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Welcome to the My Little Pony Club!

YOU MUST READ THE RULES BEFORE YOU WILL BE ALLOWED TO JOIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RULES ARE LINKED BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~About Us~

This club was originally founded on January 28, 2008 by the awesome purple-hue, who ran it with the help of the fantastic head administrator miominipony.

It achieved group status on December 20, 2009 at the behest of severedanomaly.

Today it is run by severedanomaly with the most excellent assistance of Vampire-Sacrifice.

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If you want to join, please read the rules. It will be obvious if you have done so when you request to join!
We've had an ongoing submission notification error for a handful of years now in this club.  Our submissions were severely delayed to a point the majority of your submissions don't come through until they've already expired.  Now, it has reached the point were they aren't coming through PERIOD.  At all.  Not a thing.  I know you are submitting though because I can still see the notifications under my group notification module but when I go to the group page, it's blank.  I'm afraid there is nothing further to do as I am only a contributor (and the only one at that) so I cannot modify group rules.  I'm also pretty sure our Founder is inactive, and to be honest, I want to be inactive on DeviantArt too.  This site has quite honestly withered away.
So unless our Founder does reappear and is able to find a way to solve this issue, or DA staff fix it themselves (which has not happened in the 5 years we've been asking for help) I'm afraid there is nothing more I can do and submissions will no longer be accepted for reasons out of my control.
I am very sorry.
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01-05 :points: llama + favs


06-10 :points: llama + favs + watch


11-20 :points: llama + favs + watch + feature in donation widget


21-30 :points: llama + favs + watch + feature in donation widget + special journal about you (your icon)


31-40 :points: llama + favs + watch + feature in donation widget + special journal about you with previews of your works


41-50 :points: llama + favs + watch + feature in donation widget + special journal about you with previews of your works + feature at the top of the list!


51 :points: or more llama + favs + watch + feature in donation widget + special journal about your adopts or commissions + feature at the top of the list!


Also you can get a feature without donating (read how to do it in my Donation pool)

Agletka Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
selling collection perfect to custom:…
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Can someone tell me why King's Shadow was declined?
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Are bases allowed here? like, lineart?
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Is this group dead? Because all my pony art have been left to expire. All 5 of them.
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This page is stealing artwork, posting them and making fun of them. They're sometimes even insulting people personally. I hope you're willing to help me get it down and closed!
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I draw my pics by hand and then I put them into my computer where I color them with paint programs. Would this be considered digital art or traditional art? I was never too sure about this for some reason. Thanks for the help.
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