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Wings on Indi's Pillow :iconmwiings:mwiings 0 3
Indigo Sunset
Indigo Sunset
By Claudie Muchindu
The moonlight crept into the large warm room, landing on a bare foot that had escaped from a vibrant red and brown quilt. The foot belonged to Noora Kim, she was sprawled across a couch that was not designed to be slept in but was not necessarily uncomfortable.
She had fallen asleep trying to read a copy of an 18th century Portuguese poem written by a traveller to ancient China which now lay on the floor. Her plan was to translate it and then make her way to bed but she soon found that it made no sense to her. The notes on this copy of the poem had Arabic notes and she only had a basic level of spoken Arabic and had more of an inability to read it than anything else. The document was useless to her and for quite a few of minutes she wished her mother had been more forceful in getting her to learn the language. Her mother had tried to get her to be literate in it and Korean but Noora believed that European languages were her path to a future with opport
:iconmwiings:mwiings 2 6
Battered tears, shed not here,
Dreams hold answers
I shall refuse to wake.
Hot palms run courses
Sweat yearns to leave.
I’ll guide you on a journey
Only, if you let me lead
Take my hand
Lay it to rest, put it…here
Rivers shall run, for floodgates
You have opened
Perfumes come in bottles but
Tonight we create a new scent.
What’s yours and mine will cease to be.
What will be shall bring a new eternity.
Lay your lips on unmarked skin,
One day a virgin shall be no more.
Today we lay and stars shall dance,
Heaven shall weep for the beauty we create
I’ll make love to you tonight.
Wrap me in arms strong enough to hold,
My legs have strength, only you shall know
I’ll make love to you tonight.
In a chorus only we know,
Sing with me, my bedmate.
In my dreams, pleasures will you feast
When I awake, My hunger alone shall I
:iconmwiings:mwiings 0 5
Mind games
Thinking I could play, no manual in hand
I rolled my die and watched them land
Honesty they proclaimed, no truths shall be hidden
Discretion, they whispered, no truths you shared
Convinced I was of seeing what only the blind can affirm
I let my heart fly, not knowing if I had enough room to land
Its not a virgin flight, I know this journey
I’ve made it once.
I cannot love in moderation
Shy away not from my loose tongue
I’ll spell the words I refuse to write
Love has impaled me and I need it to run its course
Yet I cannot sit in the shade of a seed
Planted only yesterday
I have waited for you before
I’ll wait for you still
I imagined what I hoped I could hold
Hate cannot flow in your direction
For you have wronged me not
Keep it that way, silence may you give me.
Make me not the woman who wretches you from another
I’ll demand not what I cannot even voice
I know the game now for what it truly is
And the truth, my dear…
I still want to play.
:iconmwiings:mwiings 1 8
Shrouded not in mists of darkness,
Slumbering continent; Awaken!
Stooped in history, crippled by it not.
Seeking, an identity, forged by the self.
To the North, Imam’s advise, heal and guide
Bishops and Father’s dole solace to the South
No longer unchartered, but untamed still.
Divided by a past, not yet re-written
Unavoidable, unpleasant, time’s reminders still loom
Having scarred no more bodies,
Those who bled have long been dead;
The rot of the mind all that remains.
Divisions long held are oft hard to shed.
To accept borders not drawn by one’s own hand,
Led to believe ‘truth’ deigned by others,
Resentment and anger an unfortunate child borne.
To forget ‘ubuntu’ centennials of bloodshed required,
How can it be awoken in a wink of time?
Yet creep, as a snail to a meal. Remember
Remember April 1994,
Rwanda cried builder’s tears -
Builders? Those who could birth a nation fell first.
Harbouring mental hatred
:iconmwiings:mwiings 2 8
Starlight Breeze
Bashful gargoyles resting on uneasy eaves
Tortured with cruel indulgent jest
Aware yet dismally silent
Mourning forgotten hopes
Xanthippe Queen praises zinnober vanity.
Kisses, linger not.
:iconmwiings:mwiings 0 3
Secret Senses
I wept a forest of lonely trees
Hidden in gloves of sinful desires
I’m searching for a vision
Yet I have not seen
Your words make me promises
Only I ever hear
My secrets beat a tune
My heart alone shall ever know
Our touch will never meet
For your skin is not mine to claim
Another warms your bed
While broken dreams scatter my pillow
I stand in air you leave behind
Grasping to keep a scent I can call mine
Deny me it all and never grant a wish
Unaware you have me on a leash
Your taste I’ll never know
The tags on your hands hare not my name
I cannot take what has not been given
I’ll whisper my words
For your ears have no power to hear
Words I have, that should not be spoken.
:iconmwiings:mwiings 1 6
Jacket Pocket
I hid a story in my jacket pocket
It had a maid and a maiden and
3 roses not yet in bloom
My goblet spilt over in 7 random truths
Encircled in the profanity of our union
I’ll find 2 hearts bleeding 1
Heaven has told no lies, my lips have not moved
We imagine what we will for the light comes with shadows
Stagnant pools shelter no dreams
Hear my whispers of troubled synergies
The meek shall inherit what proud leave behind
Man shall lay asunder all Good puts to rest
Remind you yet of a story in my pocket
For I lost it all
Through a hole I forgot to stitch
:iconmwiings:mwiings 1 2
Giving Birth to Natti
Natti’s Waking
Natti had a secret she never could share
When the moon winked though her curtains
A snake would crawl into her bed
A snake with rough hands and skin wrapped in sweat
A long thick tongue danced with blunt teeth in a pit of spit
Into her skin the medley would go
They’d always mark their trail
But his lips would always insist
‘This is nothing but a game’
Above his snake hands, sat broad shoulders
For this snake was built as solidly as a wall
When the moon shone and liquor warmed his heart
He’d come in to play
His tongue wove tales of love and devotion
His eyes refused to see the abundance of her emotion
Her tears mingled with his for they often cried together
He must have shed his old skin
For he has come to share
And tonight, it’s a taste for something new
Into her sheets with pink frills and purple dolls
Taking space she has already made warm
He has come to take what she is not yet ready to give
His hand covers her belly
Makes her face
:iconmwiings:mwiings 8 50
Twice I called to say words
I know you never want to hear.
Twice you answered
And my tongue,
Tied with regret
Could say nothing
Of the love
I have lost for you.
I gave more
Than I was willing to give
I shared
Less than you wanted
The weight bore down
And soon I forgot how to breathe
You gave more
Than you should
In my currency
It wasn’t enough
My heart was never yours
Yet I hold yours when I never asked for it.
:iconmwiings:mwiings 1 11
I let a man in today
I showed him where to sit
He stayed too long and I regret
Not telling him to leave
He ate what was mine
He gave nothing in return
It wasn’t for lack of want
But for the loss inside
Now I sit
In the seat that’s now his
And hope and pray that
Tomorrow he will bring
What was never his to take
:iconmwiings:mwiings 1 12
Sex and Meat
I have a gift I’d like to share. Its my ability to tell a story. To weave a tale you and I can share. I have one I would like to share with you if you’ll let me. It’s a tale of Bill and Kyla. It isn’t a love story, it’s a life story. A short life story. This tale is not as boring as your own existence, I assure you. Bill and Kyla are as East and West but go together as sweet and sour. They have found what we all hope we can catch, if only for a moment.
I guess I should tell you of how they met. The details aren’t that important. What is though is that she picked him. She chose him before he even knew he could be chosen. While he was merely a mortal, ordinary man, she was a Goddess; for lack of a better word. She could have had her pick of more extraordinary men but the thing with Goddesses is, they select people to worship them. It does one no good not to be worshipped when you know you deserve it at the very least.  Separate, they were as
:iconmwiings:mwiings 0 12
Feathered Sisters
The caged bird sings because she knows she is being heard. It is a strange thing to sing because you have to. She doesn’t know words that could move her own spirit. Her free sister, on the other hand, sings  because she has a song she wishes to fly on wings as real as her own. She knows the sound of her own voice and it is strong and has a whisper of something more than reality that her caged sister shall never know.
You have to fly to know what it feels like to fall. That is the nature of things. You can only know what you learn and the caged bird cannot learn to fly. Perhaps she can, but to soar and trust in her wings? That, she lacks the spirit to accomplish. Its not her fault. She’s known the gilded bars her existence and longer. Part of her wants to know what lies beyond her cold, priceless barriers but if she acknowledges the world beyond her bars; she will have to acknowledge that she has not been alive. Crooning for others isn’t a healthy existence when
:iconmwiings:mwiings 0 5
Bathtub V2
I didn’t want to die
I just didn’t want to hear the silence
It’s a deafening sound through and through
To hear the nothing that completely surrounds you
What’s worse; possibly?
Than the silence from without
Is knowing that there is no sound
That resides in the caves within
I needed your voice
You didn’t call
I needed to feel you
You didn’t come
I didn’t want to die
I just didn’t want to hear the silence
It’s a deafening sound through and through
To hear the nothing that completely surrounds you
I picked you and you alone
To help me make a sound, any sound
A sound my heart has forgotten it can make
You have the tools to bring me back to life
You jump started what was deeper than sleep
When you placed your hand on my back
Yet like a pacer I need you to be there
To regulate what can often forget to tick
I needed your voice
You didn’t call
I needed to feel you
You didn’t come
I didn’t want to die
I just
:iconmwiings:mwiings 0 2
I didn’t want to die
I just didn’t want to hear the silence
It’s a deafening sound through and through
To hear the nothing that surrounds you
What’s worse; possibly
Than the silence from without
Is knowing that there is no sound
That comes from within you
I needed your voice
You didn’t call
I needed to feel your breath
You didn’t come
I didn’t want to die
I just didn’t want to hear the silence
It’s a deafening sound through and through
To hear the nothing that surrounds you
I picked you and you alone
To help me make a sound
A sound my heart has forgotten it can make
You have the tools to bring my heart back to life
You jump started my heart
When you placed your hand on my back
Yet like a pacer I need you to be there
Forever and for always
I needed your voice
You didn’t call
I needed to feel your breath
You didn’t come
I didn’t want to die
I just didn’t want to hear the silence
It’s a deafe
:iconmwiings:mwiings 0 6
Prelude's Dance
Worship the Goddess of Desire, tonight we pray at her altar
I won’t give you my hand; no symbolism will live where none exists
What happens tonight will not transcend our bodies
Tonight, to save our hearts a torrential fall we shall dine on an illicit feast
The cold wind shall blow
Neither of us shall know her reprimanding whisper
We know we cannot linger here but indulge we shall
Yet indulge…we must
The ring on your finger reflects my bare third;
Both bound to partners who lie in cold lonely beds while we sweat in each others arms
There’s no love lost and none has to be
All that’s here is a calling we both must answer
Tonight we shall ask the stars not to weep
As we send our dreams to an eternal sleep
Draw the drapes, the moon’s glance is not welcome here
Let the sin begin.
:iconmwiings:mwiings 0 4

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deviantArt strives to provide a category for every type of prose, however sometimes the definition of a particular piece might be difficult. So to aid your submission we're going to spend some time going over some of the most misunderstood fiction categories deviantArt provides.
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Truth and Lies: Nonfiction Prose
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Poetry, Prose: Who Knows?
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What is Literature?
Well, one can answer that question in any number of ways stemming from the very academic to the very pejorative, but I like to settle on something simplistic.  Literature is art in the form of written expression.  It usually (but not always) deals with a particular subject and often strives for an audience of interested and like-minded folk.  So if you are using words as your artistic tools, then the Literature gallery is the gallery for you!
Are there different types of Literature?
Again, this question can become needlessly and quickly complicated.  To avoid
:icongeneratinghype:GeneratingHype 186 148
Mature content
I want :iconmsjames:MSJames 21 52
Sick With It by Disassembly-Boy Sick With It :icondisassembly-boy:Disassembly-Boy 323 98
and then, ruins
I want the salt-mine across your skin.                                                           
My tongue aches.
:iconspanishrubi:spanishrubi 3 30
Lady Sakura by Dahlieka Lady Sakura :icondahlieka:Dahlieka 1,918 190 softer side by sophiaazhou softer side :iconsophiaazhou:sophiaazhou 43 30
Empowering the Woman Within - Contest
We are princesses. We are nurses and doctors on demand.  We are up all night when our lil one is sick, kissing them and making them all better. We are 5 star chefs preparing all family meals.  We are nutritionists.  We are fashion experts. We are counsellors and psychologists. We listen to our children and partners when they confide in us. We are thinkers. We are finance experts. We drive multibillion dollar economies. We are mothers. We are women. We have it in our power to move and change the world.
However sadly many of us are still undereducated, underprivileged, underpaid and abused throughout their lifetime. We constantly get put down in the world that is still trying to learn that we are equal to men. We still elect men to tell us what we can do and what we cannot.  There is a relatively small percentage of women managers, not even to speak of the CEOs. There is a number of women being killed every year for having insufficient dowries, lot
:iconsandrapelly:SandraPelly 205 142
Never forget Rwanda
Never forget Rwanda
It was the mother and the tone of her voice
as she recalled the night her family,
twelve children, a husband were butchered
because bullets were too expensive
and a heritage wasn’t exact,
the difference in shades of blue.
In the untranslatable language
of grief and despair you could hear
the silent swing of a blade
and the wet echo that followed
the screams that burned
deeper than history, for ages it seems
her tears— the ones she used to cry
drip down a hate-scarred face
splattered memories; wondering if she
would survive; hoping she wouldn’t
and yet she sits here today
recalling all those horrors to someone
who will never understand
much less know, just how profound
the words of an old woman
aged by the blood of her children
can cut so deep an true,
beyond the borders laid out by man.
:iconmsjames:MSJames 7 53
All Blacks by mcginess All Blacks :iconmcginess:mcginess 11 6 the face by obajackson the face :iconobajackson:obajackson 51 14
Sketch of Gabriella
her two hands make a canoe
atop the lake water; quiet,
                                              steady bone
her scarf becomes a branch, snagging
on her shoulder, until it is wind-swept away                                 
her mouth is loose, partly
opened, trying words                                 
:iconspanishrubi:spanishrubi 9 17
Girl with the Veil
Girl with a veil why do you cover up so?
Why is that you don't let one strand of hair show?
Don't you feel sad and oppressed from within?
You need to be liberated and show some skin.
You cover up your beauty and no man can see
All the curves on your body that make you pretty
You wear loose clothes and show no flesh
You must feel awfully suppressed!
Don't you feel jealous of all the girls you see?
My short skirt, tank top, and bikini…
Aren't you ever hot out in the blazing sun?
I wonder how you ever have any fun?
I feel bad for you and hope you'll see
That you are backwards and CAN break free
Thanks for your input it was indeed moving
Actually let me correct myself, it was quite amusing
You see this so called girl you like to call oppressed
Actually woke up this morning and CHOSE how to dress
I washed my face, brushed my teeth and took a shower
Put my socks on, clothes and shoes in just under an hour!
Except one thing was different than your day, I chose
:iconqueenofmecca:QueenOfMecca 41 29
So You Wanna Be a Writer?
Many writers profess their desire to be novelists or poets, and sometimes even journalists, but very few--indeed, even those sitting with Creative Writing degrees, know what other options are out there for someone gifted with words.  Your old Alma Mater wasn't lying when they said you could do "anything" with an English Literature degree, but they may have been leaving out much of the story.
For writers, especially those trying to break into the publishing business, the world is a daunting (and often depressing) place.  Securing a literary agent is almost necessary in today's oversaturated market and, while many publishers are still looking for the 'next big thing' or a new revival of the ever-dying 'literary fiction', just as many are happy to continuing publishing texts that make money.  Do not lose hope, however!  Publishing the Great American Novel is not the only way to call yourself a writer, and sometimes you can slip in through the back d
:iconwordcount:WordCount 389 98
~Eveningdownpour's Workshop: Nonfiction Poetry
In this news article: :star: Important announcement! |:star:  Results of apocathary’s Workshop on Magic Realism |:star: EveningDownpour's Workshop: Nonfiction Poetry | On Accepting Critique | Want to make us a stamp? | First time you've heard of *Writers-Workshop? This section is for you.
Important Announcement
It is with my greatest pleasure to congratulate my Writers-Workshop co-owner lovetodeviate on her new position as a Gallery Director for Literature. Not only is Aditi a fantastic person, a good friend and hard worker, but she cares about the literature community deeply, regardless of who people are, their ability as a writer or their background. On behalf of all the members of this group, we couldn’t be happier for her and know she will do well in this role. The best of luck to you Aditi! :heart:
Don’t worry folks, she is still going to be hanging around the workshop too :)
apocathary's Workshop: Results
:iconwriters-workshop:Writers-Workshop 25 26


  • Listening to: The aircon hum and my keyboard dance
  • Reading: Coud Atlas by David Mitchell
Hello World!

I am working on being more productive offline and so far I do have my first fantasy novel (first fantasy anything really, always thought of myself as a "literary" writer) plotted out, (another first coz I usually just work by inspiration) but actually writing it out is experience. Events not in the plot come up and feel like they belong so I leave them in and I wonder how long the editing process will be... and due to certain themes I am not sure it will be YA when I am done... seems an adult novel... no romance but there is a sex element going on... some violence of course... we'll see as the pages turn.

Oh... and in December I am going to Japan for two weeks.  Its something I have dreamt of for years and put off coz I am such a "practical person" but you only live once and I need to do something so entirely selfish that it knocks something about in my heart.

Anywho, back to the daily grind.

I have missed DA.


Artist | Literature
Current Residence: Lusaka
Favourite genre of music: Whatever the moon determines shall bless my ears and heart
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever imagery inspires me
Favourite cartoon character: Ariel from the Little Mermaid, no I dont know why :D
Personal Quote: Bravery is merely applauded stupidity


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Hey, Merry Christmas! Can't believe it's only 10 days away!

Got another contract from Paramount so am very pleased, and have submitted more of my stuff to them, so am hoping that by the New Year, I'll have another contract if they like what they see.

Hope you have a fantastic & safe Xmas.
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Sorry for the late reply, year ends are brutal for me.

Thats a wonderful Christmas present to yourself!

Here's to a wonderful 2011!
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