. Kimi could hear the diver groaning in agony, but she wasn't going to look, knowing that tangling with a shark usualy don't end well for the diver, and she needed air badly.“Mmbl...Mmmph...” Kimi could feel the intense pain in her lungs as reached for her rebreather that was half buried in the sand, and put its regulator in her mouth. Her lung were at ease as she sucked the artificial air from her rebreather. Soon as she got her second wind, Kimi started swimming as she doesn't want to be anywhere near the shark once its done with its victim. She knew she wasn't in the clear yet until she return to the mainland. She wasn't sure how far she swam from the shore, but she wasn't going to re-surface, otherwise the Tiger Sharks would be sure to spot her. She continued swimming through the ocean, getting as far away from the terrorists' territory as possible. 'Don't know how long my rebreather will last, but I'll stay underwater as long as I need to.' Kimi thought. After swimming a few tens of meters, Kimi suddenly heard a familiar whistle coming to her right. She turned and saw a dolphin she met earlier. She smiled behind her rebreather as the mammal approached her. She reach out to the dolphin to pet it. 'Good to see you again, buddy.' Kimi thought. When she suddenly couldn't breathe from her rebreather. “Mmph?” Kimi removed her rebreather and shook it, causing a few bubbles spill out of the regulator. Her eyes widen when she saw that her rebreather was empty. Apparently more air was wasted than Kimi had thought after her tussle with her assailant.'Not good!'Kimi scrambled upward with the dolphin following her. She reattached her empty rebreather back on her weight belt.“Glub! Mmgbl... glugbl.” Kimi bubbled, seeing she was getting closer and closer to the surface. A trail of bubbles followed in her wake.Kimi finally broke the surface of the ocean like a mermaid, gasping loudly as the dolphin leaps out of the water. She coughed up bits of water she accidentally swallowed. “Pwah.... Haa.... Note... to... self: Get... a better... rebreather...” Kimi gasped.She looked and saw how far she swam from the luxurious yacht. Satisfied that she was out of the terrorists' reach, she brought out her prized relic to take a look at it and took a deep sigh of relief. Even though there were six relics out there, she was glad to have the turtle relic safe in her hands. Kimi was exhausted from her dive and had a long swim back to shore, but she wasn't worried about that as she turn toward her new friend. “You don't mind helping me get back to shore right, buddy?”The dolphin made a series of happy squeaks and whistles in response. Kimi smiled as she dived back down underwater, holding on to the dolphin's dorsal fin. They were three deep below the surface and the dolphin wasn't swimming fast, but Kimi didn't mind that as she was able to admire the natural beauty beneath the ocean. Upon getting closer to shore, both Kimi and the dolphin emerged from their underwater swim. The young woman sighed in relief, knowing that mainland was just a few meters away. She gave the dolphin a gentle hug as her way of thanking the mammal, which the dolphin happily squeaks. “Thanks for your help.” Kimi said. “I guess I should give you a name, since it'll be weird if I keep calling you buddy all the time. How does “Akai” sound?”The dolphin whistles in response, which Kimi giggled. “Hehe, Okay. Akai it is. I'll be heading back to the mainland now. Let's meet each other again, okay?” The dolphin, now named Akai, happily made some whistles and squeaks before leaping and dived into the ocean, swimming away as Kimi waved. “See you later, Akai!”With her new friend gone, Kimi started swimming back to the beach. It wasn't long til her feet touched the sand beneath her, so she removed her flippers and walked out of the sea. She was really exhausted from her long free dive, and sneaking around the Tiger Sharks' yacht. Now that she was far away from the water, Kimi laid down on her back, sighing in exhaustion. Droplets running down her glistening body as her chest rise and fall with each breath she took. She paid no attention to any of the passing beach goers who was glancing at her toned athletic body. “Well that was fun.” She sighed, pulling the turtle relic from her net bag. She started feeling the strange power flowing through her body again as she stared at it. “Hey, Kimi!” Someone called out, causing the young woman to sit up, seeing who had called her. It was a Lucid wolf, Arkani. “Oh hey, Arkani. What brings you here?” “I was fishing with Nikku.” Arkani replied. “And I was wondering where you have gone since you was with her, but I guess I don't have to ask.”“Yeah, I was out free diving, and playing with the dolphin.” Kimi explained. She didn't told her wolf friend about sneaking on a yacht as she didn't want Arkani to worry. “Oh, and I found this in the sand. It's a relic.”Kimi showed Arkani the turtle relic. The Lucid wolf smiled as she looked at the relic, but as she reached to touch its gem, she suddenly felt its power. With a startling yelp, Arkani retreated her hand. “W-W-What was that?!” She exclaimed.“You felt it too? It happened to me when I picked it up.”“You could've warned me!” Arkani retorted. Kimi smiled sheepishly. “S-Sorry.” The young woman stood up, dusting the sand off her. “Anyway, I'm gonna take a shower before heading back to the facility. Wanna get something to eat?” Arkani nodded recovering from her shock. “Sure.” “Hey guys! Check out my biggest catch of the day!” Kimi and Arkani turned and saw Nikku, holding up a rather huge tuna fish. “Whoa! That's certainly a big fish!” Kimi commented. “Yeah. Bigger than your last catch!” Arkani said, smiling. Nikku smiled a toothy grin. “Yep, and this beauty put up a good fight, but its no match for my fishing skills! Haha! By the way, Kimi, did you get me a souvenir while you're diving?”Kimi looked at the turtle relic, before smiling. “I only found this relic, but I'm kinda grown attached to it.” A few hours later, at the Tiger Sharks' yacht, Bridget looked through the camera footage of everything that happened earlier today. How Kimi sneaked aboard, passing through the guards and escaped with the turtle relic. She sighed in annoyance as she turned to her superior and Chief Bio engineer, Katsumi. “That girl... Kimi somehow got pass our guards, and stole the relic.” Bridget explained. “I'm sorry, ma'am. If I knew this would happen, I would've beefed up security.” Katsumi was sitting in the leathery couch, leaning back, her heeled feet resting on a hapless Tiger Shark grunt who was the one to have reported to her about the relic being stolen. She was wearing what looks like a very expensive black dress that that didn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination. It doesn't cover up much of her lovely legs covered in panyhose that goes up to her thighs and Her auburn hair was tied into a bun with pin pierce through to keep her hair in place. She was absolutely gorgeous. She smiled sweetly at Bridget. “There's no need for apologies, Bridget. After all, I'm surprised myself that a sweet looking cutie like Kimi is still alive after I sent her on her lovely swim. I guess I underestimated her abilities in the water.” “So what now? Kimi obviously knows about the relics. She could ruin this whole operation.” Bridget said. Katsumi only smiled with reassuring. “Oh I wouldn't worry. Besides, Kimi stealing our lovely relic is all part of the plan. She'll seek out the other six relics for us and then where she least suspected, we'll take'em off her hands. And then...”The chief bio engineer turned toward the doorway as Bridget followed her direction, seeing what seem to be a tall, feminine silhouette, leaning against the door frame, arms folded. “Our lovely new friend will handle the rest. And our vision of a new world will become reality. Fufufufu...”
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