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Ask Pirate Dash: The Bury Fever by MykeGreywolf
Funny Bones by Evil-DeC0Y
Whose Character? by Pony-Berserker
Equalism: A Fairy Story by Daniel-SG
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Discord celestia 6 by InkHeartPony03
Celestia Talk 3 by InkHeartPony03
Discord Celestia 1 by InkHeartPony03
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Comic: Pony Washing Instructions - Page 2 by Str1ker878
Entrenando a Twilight by bofirix
Love Is magic Page 64 by GreenBrothersArt
Love Is magic Page 63 by GreenBrothersArt
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Forbidden Tomes by Pony4Koma
Break Free (Comic) by legiot18
Happy Birthday (Comic) by legiot18
Pony-Dragon Relations by Pony4Koma
About CMC
MLP: FiM - Without Magic Part 47 by TheBadFaerie
Uniformity by Toxic-Mario
Conformity by umneem
Attention to Details by Toxic-Mario
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The Pizza Pone and the Sea Cover by JasperPie
Rumble on the Rails Cover by JasperPie
Love Is Magic Cover by GreenBrothersArt
The New Wonderbolt 7 - Going Beyond by Marmorexx
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Beyond our Borders, Chapter 1 - Page 13 by BootsDotEXE
Jasper and Aramau React to The Last Crusade by JasperPie
Jasper Reacts to Between Dark and Dawn (SPOILERS!) by JasperPie
Shady Moves Fluttershy 4 by InkHeartPony03
Official meets OCs
TAEE - Continue (Chapter 040)[Poser] by Naduron0
TAEE - Continue (Chapter 039)[Poser] by Naduron0
TAEE - Continue (Chapter 038)[Poser] by Naduron0
TAEE - Continue (Chapter 037)[Poser] by Naduron0
A Different Kind of Storm King by jongoji245
But Now Is No Time To Mourn. by Deidrax
The End Is Near by Deidrax
Last Line Of Defense by Deidrax
Comic 101: Dress-Up by ZSparkonequus
The monster inside of me page 73 by KonfettiMayhem
JUNIOR GALA p.38: Sunday by MustLoveFrogs
JUNIOR GALA p.37: Shine by MustLoveFrogs
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When Demons Awake - Cap 4 - Pag 7 (English) by J5A4
Contest: Best Comic
The boat debate by Greattie
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Cooking Quest Page 4 Eng by Dormin-DIM
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Welcome to the My Little Comics group!

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Hello, welcome to the second weekly spotlight, right on time exactly seven days after the previous one! (It's been a long week >.>)

Today, we'd like to spotlight...

Gates McCloud is the creator of a whole range of comic series, all based in the CMC 10k universe. The story follows the Cutie Mark Crusaders and the new world they must live in - neverending war from all sides. The Elements have fallen to Discord, Celestia has been overthrown by King Sombra, and all the other characters from the show have also changed in interesting ways.

The style of the comics is similar to the vector style of the actual show, but Gates McCloud still manages to create incredibly original designs. The crystal ponies in particular look great with all the sharp, jagged features that have been added. Giving them a different speech bubble look is another interesting idea.

Because there is so much happening in CMC 10k, each chapter is able to cover entirely different aspects of the story, from prequels to additional storylines. Every page is very detailed and uses many varied poses and panel layouts which also add to the comic overall. The starting point of the whole comic can be found on the right ->

Gates McCloud was nominated by adamlhumphreys this week: :iconadamlhumphreys:
...I found his related side comic The Shadow of Grief particularly interesting as an elaboration of Luna with her inner conversations with NMM among other things. :)

If you know an artist you think deserves to be spotlit, why not nominate them? Submit your nomination here (submission details here).

See you next week! (hopefully)

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