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Glitchy Reference
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Published: July 20, 2018
Dicentra Ruby Key (Glitchy as a nickname)

May 12th, 2000
Near Code City, Codinity


Rovakian Glitch in a Codian body
(Rovakians and Codians are some of my own closed species)


160+ lbs



  • Kaijus (Especially Mothra)
  • Traveling
  • Fashion

  • Pizzas
  • Prideful ones
  • Government

An unknown heroine and a student at ECU (Eastern Codinity University)

  • Glitching
    • Possesses almost anything that is considered electronic/electric
      • Limitation: Gotta leave her Codian body in order to do that so it can be risky in certain situations
    • Controls technos as if they're her own army but only for a little while depending on how big they are
      • Limitation: If they're too big, it will drain a lot of her energy and probably damage her health
    • Rips open a glitchy portal to get something from it or put something in it or to jump through it
      • Limitation: May not get what she wants, may send her to random places instead of certain ones that she wants
    • Changes her own form by 'glitching' her own image
      • Limitation: Can't change to too many forms as she's confined to her Codian body at the moment so she can only do little things like markings, certain features, and such
  • Mallet (18th birthday gift from her father and her aunt, Infinity)
    • The Rubik's Cube-like tip is about eight pounds
    • It's made out of very strong glossy ruby-colored metals foreign to Earth
    • It can conjure into a scythe and an axe

  • Tends to be very honest with herself and others as well, because if she does lie she wouldn't keep lying for so long and would most likely admit the truth in the end
  • Pretty logical and is able to solve problems logically in many situations
  • Fairly strong; given her weapon is a little more than eight pounds she has been working out and does pretty well in some fights

  • Kinda short-sighted and it's worse in the dark
  • Intolerant to many kinds of things that are commonly found in foods such as pizza, ice cream, spaghetti, etc.
  • Her glitches sometime act up and cause her to go haywire

  • Anxiety and glitches often get in the way of her trying to get to know new people and stuff like that, it may get pretty frustrating real fast (glitches sometime cause her to get violent with little to no warnings)
  • Has the tendency to lash out at others if they push her over the edge, which wouldn't take as much; her patience is very, very low
  • Has the common phobias: Nyctophobia (Dark) and Claustrophobia (Small spaces), it often prevents her from doing what she needs/wants to do.

Glitchy was born to a lesser-known inventor, Zerome Gear Key, and a powerful sorceress, Selena White, with some of those Rovakian Glitches in her system that mutated her Codian DNA and combined it with those superpowers and some sort of a giant alien beelike insect. Though she had yet to learn the fact that she had those powers till at the age of seven, when her mother decided to tell her the brutal truth; Glitchy's DNA was tampered with by the Rovakian royal scientists when she was still in Selena's womb and she had to learn how to use the powers with her mother's help if she wanted to defend herself against them or anyone else who may want to harm her in the future. Glitchy only ended up making so many mistakes with those powers and got into a lot of unnecessary drama that she, at being eleven years old, got exiled from Codinity and she was ordered, by the Codian king himself, to be sent to a so-called therapeutic program for mixed species with emotional/mental challenges. Glitchy realized she was going to stay there till further notice so she decided to conceal her powers and just went along with whatever she needed to do. Little did she know though... Glitchy was immediately locked away in a small room without much of any source of light. Of course, she eventually managed to get out of the facility by using her powers to break the light bulb and set the building on fire before escaping with some injuries and PTSD. She didn't come back to her family for a while till she turned sixteen.

Other Notes
  • Whenever she exceeds the use of her superpower, her eyes bleed black stuff (which is her Codian blood). And no, that's not oil.
  • She has to eat BOTH ways; her kind's way and the Codian way. Because if she doesn't eat Codian food (which includes human food as well), her body will starve and die and she would have to move to another body which takes a lot of work and she really likes that body so nah. If she doesn't eat her own food (which is data and most other virtual things), her energy level will drop and she will go dormant.
  • She used to hate the idea of falling in love. She was pretty pessimistic about it at the moment due to her seeing how the society was and how much pain her friends and other relatives, such as Xal and Xel, had been through. That was, till she met Edwin, a travelling Shadestone, and eventually fell for him.

Xal Reference by Psyche-Mixas <--- Xal
Xel Reference by Psyche-Mixas <--- Xel
Edwin OCT ref by werecatkid17 <--- Edwin

They belong to me except for Edwin, of course, he belongs to my lovely world twin werecatkid17
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i knew it was strange i could not find this ref!
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Yeah, it's because I was still working on this one when you were doing the meme thing and then I finished it just in time. ^^;

The other two, the Rivet twins, were already done, but they haven't been posted to this group till I made sure it's okay to post them all.

It makes sense why you couldn't find this reference till now so yeah.
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