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I’ll be “closing” this account, as in leaving it inactive and all without actually deactivating it because who knows I might need something or whatever. But yeah, I’m moving on from those who has hurt me and who I have hurt. I apologize for how I was in the past and I’ll try to get better with the best of my ability from now on. If y’all wanna watch me, go to Glitchfly, that’s my new account. But please... Just don’t spread any bad rumor about me using it to stalk people or anything because I don’t do that anymore. That’s all in the very distant past. Also, I have a Discord server as well and I promise I’ll keep it up. I’ll hand my ownership over to someone else suitable for the position if I ever go haywire. Feel free to invite people over as it’s pretty much public now! 🖤
nightmare-puppet Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2019
I think it is good that you are moving away from this and all the bad stuff you associate with it. If you are okay with it I followed the new account. Hope things work out for you.
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January 14