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Xel Reference

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Published: April 18, 2018
Xel Sound Rivet

May 15th, 1994
Squaretown, Cubeland




120+ lbs



  • Music
  • High-tech stuff
  • Traveling
  • Candy
  • Country stuff
  • Spiders
Part-time actor and part-time mechanic


  • Plasma Guns: They're little transformers that can quickly change from being a regular head-crest and chest-crest to being laser guns whenever he draws them out. The way they transform is kinda like how a self-folding origami paper would work. The 'bullets' are bright red. Don't let their size and simple design fool ya, they're pretty dangerous and can cause some pretty fair damage.
  • Superhuman Hearing: Can hear about everything from five to fifteen miles if not focusing on anything specific at that moment, it may sound like a lot to take in but he was built with it and if you ask him if he can hear someone whispering at even the quietest tone at the distance of a football field through all those football players clashing against each other and fans shouting, he can hear it pretty well and tell you the exact things they were saying with very little to no issues.
  • Voice/Noise Impersonation: It was used to trick enemies into thinking they heard a certain someone else such as their own queen while hiding nearby, but now he mostly uses it for fun and even occasional emergency cases. He can impersonate about anyone or even anything that can make sounds, which is why he lives up to his middle name. He can even save every sound that came in and out as evidences or even for fun. He has an USB of the matching shade inside the back of his head to use on about any desktop.

  • He has gotten pretty good at acting and voicing as various types of people (even monsters).
  • Despite being rather distrustful towards strangers, he'd be willing to try and help you out especially if you need help with anything related to machines. He would succeed in fixing something up for people most of times.
  • He is pretty clever, especially when it comes to him getting stuck in tight spots or sticky situations or something like that.

  • Water can make him short-circuit out if he stays in it for too long. Kinda like an iPhone.
  • Isn't as strong as you may think despite him being well-built.
  • Gum or anything sticky being stuck in his system would cause it to fry out, possibly leaving him heart-dead.
  • His battery life tends to run out pretty quickly if he gets too active within a short period of time. Once it happens, he would stop moving and shut down. He needs to 'eat' energy or be forced to eat some before getting back to normal.

  • Has some sort of trauma towards candy just like his brother and cousin does, so he'd most likely freak out or get overly dramatic over it even if you just mention it in front of him.
  • Since one of his personality traits is pessimistic, he can get pretty negative about certain things that may have something to do with his past or just simple dislikes at times. Heck, he keeps seeing the worst in himself because of what he did to Oild in the past, which was an accident.
  • Has the tendency to try and keep certain types of people he dislikes or thinks are bad news away from his twin brother and close friends. Overprotective much, hmm?
Long story short (since the history is kinda dark),
He, along with his twin brother, was created to be spy robots. One day, along with their brainy cousin, Vap, and first close friend, Oild, they were sent to some huge war between their kingdom and another kingdom (Garbia's Kingdom, I'd say) and basically posed as ones of Queen Garbia's royal helpers to build up her trust in order to get the information they needed. Everything was going pretty well for a while... Till something happened; a loyal helper of Garbia's has caught Oild sneaking very close to the exit with all the files in her arms and immediately took her to the queen. How did she get caught? Oh yeah, Xel was the one who spilled the beans by accident. Later, the queen turned Oild into candy and ate her- Alive... While the Rivets were forced to watch. As a result, of course, they were traumatized. In the end, the Rivets quit their job together to seek a new chapter of life in a completely new place.

Other Notes
  • Those extra guns on his chest are often used by his twin brother, Xal, in case of emergencies and such.
  • He couldn't ever actually swear, trust me. He'd only use terms such as 'flipping pancakes', 'ratholes', 'kick in the moons', and such.
  • Despite being nearly the polar opposite of his twin brother and often getting into fights with him, he's pretty close to Xal so don't expect him to betray him that easily.

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They all belong to me!~
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ufopilotsStudent Digital Artist
I love how he and Xal are even opposites in some personality and preference perspectives lol
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Mx-NobodyHobbyist General Artist
I know right?!

I used to make them pretty much similar though but now I worked hard to try and make them different yet that doesn't take away the fact that they're very close to each other. >w<