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Gallery Folders

Wei Wuxian by Sumeria
Xie Lian by Uzlya
Old Monk awaits by Ekalita
Thien Quan Tu Phuc by TwinPhanMinh
Wei Ying-Wei Wuxian-Yiling Patriarch
POV: You pissed off Yiling Laozhu by Lovelyfairy28
A solitary dizi under the red moon by nanasibrushes
By your side (Wei Wuxian) by yuyu-finale
cherish him by Rachellindsey8
Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian
Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji from Mo Dao Zu Shi by Mentare
Blood Wedding by OwlVirus
Matryoshka!WangXian (MDZS Fanart) by NaturalAqua
I want to take someone back to the cloud recesses by laharen
Hua Cheng x Xie Lian
hua cheng  tgcf by fondvotre
A Walk by BlackWolfed
Hualian by francis-john
Hualian by Mad-Hatter----X
Luo Binghe x Shen Qingqiu
Luo Binghe and Shen Qingqui from svsss by Mentare
Scumbag Villain by BianZartZ
Scum Villain: Shen Qingqiu x Luo Binghe by FALLEN-BEELZEBUB
Scum Villain: Luo Binghe x Shen Qingqiu by FALLEN-BEELZEBUB
Lan Zhan-Lan Wangji-Hanguang-Jun
Lan Wangji (The Untamed 2nd Anniversary) by yuyu-finale

Mature Content

we write our stories in the sand by yuyu-finale
Borderless by yuyu-finale
white doesn't stay white for long by yuyu-finale
Jiang Cheng-Jiang Wanyin-Sandu Shengshou
Jiang Cheng by nandanevesc
Xicheng week by yong-rein
Pony Jiangcheng by Eriaricheria
Jiang Cheng by Yioshka
Jin Guangyao-Meng Yao-Lianfang-Zun
Crowned by Imperiat
The eyes by anmaai
Sworn Brothers by ghironda
Meng Yao~ by NachtvlinderQueen
He Xuan Lair
Black Magic by solar-sea
Shrouded in gold by solar-sea
Fem MingYi by Ravna-Resta
Training Bone Dragons by solar-sea
Lan Clan
family (unfinished study) by yuyu-finale
Juniors (Mo Dao Zu Shi - The Untamed) by eikojonevans
Lan Sizhui by jt-designs-123
Juniors and bunnies by ghironda
Jiang Clan
Jiang Yanli modern AU by laharen
Jin Clan
Sect Leader Jin Ling by laurinhagc
Nie Clan
Nie Mingjue Plush by PrinceOfRage
Wen Clan
Scary Ghost Ning by OwlVirus
Lan Xichen x Jin Guangyao
My old friend is gone - MDZS by laharen
Lan Xichen x Jiang Cheng
XiCheng: Mornings With You by dancing-icicle
Lan Xichen x Nie Mingjue
Nielan Dreamers by solar-sea
Jiang Cheng x Nie Huaisang
left standing by hazia
Yi City Arc Grasses
Jiangzai by Imperiat
Song Lan x Xiao Xingchen
Wipe the Blood Away by Destroyer-Of-Nations
Xue Yang x Xiao Xingchen
Xuexiao Absolution by solar-sea
Lan Sizhui x Jin Ling
soft by ochellle
Wangxian - CQL Edition
Cat Nap by SweetLittleVampire
Other MDZS Ships
Missed you by Liss-ka
Gen MDZS Art
mdzs DIZI by yong-rein
Gen TGCF Art
Inktober 21.19 Flower Crowned Martial God by Ryhalla
He Xuan x Shi Qingxuan
Shi Qingxuan - Lord Wind Master by DoveStation
He Xuan x Shi Wudu
Here Be Dragons by solar-sea
Quan Yizhen x Yin Yu
To catch the Moon by solar-sea
Other TGCF Couples
  by cs2016
Happy bday Shen qingqiu by yong-rein
Liu Qingge x Shen Qingqiu
Liushen by nandanevesc
Mobei Jun x Shang Qinghua
Scum Villain: Shang Qinghua x Mobei Jun by FALLEN-BEELZEBUB
Yue Qingyuan x Shen Jiu
79 Secret by solar-sea
Other SVSSS Couples
Focus On Me by Sora5005
Gen 2ha Art
Burning Sanctuary by solar-sea
Chu Wanning x Mo Ran
Beau comme le soleil by solar-sea

Mature Content

big cry baby binghe and his shizun by vixenblitzen
Hua Cheng by Mad-Hatter----X
MXTX Multicanon
MXTX couples by blacklioness1
Sketches WIP Doodles
Wei Wuxian by TheNonchalance

• Group Rules •

• Everyone can submit yet members get automatic approval for their submissions :eyes:

• Artworks may contain SPOILERS to their respective novels, beware! ‼️

• NSFW & Mature content is encouraged so the group is exclusively 🔞

• [mdzs] both novel-verse & CQL imagery are allowed :la:

• Single characters art may go to their own or either Gen or clan or pair folders (of couples that feature these charas).

• Cosplay, fanfiction & comics are welcome :woohoo:

• Crossovers & AUs of all kinds are welcome as well :nod:

• Be sure to read our Complete Rules & Folders Guide :la:

Group Info

We are gathering fanart collection inspired by Mòxiāng Tóngxiù | 墨香铜臭 bl-novels:
- Mó Dào Zǔ Shī | 魔道祖师 [Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation]
- Tiān Guān Cì Fú | 天官赐福 [Heaven Official's Blessing]
- Renzha Fanpai Zijiu Xitong | 人渣反派自救系统 [Scum Villain's Self-Saving System]
We also welcome arts for 2ha | 二哈和他的白猫师尊 by Ròu Bāo Bù Chī Ròu | 肉包不吃肉

Tagline: #mdzs #modaozushi #cql #tgcf #tianguancifu #svsss #mxtx #2ha #erha #bl
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Mar 26, 2020


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IMPORTANT :#1: on group running:

:bulletgreen: suggesting to create new folders is always WELCOME!
(generally, any help & advice is greatly appreciated!)

:bulletred: if smth's definitely supposed to work / accept submissions yet it's NOT working / closed for uploads (but you reckon it should be opened) - please contact the founder / co-founders asap (Featured folder is closed for the time being)

:bulletorange: for any suggestions pertaining group management & maintenance pls feel free to contact group admins or the group itself via :note:-notes




Hey there! :wave:
Welcoming everyone who's joined us so far - thank you for sticking with us :hug:

First of all, we'd like to encourage our new members & contributors to not be afraid to submit ye old artworks ('old' as in created prior to March-2020) to group folders!
After all, our goal here is creating a varied collection, so each submission is precious :heart:

We'd gladly send out requests ourselves, however as per the recent DA limitations set for groups, an admin can only request 10 pieces/day, which makes it literally crucial for you as members to freely upload your own works too :#1:

We've also implemented some changes to group galleries:

:star: There're now five individual character folders for WWX, LWJ, JC, JGY and He Xuan :iconlachoirplz:
(We're not so lowkey HX stans, admittedly :lol:)

:star: Removed separate fanfiction folder as there haven't been any incoming submissions yet - the decision for now is: we accept fanfictions to the folders of the couples/charas featured in it. Yup, as simple as this, so if you or your friends are writing mxtx fanfics and are posting it on DA as well (we'd assume most are on ao3 these days) - be welcome to submit them too!

:star: Discovered yet another not-so-fun DA bug feature applying to newly created folders: no matter how we rearrange them in the gallery, in the submission pop-up window they appear by the time they were created (meaning newer folders appear at the bottom even if they're generally more popular with submissions than those higher up in the list). Oh wow.

Didn't know of this particular peculiarity before, so we performed some manual changes in the folders' list for you to have a neat and sweet submission window with more popular folders higher up the list. Yay! :la:

:star: On a whim added couple folders for Jiang Cheng x Wen Qing and a tgcf one for Yin Yu x Quan Yizhen. Remember you're welcome to request a couple folder for any specific couple you're drawing which doesn't have one yet if there's like several arts of it already lurking in the 'other couples' folders :nod:

:jester: A fun (yet weird) observation: since our members are using DA from different platforms we've received several shout-outs so far considering same folders being closed for some - and for others being the only ones open! (Same folder, literally).

:jester: So far we've went through folder permissions thrice, yet as glitches are unpredictable - we encourage you be extra-attentive while on mobile (and on Eclipse, especially!! :fear:) - and please let us know of such bugs asap so we at least can figure where the trouble lurks (and hopefully fix it!)

That's about it for now, thanks for reading and have a nice day :sun:
Please take care :huggle:
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