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All Megan fans, spread the word!
hi sorry about not responding i was working on college work feel free to put in another request for my art 
Hi, New to the group. I just got a really baity seashell covered in age spots and with a bad head body mismatch. I will be customizing her soon (after some other project). I can't wait to share her here. Also what G1 pony should I draw next?
Welcome & good luck with your custom pony project :D
Which pony to draw? Hmm!
G1 Ponies animated avatar icon  artist's choice....follow your heart
  (I'm partial to Perfume Puffs personally) Sweet Suds
Hi there, I'm new to this group. 

I love restoring My Little Ponies and I recently got a bait lot of ponies from ebay who I'm currently restoring. One of the ponies in the lot came without a head... She appears to be a magic message pony (Windy/Magical Breeze) 
I was wondering if anyone knows someone who can possibly reproduce a head for me? Or maybe I should just try to find a donor head for her. I could customize her, but I'd rather find her a new head :D 
Magic Message ponies typically end up as restore ponies when their symbols get rubbed away so it shouldn't be too difficult in finding a replacement head, if you are patient. It's finding a decent body that can be a challenge with that group.
Thanks for your response :) 
Her body is in really good condition. I guess you're right, I'll be patient and keep looking. I'm sure there will be a replacement for her someday, otherwise I'll just customize her :D