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Xal Reference
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Published: April 18, 2018
Xal Vision Rivet

May 15th, 1994
Squaretown, Cubeland




120+ lbs


-Mostly carefree

  • Femininity
  • Nature
  • Learning new things

  • Candy
  • Bad vibes
  • Fighting

Part-time actor and freelance makeup/costume artist

  • Holographic Disguises: It was used to trick enemies into giving him the information he used, but now he mostly uses it for fun and even occasional emergency cases. His chest-crest, which is another device used for the same thing, is almost always used by his twin brother and sometimes even his cousin.
  • Laser Eyes: Eyes close in quickly right before shooting laser; could be used to cut a way in or out, shoot at enemies, and such.
  • Superhuman Vision: He lives up to his middle name; he can see about everything from five to fifteen miles with his camera/binocular-like eyes. He can also take pictures/videos with them as evidences, but it can also be done just for fun. Just think of it as how a professional camera works; he has a normal white camera USB inside the back side of his head and he just pulls it out to use on about any desktop.

  • Is pretty talented when it comes to pretending to be someone else, especially females. He's doing pretty alright at his new job as a growing actor in his new home at the moment.
  • Good at helping anyone, even random strangers, with certain things.
  • Is extremely skilled with makeups, wig-making/hairstyling, fashion-designing, and such. Most of times, he would do it on other people though.

  • Water can make him short-circuit out if he stays in it for too long. Kinda like an iPhone.
  • Isn't as strong as you may think despite him being well-built.
  • Gum or anything sticky being stuck in his system would cause it to fry out, possibly leaving him heart-dead.
  • His battery life tends to run out pretty quickly if he gets too active within a short period of time. Once it happens, he would stop moving and shut down. He needs to 'eat' energy or be forced to eat some before getting back to normal.

  • Despite being mostly carefree, he almost always gets scared/jumped easily even at the sight of a simple image of a female human looking like a vampire at first. Think of it like how Shaggy and Scooby were in that good ol' show.
  • Tends to be overly silly and weird all the time so don't expect him to be serious except for when he's at funerals, dealing with candy-lovers, hearing about some heart-breaking news, or stuff like that.
  • Would show off some sort of bad, sassy attitude at some of times he sees or hears something he doesn't like (Which is kinda rare but it still happens).

Long story short (since the history is kinda dark),
He, along with his twin brother, was created to be spy robots. One day, along with their brainy cousin, Vap, and first close friend, Oild, they were sent to some huge war between their kingdom and another kingdom (Garbia's Kingdom, I'd say) and basically posed as ones of Queen Garbia's royal helpers to build up her trust in order to get the information they needed. Everything was going pretty well for a while... Till something happened; a loyal helper of Garbia's has caught Oild sneaking very close to the exit with all the files in her arms and immediately took her to the queen. How did she get caught? Oh yeah, Xel was the one who spilled the beans by accident. Later, the queen turned her into candy and ate her- Alive... While the Rivets were forced to watch. As a result, of course, they were traumatized. In the end, the Rivets quit their job together to seek a new chapter of life in a new place.

Other Notes
  • While it may seem off that he is so happy-go-lucky and carefree those days even though he and his family were forced to watch Oild get killed, he is actually quite as heart-broken as his family was by it. Unlike his twin brother though, he's just not showing it that much. Also, he often tries to move on from it by being silly and random most of times and thinking about good things.
  • He couldn't ever actually swear, trust me. He'd only use terms such as 'flipping pancakes', 'ratholes', 'kick in the moons', and such.
  • Despite being nearly the polar opposite of his twin brother and often getting in fights with him, he's pretty close to Xel so don't expect him to betray him that easily.
  • He has a white rabbit pet (named Pearl) at home, he does bring her along with him while traveling sometimes though.

Xel Reference by Mx-Nobody <--- Xel
Glitchy Reference by Mx-Nobody <--- Glitchy

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