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Chest Mouth::AT by Daringashia
Something About Her.. by Daringashia
MLP: S5 EP25-26 Sombra Future Rainbow Dash FINAL by Daringashia
Spin That Record (PUNPUNPUNPUN) by Daringashia
Mane Six
{MLP} - { My OC - Agnes } - Fire pony, by Selena9966
Rainbow Wings Fluttershy by PurpleNebulaStudios
{ MLP } - { Fan art } -  MagnaLuna by Selena9966
{MLP} - (Mirror Equestria) - Derpy by Selena9966
Background Ponies
Pregnant Sunset Shimmer by lachlancarr1996
Adult Sweetie Belle Looking Over her Back by AndoAnimalia
14 part of animation by SheillyDe
Lyra and Bon Bon Day 2020 by AndoAnimalia
Pegasus Cadence by chanyhuman
Celestia and Luna at Bondi Beach by lachlancarr1996
Festival of the Two Sisters by AndoAnimalia
Celestia Day 2020 by AndoAnimalia
Antoine the Python by AndoAnimalia
Gray Cobras by AndoAnimalia
Green Cobras by AndoAnimalia
Bats Are 20% Cooler by AndoAnimalia
{MLP} - My OC - Luminous by Selena9966
PTU Base #1 by LoomtopiaLmt1
PTU Bases Part 2 by LoomtopiaLmt1
The new costumes by SheillyDe
OC and Canon
A nice friendly meet by lachlancarr1996
The Perfect Family by lachlancarr1996
Starlight Glimmer x Shield Wing by lachlancarr1996
Happy birthday Swift Bow by lachlancarr1996
OC Captain by Mr-Spider-The-Bug
OC saxton hale by Mr-Spider-The-Bug
OC Angel Gentle by Mr-Spider-The-Bug
Snowflake by Mr-Spider-The-Bug
Life-Sized Lauren Fausticorn Pony by PurpleNebulaStudios
Adopt Auction Rarity x Rainbow Dash -[CLOSED] by PrincessMoonSilver
:MLP Adopt: Queen Bee (!!!SOLD!!!) by Viva-Indigo
:MLP Adopt: Book Smart (!!!SOLD!!!) by Viva-Indigo
Had1 by Gefangene2412
[MLP] COLLAB with ShimayaEiko 1 by AmberPone
[MLP] COLLAB with ShimayaEiko 2 by AmberPone
Evil Ponies
Cozy Glow as Cruella Deville by chanyhuman
What if Celestia 04 by Mr-Spider-The-Bug
Fan Fics
Dracula Crossover Style Ch 1Disclaimer: I do not own MLP, JJBA, Mortal Kombat, and DraculaAuthor's notes: This story take place where all the MLP characters and anime characters are human. Which is rated PG-13. May contains character deaths, some course language, and violence. Reader description is advised. Now to the story.The story took back in 1913. A wolf howled at night where all the other wolves howled.In the ocean where all the thunderstorms booked and the waves going out of control which a boat appears. Waves crashing onto the boat and the wheel of the boat moving. The lantern moved which all the rats sqeauks. Growls began appear. All the people began to talk."Here! Here!" A man shouted as he found a box which is labeled.King SombraCrystal EmpireGrowls began to grow louder. As the tide began to move uncontrollably which all the people grabbed the box and began using the crane to lift the box up. Thunderstorms began boom louder and the tide making bigger waves. A Captain named Kano came over to the wheel."Overboard.! Throw overboard.!" Kano shouted as the box began crack open due to Sombra who is sealed in the box as Kobra and Kabal lift the box and was about to be thrown off but it got stuck."Hurry up.!" Kano shouted as dirt began appear out of the box."It is stuck.!" Kabal shouted as Sombra began punch the wood out with his hand and began to choke one of her crew members."Aaah!" Kobra shouted as Kano was shouting at him which King Sombra tears Kobra's throat. Waves going out of control which a Kabal fell off the boat and into a ocean. A Demon wolf in which King Sombra shape shift into began to growl at the Kano which he stuck onto the wheel and Sombra began to attack him. Which Kano ends up getting killed offscreen. A lighthouse shined at Equestria in Canterlot. Which all the people screamed inside the Asylum. A man with dark purple long hair and red eyes named Kars opened the door which he finds Starlight Glimmer while running through the crowd."Get off!" A person shouted."Starlight Glimmer, for God's sake, give these poor wretches some laudanum to calm their shattered nerves!" Kars shouted."They won't take nothing; Dr. Kars." Starlight Glimmer answered as she shouted through the microphone."Then give them something.!" Kars shouted."I can't do anything. Come on." Starlight Glimmer replied as she tries to calm the people down."Dr. Kars.! Dr. Kars" Candace shouted as Kars turns seeing her who is holding Flurry heart."Where's Miss Scarlet?" Candace asked."Where's Miss Scarlet to help with my baby?" Candace asked as Flurry heart began to cry."Mi Amore Cadenza where is my daughter?" Kars replied as Luna approaches to him."Miss Scarlet's is upstairs in the house looking sir after that friend of hers." Luna answered as she went to find Scarlet."Fine time to abandon us. Starlight Glimmer, I'm coming down." Kars replied as he went to help Starlight Glimmer with the patients.In the bedroom a seventeen year old girl with dark brown hair and Hazelnut brown eyes named Scarlet Okami with a fifteen year old girl with light blue curly hair and pink eyes named Cozy Glow. Scarlet finishes reading the letter."But anyway, you needn't worry. As soon as you finish law school, I'm sure our firm will hire you in a second." Scarlet replied."Hey!" Cozy Glow replied"You will make a beautiful addition to the firm of Snodgrass, Shilling and Wollop." Scarlet replied as the storm blows bedroom window open. Which scares Cozy Glow while Scarlet came over to the window and closes it."Good Lord! Is it all right?" Cozy Glow asked."Yes...yes." Scarlet answered as she sat down."You know, Scarlet, you're so much braver than I am...taking on all those men like that." Cozy Glow replied."But don't you think we ought to have some influence, some say on things? After all..." Scarlet replied."We are not chattels!" Both Scarlet and Cozy replied."No, I know we're not." Cozy Glow replied as Luna enters Scarlet's room."Scarlet!" Luna shouted."Yes?" Scarlet replied."Your father says he needs you in the wards right away." Luna replied."Yes, I'm coming." Scarlet answered as Luna leaves her bedroom."Oh, do you have to go now Scarlet?" Cozy Glow whined."Yes. Into bed." Scarlet replied."All right." Cozy Glow replied as Scarlet sets her bed up."Thank you." Cozy Glow replied as Scarlet tucks her in bed."Now remember, Cozy. If you don't rest, you'll be stuck in this bedroom all winter." Scarlet replied."Yes, you're quite right. You go down to them. I'll be fine." Cozy Glow replied."Good night, Cozy." Scarlet replied."Good night." Cozy Glow replied as Scarlet leaves her bedroom. Cozy Glow turns off the light and went to bed.
Rainbow Dash!! by Petunia43
Governor Sombra (remake) by chanyhuman


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