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Welcome to the My Little Pony Club!! This club is dedicated to all things My Little Pony!! If you have pony-themed artwork, tutorials, or coloring pages, be it Hasbro's My Little Pony customs or drawings, original characters, or ponies drawn in "real" style, this is the place to show it off!! Please join us today!!

PLEASE READ EVERYTHING HERE!!! It will only take you a moment!

The Rules

1. Please follow the rules of deviantART and net etiquette, and all that stuff your parents taught you about being nice to others.

2. Don't steal other people's art. If we catch you doing it, you'll be sternly warned ONCE! The next time, you'll be kicked out of the club and reported to dA, so just don't do it. It's okay to use stock art so long as you've received written permission from the original artist, but that's the only exception. Read about what deviantART considers to be art theft here: FAQ #8: What are violations of the DeviantArt copyright policy?

3. This is a kid-friendly club. Keep your submissions family-friendly. We won't post anything we think is inappropriate.  Those who repeatedly disregard this rule will be removed from the club.

4. Only pony-themed art will be posted, so if it's not about ponies, don't submit it. If you're not sure (such as if you've drawn a My Little Pony in "real horse" style), then go ahead and submit it and we'll accept it if we think it's appropriate for the theme. (By the way, "real" MLPs are totally acceptable!!)

5.  Any art submitted to incorrect folders will be rejected without explanation.  

6. Only quality artwork will be accepted.  Drawings submitted on lined paper (unless the lines are somehow a part of the art) are absolutely NOT allowed.  

Art that has been scanned or photographed must be a high-quality image, which means no shadows or glare marks from the scan or camera flash.  Any art that has been scanned and has marks too light to discern will also be rejected.

Any traditional drawings that have been scanned in must be free of eraser marks, smears, and unintended pencil marks.  Any full-color art must show appropriate care in the coloring.

7. We, the admins, reserve the right to add to or modify this list of rules.

To Join

1. Read the rules. If you don't agree to them, then you may not join the club.
2. Click the icon on the top of the club's page that says "Join Our Group."  If you've read the rules, say "I love Sunshimmer!!" in your membership request.
When we've accepted your request, you should receive a message in your message center.

To Submit

Submitting is easy with the new Groups feature!  You must be a member to submit.  When submitting the piece to your own gallery, simply check the box next to My-Little-Pony-Club's name!

Please limit your submissions to five entries or less per day.  If you submit more than five in one day, then your first five will be accepted, and the rest will be denied.  This is to prevent our members and watchers from having their inboxes bombarded with ponies when they want to keep track of all the other clubs and deviants they watch as well.


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I agree with the rules. Oh and nice way to get people to read the rules.