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MLP Firefly by MoogleyMog This is a group for all who love the Generation One ponies! All are welcome to add their photos and art, be it in "Hasbro" style or your own style. Original characters are welcome as well, as long as they are set in the "G1 universe". Pictures drawn in other generations' styles cannot be painfully obvious recolors / traces from Hasbro art! Your works may not have to look splendid, but there needs to be some creativity and effort put into it. Any mature themes, including shipping where characters touch must have the mature content filter on in order to be accepted here, and are subject to admin approval.
MLP Starshine by MoogleyMogArt folders - 2D Art is separated into folders. For example, earth ponies goes into the Earth Pony folder, except for a handful of very popular gals who have earned their own folders. All photographs of ponies belong in the Toys, Sculpts, Plush & Customs folder.
If you have a group art with assorted species of ponies, they go into the Mixed folder. Same goes for mixed generations of ponies, or G1 MLP jumbled with other characters, canon or originals.

Detailed info about the folders: MLP Masquerade by MoogleyMog
Lily's Rainbow Box by spring-sky MLP: Sunspot claps by firlalaithFeatured: A spotlight folder corresponding to a common theme.

Patch by KarRedRosesMLP Tales: This folder is for characters from the G1 TV show "My Little Pony Tales". Starlight, Sweetheart, Melody, Bright Eyes, Patch, Clover and Bon Bon, Ace, Teddy, Lancer, etc.

Twilight Emoticon - Wrong Pose by colormist Moondancer Emoticon by colormistFirefly, Moondancer, Twilight etc: Some ponies are extra popular, and earned their own folders. We'll add new "popular pony" folders if the need arises of course!
MLP G1 Sunspot Stomp by firlalaithEarth Ponies: Only canon MLP earth ponies here. Meaning no horns or wings.
Tuneful by KarRedRosesUnicorns: canon unicorns only, no OCs.
MLP G1 Skydancer dA Icon FREE by MoogleyMogPegasi: Only for ponies with feathery wings.
Moon Jumper by KarRedRosesFlutters/Wingers: Only for ponies with butterfly wings.
Wavedancer by pamixxSea Ponies: The canon G1 ponies with the fins! SHOO BE DOO
SPIKE by BrownPen0Other creatures & humans: All the rest - Megan, Spike, bushwoolies, etc. all go into this folder. Villains too!
Pony Emotes - set1 by colormistMixed: This is for any unicorn/pegasi etc. mixed groups. Have a group picture and are unsure where to put it? Then put it in here and it's guaranteed to be correct!
Christmas 2012-10: Pony!Captain America by firlalaithOCs: This folder is for any characters that are of your own design but reside in the G1 universe. NO G2, G3, G4 or next gen OCs in here please.
Speedy by xPoltergeistCatxHumanized ponies: Ponies with faces, arms and / or legs like a human.
G1 Ponies animated avatar icon by KarRedRosesToys, Sculpts, Plush & Customs: Photos of original pony toys or modified toys goes in this folder. G1 ponies made using another gen's base are welcome.
WTF by shipoji:thumb675512212: Rainbow Bullet - F2U! by Drache-LehreAdults only: Simply put, this folder is for any picture that's not 100% kid friendly!
Fizzy by KarRedRosesScreenshots GIFs & Scans: Any frames taken directly from the tv series untraced or unedited goes into this folder. This would be the place to put any screen shot you might have of your desktop with your very favorite pony wallpaper. It's also the place for scans of G1 books.
Stamps: Self-explanatory!
FreeAvatar-Paper, Pencil love by PropertyKar MLP G1 Firefly (pixel art) by crazycreeper529Stories: Any story, written or illustrated with a G1 pony as a main character is welcome in this folder.
:thumb560156966:Cosplay: If you have a photograph or designer sketch of a G1 costume, this is the folder for it!
Obnoxiously flashy G1 pony avatar by KarRedRosesOther: This folder is for miscellany that has no where else to belong, like a stray symbol (AKA: Cutie mark) or a MLP - related artwork not specifically a custom pony or portrait of specific pony, e.g.: Show scenery, or a bit of MLP merchandise that isn't a pony or pony friend.

We have disabled the option to submit to Favorites. Please submit to a folder if you want something to show up in this group.
MLP Fizzy by MoogleyMog
If you have any questions, feel free to ask away! Enjoy your stay! :)

Gallery Folders

G1 Twinkle Eyes by Felissa
Bowtie by HollyIvyDesigns
Mother Love by ColdRuru
Earth ponies
Snack buddies by ReachFarHigh
Trickles and Confetti by NormaLeeInsane
Scrumptious and Skippity Doo by NormaLeeInsane
Confetti and Party by ReachFarHigh
Bouncy and Hippity Hop by NormaLeeInsane
Sprinkles and Ducksoup by NormaLeeInsane
Twinkler by NormaLeeInsane
[f2u] mlp g1 tales pegasus base by FearlessMist
Twist and Fifi by NormaLeeInsane
Ponified by JunkDrawerAdopts
Majesty and Spike by NormaLeeInsane
Junicorn: G1 Glory and Moondancer by Faerie-StarV
Flutters and Wingers
Lady Flutter, Card 10 of 10 by blackestbird
MLP - Rosedust by liliy
Little Flitter by RuneElf
from the sun, from the sun...comes love ! by horsepaws
Sea ponies
Sealight by NormaLeeInsane
Salt water taffy sea ponies by Lutrasaura
Shoo Be Doo winning FB group contest banner by MustBeJewel
Fancy Mermaid Ponies by Herumankahi
Beach Ball and Mainsail by NormaLeeInsane
Sundance and Megan by NormaLeeInsane
Rainbow baby ponies by NormaLeeInsane
G1 MLP x G4 MLP Mane Six (2) by maiitan
Merry Go Round AppleJack by Sakuyamon
Applejack's Orchard by celesse
MLP G1 - Applejack by whiteGuava
g1 my little pony Applejack by DreamvalleyMLP
Bowtie by PokeZane
Bow tie by Gloriaus
bows by DancinRagdolls
Bowtie ref by Dreamilil
Sunday Sketch 25 | Firefly by Will-Owl-the-Wisp
MLP: Spike and Firefly by KobaltSteel
Firefly - Fanart (In show's said style) by Lauzerity
Its her by whiteGuava
G1 MLP - Fizzy by maiitan
Galaxy G1 by SteveFromPonyland
Gusty by shubasami
Medley by PokeZane
MLP Redesign 1 Mimic by alithepikachu
Handbag made with G1 My Little Pony Fabric by SockJems
Surprise ~ All Smiles by SteveFromPonyland
screenshot redraw by DancinRagdolls
Wind Whistler
MLP Fanart--Wind Whistler by kaikaku
MLP Tales
Mlp G1 Called by yaya54320
Other creatures and humans
Sunny day by 0Ron0
Humanized ponies
COM: For You, Mama Posey by MustLoveFrogs
Lil Holly and Glitter Wishes by NormaLeeInsane
Toys, Plush, Sculpts + Customs
Rainbow Cloud custom by NormaLeeInsane
Screenshots GIFs + Scans
Mlp Comic 83 - Fun at Fizziwhizz Flower Time by KarRedRoses
Adults Only

Mature Content

MLP G1 - Anthro Fizzy Bubbles by Joakaha
G1 MLP Stamp (F2U) by Lauzerity
Stories and Comics
G1 MLP - Valentine's Day Pg2 by maiitan
Salty, Nightglider and Baby Sea Pony by KarRedRoses
Mainsail symbol by CloudyGlow

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All Megan fans, spread the word!
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hi sorry about not responding i was working on college work feel free to put in another request for my art 
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Hi, New to the group. I just got a really baity seashell covered in age spots and with a bad head body mismatch. I will be customizing her soon (after some other project). I can't wait to share her here. Also what G1 pony should I draw next?
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Welcome & good luck with your custom pony project :D
Which pony to draw? Hmm!
G1 Ponies animated avatar icon  artist's choice....follow your heart
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