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My Sona (Main Form) by Mx-Nobody My Sona (Main Form) by Mx-Nobody

~All Origins

~Chaotic Neutral

~713 years old (July 31, 1305)


~Only 1 1/2 tall (Though can grow up to 5'4")

~Pixie of Imagination

~Imagination Manipulation

~Deaf (Using some sort of telepathy to communicate with others)

~Loves robots/aliens/occult stuff/etc., Gothic stuff, science fiction/paranormal media, arachnids/insects/snakes/bats, and making new things

~Hates people who hate others for trying to be themselves (mostly things like racism, sexism, transphobia, etc.), being fat and gross, witches (but they keep that last one to themselves most of times), being chased by thirsty dudes/listening to them confess their "feelings" to them, and being restricted from doing what they liked for ridiculous reasons

~Drawing, learning new things, using technology about 24/7

~Creative Thinker

~Outspoken, anxious, curious, artistic, and caring

~Usually wears Gothic clothes, mostly black, and simple yet artistic makeups

~Shopping addict, self-taught artist, and an art student at ECU

~Has severe anxiety and depression, as well as PTSD

~Damage their consciousness and they wouldn't be able to do much with their imagination powers and gold can kill them

    In London, Venthizonxa was created by a lone demon named Karth Dakusouru, who also created a tiny teddy ghoul in order to keep the pixie protected and named him Ruby as well as he connected the teddy ghoul’s soul to Venthizonxa’s to keep Ruby alive and well. He’s rather close to the pixie and even considered them to be his own child. Venthizonxa looked up to him as their own father. They’re like two peas in a pod together... Almost as if they’re typical twin siblings.

    However, Karth was a fool for women, especially very manipulative and cruel ones. In fact, he was even foolish enough to let a manipulative and controlling witch in his life and eventually destroyed his father-child relationship with Venthizonxa and nearly killed Ruby, leaving the pixie and demon scarred for life as Venthizonxa fought the creator and his wife almost to death out of utter anger and disappointment before fleeing the scene with a mob chasing after them.

    Unfortunately, they were found and brought to an ancient temple far away from home and sealed her powers away. They had been there for exactly 700 years until a pair of robot twins went exploring in the area when they noticed some shadowy movements coming from the temple and went in, finding the pixie trapped in a rusty glass cube and setting them free. Venthizonxa was still mentally thirteen years old when that happened and they nicknamed themselves as Mixas for obvious reasons.

True Form:

Towering by Fearcrowz
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glacione Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
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