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JellHead Anniversary MYO Event | CLOSED



It's our 2nd year Anniversary month and a brand new year!
To celebrate it, we are hosting a MYO Event as a thanks for sticking by, for both already members and also to welcome new members in!

Everyone is allowed to enter for a MYO!

>Check out the Toyhouse thread instead, for more organized info!

How to Enter?

Since we are mainly hosted on the website, it is a requirement to create an account there!
Entering the MYO Event is very simple!

1. Create and register an account.
Make sure that you verify yourself,
by connecting your DA, Twitter or Tumblr Account to yours!

2.Spread the News
It's more fun to celebrate with others!
Share this Post in anywhere or in a journal!

3. Fill out the Form
Post it in the comments and bump!
A Staff member will check your form and grant you your new MYO!

4. Optional Additional goodies
If you want a different grade MYO or even mutations
you can follow the steps below!




Hybrid MYO - Share on 3 Platforms
Extinct MYO - 6€ / 630 da pts
Limited [20] Mythical MYO - 10€ / 1050 da pts

Extra Mutations:
+1 Mutation for every 3 tags (max 2 mutations)
+1 Mutation for every extra share on different platform (max 2 mutations)
+1 Mutation for joining our Discord


MYO Form

Please fill out this form and follow the steps on the right!
Once done, post the form in the comments below
You will be granted a Normal MYO, once filled out.
Fulfilling additional requirements can get you
a higher MYO and Mutations.
Please make sure to reply to the right comment

FORM Username:
Shared Post Links:
MYO Upgrade?:
Joined Discord?(opt)?:


Your MYO is untradeable, until designed!
You also have unlimited time to design your MYO!



To celebrate, we also have 2 free designs, up in a raffle and a Draw to Adopt!
The only requirement is having a JellHeads Account to enter for either or both of them!
You can enter yourself for the Raffle for 1 ticket!
For the Draw to Adopt, you just have to draw the JellHead below.
You can enter as many times you want, winner will be picked based on their effort but also their interest.
Deadline 31 january 2022
>Draw to adopt



Whether you take part at the MYO Event or not,
everyone starts off with a free Starter gift!

The Starter gift contains an additional free Mini MYO and some small goodies to start off your Journey!
And for a limited time, 100 Lucky petals are available in the gift shop, for every user to claim max 5 off!
>Gift Shop
>Starter Guide

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