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MWEntIndustries's Profile Picture
MW Ent. Industries
United States
An aspiring company which produces comics, graphic novels, manga, novels, short stories, poems, music, plays, video games, board games, card games, and LARPG's. We hope to inject our own doses of innovation, quality, passion, diversity in characters, and variety in releases into multiple forms of media.

Some of our planned major titles include Shadowkat, The Emissaries of Justice, The Odyssey: Initiation, Paladin, Photon, Raptor, Nightclaw, Team 5, Arch Eagle, Star Ninja, Chaos Corps, His Flame, Tome of Avarice, The Manager, Blood Moon & Ether, The Elementalists, Midnight Owl, Tyron, Fatherland, Metamorphic Trials 101, Rampage, Razor, Paladins of Order, Justice Department, Grift, Nightshade, and C.E.: Cutting Edge. Some of our core characters include Shadowkat, Photon, Split Sec, Jonah Kingston, White Ibis, Ankh, Decibelle, Maalik, Sensei Earl, Raptor, Nightclaw, Titanix, Arch Eagle, Cutting Edge, Obelisk, Midnight Owl, Vega, Electric Knight, His Flame, Archon the Mad God, Hekatl, Razor, Rampage, Death Swan, Marlon Baptiste, Apax, Beetleman, Druid, Wolf, Thorn, Fall Thru, Bulldog, Seraphim, and Giles Cory.

Divisions of MW include The Jade (which is an all-ages group, with titles that hit audiences like those of classic Transformers or Danny Phantom) and Jettison Zone (focuses on sci-fi titles).

Anyone who is interested is welcome to join, our idea at MW is "the more, the merrier".



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART



   Golem Leviathan is a mech superhero series, set in the world of MW Central, about a Russian-American college student who builds a mech in his garage. Melding comedy, action, and drama, it's like Pacific Rim meets Invincible, with some Anya's Ghost dashed on top. The first arc is already half-written with the remainder of each issue plotted out; we have two character designers on board, and three editors. Some character designs are already finished, and there are a LOT of arc plots in the can now.


   Real name: Merkulov "Merk" Yanovich
   Superhero name: Golem Leviathan
   Age: Early 20's
   Personality: Snarky, a firebrand, naturally defiant, somewhat arrogant
   Family: Vetrona (big sister), Ryzhanov "Ryz" (little brother), Yuri (father), Zrinka Stanković-Yanovich
   Enemy types: Mechs, kaijus, supervillains, and more.


  So, Matthew Werner and Sheeroz Khan co-created Golem Leviathan over a year ago. Some months ago, Sheeroz Khan decided to set up his own studio outside of MW (Mega Gear)--on good terms--and with that, part ways with co-writing a number of MW titles, including Golem Leviathan. While the other titles have had their replacement co-writers brought in sooner (with Sheeroz himself tapping David Braga to take his spot on a secret project). Golem Leviathan, however, is a special case in that it's not a team where characters can just be replaced with new ones and story-lines altered to fit the new ones in--this is a singular character with a set vision in mind and some scripts which have progressed rather far.

Open calls are oh so rare these days, but we think they're interesting and kinda fun. We at MW like to think of ourselves as having our finger on the pulse, seeking out and keeping the doors open for new talents. So yeah... open call.


  • Genuine interest in the series, its subject matter, and the main character.
  • Not being a dick. No homophobes, xenophobes, racists, etc.. Matthew won't work with 'em.
  • Being available for communication online (not 24/7 or anything ridiculous, but a project like this won't work as well if either of its writers have to chase the other's tail to get feedback on something).
  • Not wanting to change everything about the title that has already been established (it's cool to bring your own flair and everything, but we're not going to do something like make Merk a Croatian, change his name to Yuri, or remove him from the MW Central verse because you've joined as a collaborator).
  • Being open to building a genuine friendship with the rest of the creative team. This seems sappy and not very much like a must, but really, Golem Leviathan is a very personal series that relies on a strong chemistry between its creators. This also just makes collaborating a helluva lot easier.
  • Being cool with profanity. Merk as a character is no saint, he uses plenty of cuss words. If you can't dig that, Golem Leviathan is not for you as a writer.


  • Either currently being in college, having just finished it, or being about to get into one.
  • Predilections towards mechs as a concept.
  • The ability to talk over Discord, to hash things out plot and character-wise, faster and more efficiently than through pure text.
  • Either being an immigrant or the child of one(s). This really is just gravy, since it's a valuable perspective and it'd be good to have someone who'd be able to identify with Merk, and thus be more passionate writing his adventures.
  • Being cool with stepping back sometimes. Golem Leviathan, though at heart a collaborative title with a main creative team that sticks, should be open to other creators joining on to co-write mini-crossovers and the like. Sheeroz down the line may decide to come back and write Golem Leviathan for a few issues or more, and if that occurs we're ABSOLUTELY not going to abandon whoever joined the creative team in his stead, but he would be a third co-writer. Or maybe someone trusted coming on for a few issues, while the main GL team is busy/taking time off to prevent creative burn-out.


  • You do not have to be previously published elsewhere to be qualified for writing Golem Leviathan.
  • Once we have a good set of potential collaborators, we'll do an auditions phase where we see who fits the series the best.
  • Anyone who does not make the cut of the auditions phase is still welcome to help out with Golem Leviathan and/or work on other MW projects (potentially created by those auditionees), if they wish.
  • Golem Leviathan, being the special case that it is, is currently co-owned by Matthew and Sheeroz, but in the complete stewardship of Matthew for now. Whoever steps up to the plate of collaborator will not co-own the series or character, but any side characters they may create or co-create for the series, they would own rights to. For an example: Todd McFarlane created Spawn, but Neil Gaiman created Angela. Neil Gaiman removed Angela from Spawn and brought he character over to Marvel. Gaiman, having written seminal Spawn stories, didn't own or co-own Spawn the character, but he owned his specific contributions (Angela, various incarnations of Spawn, etc.). This is sort of the situation we're talking about

Note us or email us at (email is preferable for MW).

Thank you for reading, and we hope something great comes out of this.
With July almost upon us and getting a note in our inbox asking if we were still active (unrelated to us not updating, but humorous to take out of context regardless), it seems to be as good a time as any to release a new update.

Since last time, we've brought on several new members. These include Gerod Bond (Alexandria, NY), Dylan Assed (Germ World), NightOwl (Dragonblood), and Victor Costa (PALADIN).

Colored page of PALADIN by MWEntIndustries

The new hotness PALADIN by Asura Juhana and Victor Costa is progressing nicely, we are currently looking for letterers so we can finalize these pages before we launch on Kickstarter. If you're a letterer, email us some samples and your page rate and we'll see where it all goes! Even if you don't do Paladin, we're always looking for freelance letterers, since we have no in-house ones currently.

Odyssey Initiation #1 cover by MWEntIndustries

On the flip-side, THE ODYSSEY: INITIATION by George Pell, Luke Horsman, Ethan Herbert, and Victor Koroedov is also coming together since last we spoke of it. We are looking to relaunch it and launch Paladin on Kickstarter some time this year (though not simultaneously, of course--we're not that stupid). We're currently hyping up a Line Webtoon/Tapas relaunch with The Odyssey as well, though this time we're gonna have a lot more to show.

Emissaries of Justice splash by MWEntIndustries

With regards to MW Central, it too has some things in the oven. Jake Smolenski is now the lead writer of OPERATION EVO, the creator of new superhero IANITE, and is working on a super-secret young superhero project involving such characters as Ianite, Chronicle, Cobble & Coggle, and Spartan. BENGAL CLAW has been redesigned by Sambhav Sankhla to differentiate him visually from another wickedly cool, feline-themed vigilante, Nightclaw. Sam will be co-writing SHADOWKAT for arc 3, which will be a crossover between Bengal Claw and Shadowkat. George Arizaga has designed Ianite, SKYLARK, and a whole new character who we'll only be showing the designs of. We also finally have movement on George Pell's unique speedster--HEKATL, who's a cross between Aztecpunk and steampunk. Yeah, we think it's cool too. Matthew Werner most certainly claims no credit for suggesting the blend and the character name (actually... yes, yes he does, though George still owns the character, full stop). Ash Saravanan's C.E.: Cutting Edge may be moving from The Jade over to MW Central.

Bengal Claw by MWEntIndustries

We'll be showing off the Ianite, Bengal Claw, Skylark, and mystery character designs soon.

Last week we had a rather long, but fun and productive meeting, where we hashed out a lot of things regarding the "end-point" of MWC's timeline (which is a progressing one, so characters go from year to year and actually age throughout). While we obviously cannot give in-depth info on what was discussed (we wouldn't want to spoil things which are planned to come into effect decades from now), but know that we did have this meeting and are keeping plans, not improvising stories completely with Central.

To chibi or not to chibi, that is the question by MWEntIndustries

As far as miscellaneous new projects go, we have a number of them. For now, we'll focus on a relative scant few. NOCTURNAL LIVES will be a horror/family drama about a priest and his closeted gay daughter deal with demonic home invasions each and every night. SEVERED ROW will be an urban fantasy story about underground fights between the things that go bump in the night, in a society where such creatures are to be arrested. The very first story follows the murder of an up and coming werewolf fighter who'd just defeated the reigning vampire champion, and the potential ensuing clan war that might break out. MAJOR LEAK BASEBALL will be an all-ages sports comedy about the prodigious son of a world-class baseball player. The problem is that, despite being incredibly adept at the game (almost naturally so), the boy has bladder issues and often has to ditch games to relieve himself. And GET ON MY LEVEL will be a nerdy gaming-centric rom-com/video game commentary about two people who fall in love back in the heyday of arcades as teenagers. Eventually the two grow up, have kids, and are now dealing with the trials and tribulations of being real adults. But they still both love gaming very much. Functions as video game commentary. Ideally, we'd have a writer or co-writer on board who's an enthusiast of older games but doesn't hate new ones or anything; that way they could talk about current gaming topics and releases during GoML issues. Someone like a YouTuber, who's built up a reputation for these things (doesn't necessarily have to be a YouTuber, nor a large one per se).

The Odyssey relaunch wallpaper by MWEntIndustries

In other news, our incredible Shayne Doyle might be doing some small films in future. We'll let you know when they come.

We're looking to start up a new Jettison Zone-centric Discord for fans of The Odyssey and such to hang out and chat up with our sci-fi creators. We'll share that once it's ready for public consumption. What is ready for public consumption that is MW and Discord-related, is our Fan Outreach Discord. GET IN MUH BELLY:

We are eyeing that 80 grand Line Webtoon prize with a few series. One of which is I'M IN LOVE WITH A CUCUMBER, a comedy series written, illustrated, and lettered by the dreadful Matthew Werner (damn, just gave away that I'm the one writing this). Mayhap it will be funny.

There are talks in the studio over starting up a podcast, under the proto-name STORY ARK (let us know if that one's taken, so we can -kill whomever is using it- think up another). Hosts are looking to be George Pell, Matthew Werner, and Sheeroz Khan (who didn't die or anything, in case you were wondering why we needed to replace him on that other secret team project and are still looking for a replacement on GOLEM LEVIATHAN (he set up his own studio separate from MW, Mega Gear, on good terms)). Don't quote us on that, though. This may change drastically. Or not so drastically. Or not at all. Guests will be other MW creators, and colleagues or generally interesting people we'll somehow rope into it. Regular guests right now are looking to possibly be Jake and Sambhav. We're planning on hosting these live on our Fan Outreach Discord, and not-live on Soundcloud and iTunes. In future, we'd like to bring the show onto Twitch and YouTube, but we'd need a visual element for that, which we don't have currently. We're not sure if we should have a format or go entirely structureless. It won't be scripted, of that we can assure you.

As mentioned above, Golem Leviathan is still looking for a new co-writer. This is an open call. Golem Leviathan is a mech superhero series about a Russian-American college student who builds a mech in his garage. Melding comedy, action, and drama, it's like Pacific Rim meets Invincible, with some Anya's Ghost dashed on top. The first arc is already half-written with the remainder of each issue plotted out, we have two character designers on board, and three editors. Some character designs are already finished, and there are a lot of arc plots in the can now. You don't need to be published or anything; if you're interested and would like to try your hand at GL, by all means hit us up!

And, of course, we're always looking for new, talented, and budding creators generally speaking. Feel free to note us or email at (emailing is preferable for us).

Tomorrow we'll be doing another studio meeting o'er on our company Discord, though that'll of course be private. We'll give you the scoop on what comes out of it... once that comes out of it.

Thanks for reading, and we really do hope to make this a weekly thing!
Check out the studio DA founded by MW alum: MG-Comics ! They're great and the new home of some previously MW projects. <3
It's been too long since we've posted another one of these updates. However, that also means that we have a lot of news to share and this will be a big update.

Since our previous update, we've brought on ten new people. This includes The Black Knight (STARSHATTER), Jake Smolenski (Taskforce 51, SHADOWKAT), Asura Juhana/asuracomics (PALADIN), Ryan Blades (Xendalia: Space Journey (working title), THE MANAGER), Shayne Doyle (Seeing Red, ROBIN HOOD), John Lopez (REGES LUDUM), Niall Crabtree (GUARDIAN METAL), Hamma-of-RammaH (CURSE OF THE BLACK RAT), Karl Hann (secret projects), and another whom we are keeping secret until we have more info we can announce. We will likely have an announcement by next week, along with other interested parties we are currently speaking to.

Starshatter is available on Amazon now (…) and book 2 is coming later this year. Jake has joined up as a regular co-writer for MW's premier superhero title, Shadowkat. Paladin is free on Amazon until tomorrow, get it while it's hot! (…) Asura is also looking to adapt it into comics, so watch out for an announcement on that. The Manager will be a quirky comedy OGN. Seeing Red is a Red Hood fan film screenplay you can read right now (…) and Shayne will be the lead writer for Matthew Werner's Robin Hood. He also is bringing over an original project which we will announce later. Shayne is looking to be a quadruple threat--a writer, actor, director, and nerd (eat your heart out, Ben Affleck!). Reges Ludum is primed to be our seminal major fantasy title; like what THE ODYSSEY is for our sci-fi side. It's a dark fantasy epic title which pulls elements from history. Guardian Metal is a novel series which takes a new spin on superheroes. Hamma has a ton of web serials and poetry on his page which you can read right now. Karl is working on a personal project which he's keeping close to his chest for now, but it is a video game.

Odyssey Initiation #1 cover by MWEntIndustries

George Pell's THE ODYSSEY: INITIATION #1 continues trucking along, albeit slower than initially anticipated. Sambhav Sankhla's BENGAL CLAW will be crossing over with Matthew Werner's SHADOWKAT in arc 3 of Shadowkat's solo series, which Sam and Matthew will be co-writing. Matthew is currently working on a number of first arcs for MW Central titles such as HIS FLAME, OBELISK, DECIBELLE, BEETLEMAN, and ANKH, for the purposes of giving future writers for these series a better understanding of what the title generally is. Some people we'll be grooming to be future writers of said series will be on as story consultants so they have a greater degree of input. Major new titles from established MW creators include LEAH, YETI: K2, ALL THINGS MAGNIFICENT, ATOMIC WIZARDS, and a number of secret projects we'll announce at a later date. Ben's JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, Tommy Stuart's STAR NINJA, and Tommy Stuart & Matthew Werner's THUNDERKEEPER will all get a huge boost among other collaborations between the two. George Arizaga's CHAOS CORPS continues chugging along, Shadowkat's writing team is shaping up nicely due to Jake joining it. Issue #1's script will be lopsided in terms of writing split, as Matthew had already written most of it not knowing there'd be a co-writer. Scripts for #2-4 have not been started yet and as such, will have an equal cut down the middle between Matthew and Jake. David Braga replaces Sheeroz Khan on a secret superhero team project, as a co-writer and co-creator. You will not see this for several years, but trust us: it'll be a doozy of a series which completely subverts your expectations. Daniel Shakespeare and Vaibhav Gilankar are working on a new Indian character for MW Central, which we'll announce more about later. Matthew is looking to begin curating a Shadowkat anthology, SHADOWKAT: GOOD TIDINGS, with contributions from various MW writers. These names are not official yet, but some of the ones bouncing around are: George Pell, Daniel, Shayne, Jake Smolenski, Vaibhav, and Sambhav. Possibly will be more, or others instead. What is for certain is that Matthew will not be writing any stories for Good Tidings himself, and will take a more backseat editorial and executive producer role, to allow for varying interpretations to have a chance to shine. Further information shall be given at a later date.

Airdevil by MWEntIndustries

In terms of publishing developments, we are currently working on bringing other creators in leading roles for our MW Central titles so not every series is being written by Matthew, George P., Daniel, Vaibhav, Sambhav, and David. We hope to have creative team announcements for these eventually.

We're talking out one partnership on DeviantArt which is pretty close to being official, and two other partnerships which are pretty much settled due to significant brain-share between studios--with only the need to get things in writing to officiate things, we assume. We will be sure not to jump the gun, however, so we're keeping possible news close to our chest, in case there are any unexpected changes.

Edge concept art by MWEntIndustries

We are currently looking for a new co-writer for GOLEM LEVIATHAN and this will be an open call. We're going to be talking this out with our new recruits to see who'd be the best fits for taking Sheeroz Khan's place, but if it interests you, we may bring you on in one capacity or another! Golem Leviathan is a mech superhero series about a Russian-American college student who builds a mech in his garage. Melding comedy, action, and drama, it's like Pacific Rim meets Invincible, with some Anya's Ghost dashed on top. The first arc is already half written with the remainder of each issue plotted out, we have two character designers on board, and three editors. Some character designs are already finished, and there are a lot of arc plots in the can now.

And, of course, we're always looking for new, talented, and budding creators generally speaking. Feel free to note us or email at (emailing is preferable).

The Crimzon Mask by MWEntIndustries

Hoping to make these big announcements a weekly thing--if Firefox will let us!
We're already 1/6th the way through 2018, and it's already been a pretty busy year so far. The "real life" concerns aside, MW is moving along swimmingly.

Our resident Brit (since Daniel is an ex-pat), George Pell, Georgep67, started up his Patreon over at:… , which we're hoping will be able to fund a few more pages of The Odyssey before its Kickstarter relaunch (though we understand that Patreon's a pretty tough medium for attaining revenue, so may just help us lower the Kickstarter goal a bit more). If you're wondering why we haven't really talked about relaunch plans recently, that's because George has decided to postpone that to towards the end of the year (but NOT December again--we learned our lesson last time) so he can focus on college, a few other projects we're looking into, and look for a less busy time to launch a comic Kickstarter. We'll relay additional info once we have firmer plans again. We've brought on a few big new members and begun working on some new exciting projects; new people like David Braga (Shockwave) and Ahmed (The Ship), and projects like the previously unannounced Ruins of Oklahoma, which is deserving of its own journal entry, as we're grooming it to be one of our premier titles. As always, we are still looking for potential new guys to bring aboard our team, so feel free to hit us up if you haven't already.

We're looking to start creating a tighter woven community among MW, where lots more people are participating in massive projects like The Emissaries of Justice. We're looking to set up a lot of art-trades between members, but if you're not in MW and you'd be interested in doing one with one of our guys, a lot of us are interested in that too, so feel free to hit them (whoever you'd like to do a trade with) up privately or note this account so we can relay info to them. We're also setting up a lot of new collaborations between high-profile MW members, such as Sambhav Sankhla (The Abjured), George Arizaga (Chaos Corps), and Tommy Stuart (Star Ninja). Be sure to look out for an upcoming short story crossover between Sheeroz Khan's Blue Volition and DeWayne's Crescent Blue! It's a non-canon crossover, but is looking to be a lot of fun!

Lastly, there's been much progress when it comes to individual series progress. Shadowkat #1 is coming along nicely, arc 1 of Hunter/Stalker (another series which is deserving of its own journal) is taking shape, and The Emissaries of Justice: Anachronism Now! is also in good shape. The Abjured, counterCLOCKWISE, Unit-1's origin story, and Chaos Corps are all doing well. We have plans for work on Justice Department arc 1, a webcomic original springboard series, and some other things which are cooking behind the scenes.

Thanks for reading this, and if you want to talk with MW's team directly, then join our fan outreach Discord: We're looking to start making announcements for both Discord and DeviantArt so if you want to poke our brain, these are good places to do so.

Journal History


Crucifer concept art
Crucifer by Geoxaga, George Arizaga. Created and owned by Matthew Werner.

A witty and agile, tree frog-inspired Latinx woman.
Blood Sable
Done by sambhavsankhla, Sambhav Sankhla. Blood Sable created and owned by Rydescho, DeWayne.

Remember that you can find more awesome Blood Sable art over at the Rydescho page linked above!

The alien parasite inside Blood Sable inside his heart takes over Sable's whole body, unlocking every ability to make him nearly unstoppable in combat, it is necessary because in order to defeat powerful foes, his parasite is willing to give him the means possible for both of them to survive--to use his powers to the max! This is the Parasite Armor form which is more powerful than standard Sable.
Gleam character design
Gleam by Geoxaga, George Arizaga. Created and owned by Matthew Werner.

A pot-smoking superhero whose powers are that she can basically release a blinding burst of energy from her body like a flashbang. Can damage even those with especially durable eyes or those with fast healing factors.
Corsair concept art
Corsair by Geoxaga, George Arizaga. Corsair is George's creation.

Corsair is a master martial artist who uses technology to upgrade his already formidable skill.
Impala commission
Impala by Samrat Das! Impala designed by Keishawn Thomas, created and owned by Matthew Werner.

There's another Impala artwork coming down the pipeline, plus a better quality version of this, so stick around if this one wows you. Also check out Matthew's Twitter (@TheRealestMW) to see some progress shots of Samrat's piece.

Discord link:


MW Commissions (merely stand-in, do not commission us from this widget)
Commissions will go entirely to the artists who do said commissions, but they can redistribute the funds to the company if they wish. Although mostly closed now, these commissions can be anything from stories to concept art to cover art, but will need to conform to the schedules of those members open to doing them, hence why they are currently closed off in regards to most of our creators.

Not all of our creators will wish to do commissions, even if they are the only one you wish to hire. Any artists who do the commissions will set their own schedules, so if you wish them to be done before a certain time this may not be the way you wish to have such work done. A list of creators who will be doing commissions will be listed below, as well as their respective roles and general themes they work on, and will change as schedules open up and close:

• Matthew Werner (writer, editor)
   > Will do superhero, fantasy, science fiction, pulp noir, supernatural, villain, and generally action, drama, adventure, and humorous stories, with target audiences ranging mostly from young adult to mature, with an exception to stories with a classic Transformers level of subject matter (so there can be some death but still hits a young audience). Inspirations include Alan Moore (Watchmen), Robert Kirkman (The Astounding Wolf-Man), Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun), Jim Butcher (The Dresden Files), Peter David (Captain Marvel), Mark Waid (Irredeemable), Todd McFarlane (Spawn), Jay Faerber (Anti-Hero), Mark Millar (Wanted), Rick Riordan (Kane Chronicles), Ed Brubaker (Criminal), James Robinson (The Shade), Jeff Lemire (Animal Man), John Barber (Transformers), and John Layman (Chew).

Costs of commissions will vary between creators, length, number of characters, how much of the character is drawn, etc.. For more information, contact MW at, and we will give exact prices and an estimated time to completion.

Note these caveats before you decide to pay for commissions. 


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Thank you for the watch!!!
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A bit of a generic compliment, but just to display your kindness didn't go unnoticed!
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